Farming simulator 2017 mods / Packs
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November 6, 2018

Description: 1-MoreTrees Higher Level for planting trees 2-Cruise Control Addon Extends the cruise control of vehicles by allowing the player to save three speed settings and easily setting the cruise control to these speeds. This could be working speed, headland speed, and road speed. The saved settings are shown on an HUD overlay, when enabled. Additionally, two kinds of axes can be assigned to the cruise control to change the speed continously from 1 KPH to the active setting. This is how modern tractors with variable transmission work. The axis can be in joystick mode (like New Holland and Fendt tractors) or direct input (like Case and most combines). Joystick mode works with any generic joystic while direct input mode works with throttle axes without centering springs and no negative axis. The output is shown graphically as a HUD overlay. This mod works very well with the Drive Control mod but it is not required. 3-Variable Bale Capacity This allows the bales to be adjusted in volume of 4000,6000,8000. CAUTION: The size of the bales does not change! 4-Speed Player This mod allows you to set different walking speeds to the farmer. Default Commands: Key 0: Normal Speed Key 1: Speed x3 Key 2: Speed x8 Key 3: Speed x20 5-RealClock Mod Shows the current real time in the upper right corner. This script creates a configuration xml at first startup in your modfolder. There you can adjust the following: * Position * Color and size of text * Format of datetime string (placeholders see formats_en.txt) 6-ProSeed Additional functionality for sowing machines. 7-Change Huds Change Huds allows you to change the Huds of standard FillTypes in the store. To customize the Huds, the textures must be edited in the mod. 8-More Straw The more Straw Mod increases the straw yield. 9-StartMeUp This mod allows players to toggle on or off the automatic starting and stopping of motors upon entering or leaving vehicles as a preference just for themselves, at any time during gameplay, when the game setting for Automatic Motor Start is set to "Off". 10-FastNight The night will pass faster than you think! This mod sets the time scale once a morning and once In the evening on a certain time scale! "Left-Shift" + "0" calls up the settings menu in which the values can be changed. Settings are saved in the savegame In addition, with the keys "Left-Shift" + "7" / "Left-Shift" + "8" a manual change of the time scale in finer steps is possible! 11-CoursePlay 5 Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 17. It allows you to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much more... changeLog: - course generator setting GUI - added support for RO - new traffic recognition system - fieldwork row direction can also be selected manually now - support for big islands - multiplayer enabled - support for straw harvest addon - new option for course generation to bypass small islands in fields - added support for sprayer Addon (with the friendly support of David FONTAINE) - added combine convoy option - turn maneuver for headland corners to avoid missing fruit - added option to align to 1st waypoint in mode 2, 4 and 6 - added easy setup for multiple tools on one field work course - support for Plantium Edition(Still Work In Progress) - bugfixes 12-Better Fuel Usage Makes the fuel usage of motorized vehicles more realistic and displays the live fuel consumption. 13-Gearbox AddOn Not every tractor has a continuously variable transmission. And even the continuously variable transmissions are not as simple in construction as the standard one in farming simulator. This script adds on the basis of the file gearboxAddonConfig.xml a gearbox to all configured tractors. Many various transmission kinds can be simulated. There are classic gearboxes with gears, one or two groups and reverse gears or groups. Shorting the response time to zero will result into a power shift transmission. In modern tractors power shift transmissions are often combined with automatic gear shifting. Another transmission type is the continuously variable transmissions. There are models with one or two gears like the Fendt Vario. Other models combine four automatically switched mechanical gears with a continuously variable hydrostatic drive. All of these continuously variable transmission have one thing in common. The efficiency varies quite strongly depending on the gear ratio. 14-Combine AddOn Additional features and displays for harvesters: - Hectare counter There is a total hectare counter and a session hectare counter which can be set to zero. The help window will display the threshing performance in hectares per hour (ha / h). -Manual overloading To start or stop the overloading process from the thresher/rootharvester/augerwagon you have to push a button. ATTENTION: If you miss the trailer, your crop will fall on the ground! Switch to automatic overload mode (key Alt+End) if you want to disable manual overloading. -Automatic reel setting When lifting and lowering the cutting unit, the reel is automatically moved downwards or upwards. -Fill level warnings At a level of 80% of the grain tank or bunker volume, the beacon lights are turned on and a beep is played. The beep is replayed at a fill level of 99%. 15-Seasons Winter is coming... and spring, summer and autumn too. The Seasons mod changes the fundamental way to play Farming Simulator by introducing seasons and changing all aspects of the gameplay, such as weather, growth, economy, vehicle maintenance and husbandry to suit. Experience the trials and tribulations of a real life farmer worrying if you will get all your crops planted on time before it gets too cold, or too dry, for them to germinate and whether you will complete the harvest before the rainy days of autumn when crops will be wet. Beautiful visuals to suit the seasons, such as the birth of life in spring, the richness of colour of autumn and bare trees on a bleak winter's day when you are clearing the snow, or doing forestry, will help to fully immerse you in this new environment. 16-ContractorMod This mod enable simulating a defined number of characters you control one by one during a solo game. 17-Real Nights Mod The Mod makes the nights in the FS17 darker and makes them look so real Update - French title added, performance improved. Update - New Logo, French description Update - LUA description improved, description error corrected Update - release 18-Roll-Over Impulse Roll your vehicle over with an impulse. -Can roll your vehicle regardless of how many implements and trailers are attached. -Can also unjam attachments /trailers stuck in walls or the ground (saving the load if there is any) (requires repeated presses). 19-RPM Dependent Controls This global script makes the moving speed of all loaders, cranes etc. dependent on the engine rpm of the tractor. Since you can not manually adjust rpm in basegame FS this mod requires the use of GearboxAddon otherwise it will not have any effect. :) This mod makes for a realistic feeling when using loaders since you need to keep the RPM up otherwise it does move really slow.. just like IRL. There isn't much more to say about this mod, its something for all the realism fans out there. It works with any frontloader, crane etc. that is using MouseControls. It works no matter if you use Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick as Input Device. 20-MixerWagon Fix Adds functionality to the mixerwagon. Functions: - Mixing time: The ingredients for mixed rations now actually need to be mixed for a set amount of time (see below) before they become mixed rations. - Decay: Leaving mixed rations in a mixerwagon for too long (see below), will result in it clumping up and unbinding, requiring more mixing. Nothing will be lost, it just requires mixing again. Times: - Mixing time: Easy: 15s, Normal: 30s, Hard: 60s. - Decay - Starts after: Easy: 6h, Normal: 4h, Hard: 2h. - Fully decayed after: Easy: 36h, Normal: 24h, Hard: 12h. Notes: - Should automatically work on all mixerwagons that have the 'mixerWagon' specialization. - Mixing status can be seen in the F1 help menu box. This mod has been tested on a dedicated server. Even though testing was thorough, mistakes may have slipped through. If you find one, please let me know in the ModHub Mod Bug-Reports topic on the GIANTS Software Forum. Authors: -