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Mercedes Sprinter WAS Ambulance v0.9

January 23, 2017

Hello everybody, Today is the day of the Mercedes Sprinter ambulance WAS now takes to download. He is not 100% finished the interior in the luggage is still being revised. Furthermore, the equipment room will be expanded / filled. Now everything else for Mod: In this RTW I oriented myself on a low floor WHAT RTW. This has as an example a blue light beam instead of WHAT lighting system. He also has the compressed air horns under the bumper installed as many WHAT vehicles. Furthermore, electric horns are to be seen more clearly at a crossroads entrance to town and country shoring and rear Warner and Page Blitzer. Even the indicator script of Blacky_BPG is installed so you can use your your desired indicator. The doors of the building can be opened. Furthermore, in the folder WAS.fbm 2 tamplate lie back files which you may make her Modified downloaded with nomination in the credits. You need the Light Addon otherwise the blue lights do not work! Authors: Itzc0br4 Sven777b J112J Grisu118 Polarstern Blacky_BPG