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Stubble Cultivator FS17 v1.2

January 26, 2017

This mod is fully dependent on choppedStraw mod since it uses the same layer. New in v1.2: -Porting to FS17 + fixing l10n warning New in v1.1: -Compatible multiplayer (tested with TSF Team) -Bug fixed. Chopped Straw layer was seen even when the tool was not lowered -Stubble cultivator can now be activated at any growing stage of the culture choppedStraw mod should be installed in the mod folder and used map should be choppedStraw ready. This script is a global mod that is added automatically to any Cultivator spec tool. A new key (LCTRL + 8) allows to switch between Stubble cultivator and standard cultivator. When stubble cultivator is on, field is cultivated but a choppedStraw layer is kept/added. When it's off, standard cultivator is applied. Known issue: Field cannot be cultivated using helper after having used stubble cultivator since field is already seen as cultivated. Authors: Yumi Contributor: Iceman68 (TSF Team)