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FENDT F255GT PACK V1.0.0.0

December 16, 2020

Fendt F255GT Pack with lots of accessories. The pack contains the following devices and attachments.

Fendt F255GT
Swap body module, configurable as a trough or as a platform
Front tank swap body module
Front loader mount
Front loader pitchfork
Front loader grapple
Front loader shovel
Cutter bar
Description in detail:
Fendt F255GT

The GT can be configured to accommodate swap bodies or as a front loader. Further configuration options are.
Front fenders, various wheel configs, wheel weights and gear types. Color choice is of course also not neglected.
Swap body module – trough
This means that various bulk goods can be transported, the trough also has a special function for transporting objects, which can be set by pressing a button (note the help menu). Lashing straps cannot be used here, the planks are responsible for securing the load.
Swap body module platform
The platform is used to transport objects, lashing straps can be used to secure loads.
Swap body module – front tank
Can be used as an additional tank for a field sprayer or for transporting various liquids. The lid must be opened for filling.
The tank contains 2500L
Cutter bar
The cutter bar is used to mow grass or other plants that can be mowed. The cutter bar is mounted on the right of the Fendt GT, simply drive it next to it and connect it. Due to its small size and weight, the cutter bar can also be carried by hand.
The cutter bar can also be loaded onto a vehicle and fastened with tension belts.