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December 31, 2018

A converted hop box from Lunchbox in the LS19. (Beta version) It is not finished yet (that’s why beta). But since I’ve been asked if I can publish you and nothing is contrary to the Hopbox course here in the home on LS-Modcompany. Info: Buildings are just decoration. Log is error free, but should errors occur please let me know and I’ll see that I fix you as soon as possible. ForgottenPlants integrated. There are no scripts on the map. Added / Modified a few outlets. BGA is not active on the map, but there are outlets. Note: Since the Hopfach is not exactly small, at least 8GB Ram are recommended. The map ran over 200 hours in multiplayer, so there should be no problems. For help, advice, suggestions and improvements, I am happy to have, since I’m still very new in terms of the folders. But please do that factually and politely. For errors please always add a complete log file. A big thank you to @Lunchbox for releasing her permission to convert. I hope that I will do it justice. I wish a lot of fun on the Hopfach. Authors: Lunchbox KevinK98 GTX FarmerAndy Blacksheep Blacky_BPG Marhu igor29381 Xentro Ifko[nator