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In the shortest way we can explain it, textures in video games are images, projected on to the surfaces of objects. Textures need to be of very high-resolution in order to look smooth and crisp from both afar and up close. If the texture is low-res, an object may look good from a distance but when you get close, things get a little bit worse. This is why developers spend a lot of time trying to produce high-quality textures with high resolutions and put them in the game.
In FS19, just like in any other games, textures are a very important detail that play a huge role in adding immersion as well as visual fidelity. Some textures made by the developers or ones that they put into the game are awesome, however, some could definitely be improved and since the devs are not always 100% focused into making new textures, you should look into our Farming Simulator 19 textures mods category to find exactly what you’re looking for. Eliminate even the smallest details that are not cool enough for you or change the entire texture of wheat to make every field you own – a lot different than what it is today.
All mods on Gamersmods are free, so you can download one or all of them and try. Don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating if some texture mods were worth it!


February 1, 2021

FS19 Sweet (yellow) lupine texture
Hello, this is Pawlo115! 😀
I give you a lupine texture that I did recently.
It is substituted for the texture of the soybeans.
Have a nice game!


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures

These are textures from fsa 15 that I transferred to farming 19
the original author is nismo somehow that he finished his activity, he publishes them to fs 19
I know that they are not the best but I only transferred them
I do not force anyone to play them greetings instructions extract files from archives to a folder foliage and swap.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures


November 3, 2020

MaizePlus is a global extension, that implements Maizesilage and Grasssilage in roundbales and also the bunker-silos.
You can sell and feed the different silage-types too.

It is also possible to create CCM using the MaizePlus_ccmExtension mod.

So you have 4 possible silage-types in the bunker-silos and for feeding:
– Maizesilage
– Grasssilage
– and chaff becomes wcs ( whole crop silage )

While there is less than 4000 liters in the bunker-silo, it will automatically switch its fillType to the fruit you are tipping.
As soon as there’s more than 4000 liters in the Silo that fillType is set until you empty the silo again (in case of it being fermented) or when you remove enough to be less than 4000L again.

Due to the restriction of max. 31 heightTypes (more on that below) in vanilla FS you can play MaizePlus on basegame-maps (or maps with basegame-fruits only) with Seasons but only without CCM-Extension.
If you play a map that has more than 31 heightypes enabled you can add MaizePlus_ccmExtension to your savegame and it will activate the CCM functionality.

MaizePlus is a global mod which means it automatically adds itself to everything it needs to, you just need to enable the mod (and CCM-Extension depending on the map/mods you play).

We’ve also made sure that our CCM fruitType is the same as MoreBunkerSilo and the LS-Modcompany CCM mill used, so you can use that CCM mill to create raw ccm.
Due to the similarities in fruitTypes and function we don’t recommend to use MaizePlus and MoreBunkerSilo together on the same savegame in order to prevent mod-conflicts and issues.

A more detailed explanation for the heightTypes and their limit:
The default game/map is limited to 31 heightTypes (fruits that can be tipped on the ground). The basegame is using 23 heightypes. That means that there’s 8 more left to be used by mods without having to change the heightype-limit in the map.
Our MaizePlus itself adds 4 new heightTypes, CCM-Extension adds another 2.
That means that it is possible to play MaizePlus with CCM-Extension on a modmap that has max. 2 additional fruitTypes, or 4 additional fruitTypes if you don’t use CCM-Extension, provided you don’t use any other mods that add additionnal fruitTypes.
Of course if you play other mods that also add fruitTypes you need to calculate these in aswell. (For example Seasons adds 3 new heightTypes which means that in order to play MaizePlus with Seasons you can’t activate CCM-Extension, otherwise it would be 32 heightTypes)
Sadly this limit isn’t something that can be changed globally, but has to be done by editing the map. But there is going to be updates with more heightTypes to a few well known maps soon.

Changelog V 1.4
— global tedder script added
— global mower conditioner script added
— several bugfixes

Changelog V 1.3
— added greenMowingMower script by Silas770 so grass and wheat can be mowed before final growth stage with seasons (thanks for the permission and cooperationn)
— added materialHolder for Icons
— added semiDry fruits to hunkerSilo accepted filltypes
— adjusted fruit/filltype pricing
— added siloClover, siloAlfalfa and semidry-horsegrass to selling stations

Changelog V 1.2
— added frutTypeConverters for corn2, crop_windrow, alfalfa (all) and clover (all)
— fermented stuff can be tipped back into the bunker silos
— crop_windrow added as chaff to bunkerSilos if exists in map
— fruitType mass adjusted to Giants values
— bale-limit increased if patch 1.6 isn’t installed
— sellpoints fixed
— Filltype-Display (adds filltype name under icon in Escape Menu) by ThundR
— MixerDisplay added (shows the mixer wagon percentage outside of mixing wagon) by [F/A] Alfalfa6945

Changelog 1.1:
– edits needed for maizePlus-forageExtension
– bugfixes

A big thanks to our farming-agency partners that helped us making MaizePlus and the Extesions. Also a special thanks to Wopster and Rahkiin such as Creative Mesh for their help implementing Seasons and Straw-Addon.
Alsot thanks to:
– Oxygendavid for the alfalfa, carrot and onion texture
– Wopster (again) for his help with the script
– martinBigM500 for the clover texture
– workflowsen for the icons
– FSI for the maizebale texture
– Eribus for many textures

and a big thanks to Giants for their ongoinng support.
Permissions for Textures or other Content of MaizePlus can only be optained through Farming Agency.

The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures

Modification of soybean growth stage 2, 3 and 4, from the “Crop textures pack” pack made by Nismo
the soybean growth stage was actually the grain shoots (wheat / barley) that I modified with the basic textures of the game
– I kept the texture of the mature soybean and modified the faded soybean (more faded appearance, less leaves, more gray, more twisted)

To install; like all textures, open the zip archive, then select everything except the “distance” folder,
Drag it into the “foliage” folder, then open the “distance” folder and drag the contents into the distance folder of the “foliage” folder as well.
-> In both cases make * replace the files in the destination * otherwise it will not change !!!

/! \ also make a copy of the base textures, in case you don’t like it /! \

To find the “foliage” folder
If Farming Simulator is installed on steam:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Farming Simulator 19 \ data \ foliage

(I don’t have the paths for CD or EpicGameLauncher version sorry)


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures


October 12, 2020

New soil textures. Replace files in data / maps / textures / terrain / ground folder and in source folder as well, the source folder is in the same location in the ground folder.
Don’t forget to make a backup of the original files so you always have a default base to use it, if you don’t like the downloaded textures.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures


October 9, 2020

1. canola
2. maize
3. potato
4. soybean
5. sugarbeet
6. tree
7. wheat_barley

Unpack the file and read the text file.
In the text file, I show how to add these textures to the original map on Steam.

1. canola
2. maize
3. potato
4. soybean
5. sugarbeet
6. tree
7. wheat_barley

Unpack the file and read the text file.
In the text file, I show how to add these textures to the original map on Steam.

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures


October 4, 2020

Please read text file. This textures is from Euro Farms map. Map soon on Modhub.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures


September 20, 2020

FS19 Corn & Soybean Textures V4 Link
Installation guide included with download, unzip file once downloaded.
MAP MAKERS – If you want to use my textures on your map for release, please contact me!
Both crops include custom

NEFG Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Textures