Farming simulator 2017 mods / Maps
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January 23, 2019

Description: Changes v2.0.0: 1.Gaz-66 at the start of the game is replaced by zil-130 with a trailer. 2.Map moved to new scripts. Changed the food plan for animals, carefully study the menu cards in the game. 3. Added storage of grain and current for drying and cleaning of grain. Now it is necessary to bring grain (wheat, rye, barley, rapeseed, sunflower and corn) from the field to the storehouse of grain under a shed, and then transport it to Tok (two of them, one dries - wheat, rye, barley, the second - rape, sunflower and corn) for drying and cleaning. On Toku you get: dried wheat, dried rye, dried barley, dried rape, dried sunflower and dried corn. This is the dried grain loaded into a large, old storage (Soy carry immediately to the old storage). Plants and a mill work only with dried grain, normal grain is used for animal feed, railway and SovTransAvto accept normal grain. Elevator accepts dried grain. 4. The seed treater now does not belong to you, you need to buy it like the rest of the plants through a real estate office. 5. The fields on the map are purchased through a real estate office. 6. In forestry, you need to buy a license for cutting down trees, otherwise a fine of 20 thousand. 7. In a construction company to order the improvement of your factories and warehouses. Until you buy a factory or warehouse it will not be in the list of improved objects. All agencies are located in Krasnodar. 8. On the map there are new sites (displayed on the PDA). All sites need to buy, but not through the agency, but directly from the old owner. 9.Avtobazu also have to first buy from the old owner, and then build. At the carpool, I changed the garages to new large canopies. 10.Angar for storage of seeds and fertilizers on the farm can be demolished and in its place build a large shed for storing seeds and fertilizers. 11. On the map there are 3 grain stores - one is on the farm and it belongs to you, but it is open-air, you need to build awnings, and the rest are at different ends of the map (displayed on the PDA), these warehouses and Tok1, Tok2 need to be bought through real estate office, and then the capacity of warehouses can be increased through a construction company. 12. A silo pit appeared on the farm (tested, it seems to be working normally, if you have a glitch just drive it, let it stand for beauty. 13. The problem with snow was fixed and the river freezes in winter, you can ride on the ice. You need to start a new game! Authors: vladimir.loko