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Set CSZ v10.0.1.2

December 28, 2016

CSZ set by DD ModPassion and zBlacklion for any agricultural vehicle CSZ set contains the following equipment: 01. ADAPTER only for mod CSZ 02. BALE FORK 03. BALE FORK WITH HYDRAULIC RECLINING TIPS 04. BALE FORK WITH EXTRA ELEVATION 05. BALE FORK GRABBER 06. WRAPPED BALE HANDLER 07. PALLET FORK 08. PALLET FORK EXTRA 09. PALLET FORK WITH GRABBER 10. LOG WITH GRABBER 11. LOG WITH GRABBER EXTRA 12. MANURE FORK 13. MULTI-PURPOSE FORK 14. BUCKET GRID 15. BUCKET FOR BEETS 16. MULTI-PURPOSE BUCKET L 3.000 17. MULTI-PURPOSE BUCKET L 4.000 18. BUCKET WITH CENTRAL UNLOADING 19. BUCKET WITH GRABBER 20. SILAGE BUCKET 21. DOZER BLADE 22. LIFTING HOOK 23. ROCKER ARM Language available in the game: • Italian by DD ModPassion • English by Decker_MMIV • German by mngrazy • French by SicFR57 • Russian by Gonimy_Vetrom • Spanish by JFMtb • Hungarian by Amalrich • Poland by criss20ster • Dutch by Willem0492 • Portugal by HugoC.Castro • Brazil by HugoC.Castro Functionality, Usage, Features and Characteristics: • MULTI joint attacher, you can use with any type of agricultural vehicle, listed below: 1. front loader 2. telehandler 3. wheel loader 4. CSZ adapter 5. skid-steer loaders 6. lifting hook • Three different levels of difficulty • The combinations of hidden keys are: 1. ctrl with letter V -> change the collision of the mods with which you can transport bales or pallets; 2. ctrl with letter L -> change the level of difficulty of the mod based configuration; 3. ctrl with letter B -> change the lock to detach the mod by the vehicle from a height higher than a meter from the ground; 4. ctrl with letter P -> to send us the log file with your bug reports or malfunctions. • Dirt textures • Additional Camera • Automatic Bale Attacher with predefined Sets based on the position of the Tips • Automatic Pallet Attacher • Lifting hook support many mod CSZ set, it is also possible (even for those with little knowledge) use the hook with any other mod, just add a inputAttacherJoint called liftingHook with his index reference. Installation and Requires: This CSZ set is only compatible with the Windows version (incl. Steam) and Mac OS X version (incl. Mac App Store) of Farming Simulator 17 (Update 1.2 or higher) Copy the Archive to your mods folder, remember to overwrite previous file Donation: If you want to contribute with a donation you can do so freely here: Copyright: CSZ set by DD ModPassion and zBlacklion is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work at About this License Permissions beyond the scope You can Obtain additional permits may be available at Follow me on: Copyright © DD ModPassion 2016 Authors: Sugurugt