Farming simulator 2017 mods / Trucks
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December 29, 2016

MAN TGS HKL Version 2.1 Street tire selectable for the motor vehicle and the ITrunner hanger Handling Shader paths modified mod now runs smoothly in the game Rail trailer added function on motor vehicle KEY Y HAKEN have the hook function installed so you can also there the hook exit by Y button, who can not use this function needs in the settings under hook one extend a key assign. since the matching seemed trailer is not finished yet and I there still needs to make some on handling, I give the modified ITRunner trailer out with. is the same that was uploaded before, I have only him accordingly adapted to the motor car with the speed the tilt, as this in my opinion should then also be equal to =) the truck is actually so far done .... I was insert engage the superior street, it has the trailer but are then readied .... let's see how the truck arrives and whether ripe for the street which are interested in the truck , I would like to share the truck on which I have for weeks tinkered again and I wish you all much joy it! mfg Ap0lLo Authors: Giants/ Ap0lLo