Modifications 49095

Peugeot Partner 2009

Many options:

– more beacons, flashlights

– warning stripes

– traffic signs pack


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Cars

Your now the proud owner of a small farm located around Griffin, Indiana USA.

-Fixed signs on buildings clipping
-Fixed road sign falling over East of Elder Farm
-Increased window view distance on few buildings
-Changed new career character spawn location
-Added support for Store Sales Mod
-Old save update safe

-Added Seasons snow contracts
-Added building signs
-Added grass to O’Conner sell point to allow silage bail contracts with Seasons to be accepted
-Added animated doors to white garages throughout map
-Added lights inside white garages
-Added snow mask for white garages
-Added lights to all flags
-Fenced yards now all have access for riding mower
-Ground texture work inside white garages
-Optimized map
-Changed buying station names
-New save required only for texture work in white garages
-Old save update safe

-New road textures
-New field textures
-Town now purchasable free
-Extensive light work throughout map
-Added switchable lights to workshop
-Added switchable lights to all map sheds
-Added and adjusted ambient sounds
-Added placeable hay straw silo
-Fixed vehicle collision at train crossing
-Fixed vehicle to vehicle traffic collision
-Fixed sign by field 1 collision
-Extensive ground foliage work in forest
-Ground foliage work along east border
-New save required only for ground foliage work
-Old save update safe

-Changed map features description
-Custom crop textures added
-Bushes all Season Ready
-Trees now all Seasons ready
-Trees around main farm can be cut
-Trees on all farms and buyable lot in town can be cut
-Trees in Forestry area can all be cut
-Fixed various floating trees
-Fixed “Terrain cannot be deformed here” when using landscape mode and placables
-Added paintable bush and five decofoilage for landscape mode
-Snow mask now removed if main farm buildings sold
-Junk back of Easy Shed on main farm can be Sold
-All workshop decorations can now be sold with workshop
-Added Workshop Mod and Junk store image
-Adjusted ambient sounds
-Bga land price reduced
-Widened BGA entrance
-Widened main farm white fence openings
-Buckley Farm now purchasable with field 9
-Field 9 and Main Farm price reduced
-Adjusted Farmland border between fields 2 & 11
-Fixed West map border wall
-Fixed T junction road texture
-Reduced slot count
-Lengthen train
-New Save Required

The equipment is old and in need of repairs, Luckily there is a work shop in the shed to make the repairs.
With hard work and a little luck you will be able to expand the farm
as there are 62 Farmlands and 36 fields with 212ha available on this highly detailed map.
When not farming you can try your hand at forestry or ride your horse or ATV on one of the
many trails in the area.If you get lost just follow trailhead signs.
Be careful not to wander too deep in the forest at night, as there have been rumors of bigfoot activity.

Map Features:
-Precision Farming Ready
-Seasons Ready
-Seasons Snow Contracts
-Real Soil Data
-Real Terrain Data
-Custom Crop Textures
-Custom Sounds
-Rideing Trails
-Forestry Area Across From Fields 27 & 28
-Purchasable BGA
-Field Contracts
-Baling Contracts Fields 33,34,35,and 36
-Transport Contracts
-Vehicle Traffic
-Pedestrian Traffic
-Immersive Train
-Lime and Fuel Station
-Standard Crops
-All Standard Sale Locations
-62 Farm Lands
-36 Fields 212ha
-Small/Medium/Large Fields
-Helper Friendly
-Combinable Fields
-Real Picture PDA
-Real Picture Borders
-Small Lot In Town To Purchase
-All Main Farm Buildings Can Be Sold
-Tip Collisions in Brown Barn Across From Main Farm
-Purchasable Town
-Support for Store Sales Mod


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


July 19, 2021

Welcome to Rabacino.

– Fixed collisions in silos
– Replacement of several objects
– New crops: alfalfa, rye, rye, cabbage, carrot, clover, pasture grass

A Polish village located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.
The map has:
– 3 playable farms (cows, pigs and sheep)
– real topography
– 2 purchases
– new cereal structures
– new soil textures
– soil 360
– seasons mask
– new sounds
– Precision Farming ready
– Manure System ready
– and a lot more

Required Mods:
– Pigsty (By: Kamilos0397)
– Sheep Fold (By: Kamilos0397)
– Small Bunker Silo Set (By: Kamilos0397)
– Garage (By: Czarny317,ConsiTV)
– Workshop (By: Kamilos0397)
– Old Fuel Stations Pack (By: MefiuFs)
– Concrete And Metal Fences Pack (By: MefiuFs)
– Modern Cows Barn (By: MefiuFs)
– Brick Fence And Gates (By: Svitch)
– Old Brick House (By: Danielx321)
– Garage (By: Nismo)
– Barn (By: Nismo)
– Buildings Pack (By: Michal6920)
– A Large Polish Barn (By: Pan Bartosz)
– Hydrant (By: Puszkap)
– Dairy (By: Danielx321)
– Panel Fence And Gates (By: MichalLS)
– Grain Silo (By: Danielx321, Karas, xlimeee)
– Pack Of Polish Houses (By: Cisek)
– Small Grain Silo (By: Didek96)
– Metal Shed (By: FS15_Mapping)


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


July 19, 2021

ACS Weight Pack

-Added Color Option. (Case IH Weight)

Pack includes:
Case IH 1000 Kg Front Weight
-Base Price 2100 $
-1000 Kg

AGCO 850 Kg Front Weight
-Base Price 1000 $
-850 Kg

AGCO 1500-2545 Front Weight Pack
-Base Price 2500 $
-Weight Configurations
1665 KG-2545 KG


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Implements & Tools

Ifor Williams TT2012


Added the Ifor williams P8 4×8 animal trailer.

The Ifor Williams TT2012 is a small single axle tipper trailer from the manufacturer Ifor Williams.

By default it holds 2000 but with configurations it can hold up to 5670.

At the back of the trailer there are 2 stabilizer legs which can be extended for extra stability when tipping.

Base Price: $2800

Category: Trailers

Brand: Ifor Williams

Ifor Williams P8 4×8

The Ifor Williams P8 4×8 is a small animal trailer from the manufacturer Ifor Williams.

You have the option between a white roof and a metal roof.

The trailer can transport 2 Sheep and 2 Pigs, you are not able to transport cows or horses.

Capacity: 2 Sheep, 2 Pigs

Base Price: $2000

Category: Animal Transport

Brand: Ifor Williams


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers


July 19, 2021


– Price: 45000 $

– Choice of colors

– Trailer

– Design

– Wheels

– With or without ramps

– Stock or custom lights (+ Beacon)

NOTE: In order to use the tensionBelts properly you will need first to open the cover. Otherwise the Belts will be floating in the air.

AgroTron Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers


July 19, 2021

Welcome To Glazebrook which is a fictional based english map.
– Roads fixed for console players
-Fixed animal feed trigger and straw
-Fixed shop triggers
-You can now place sleep trigger on any owned land
-Removed collisions from cats eyes in road
-Map best suited to new farmer mode
– Full seasons support
– All animals are built into the map
– All brand new English real life farm models custom made
– full seasons support
– Custom lighting engine xml
– Animated objects
– This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features.
– Custom soil textures (melfoy) distance,grass,ground textures.
– Two cow farms & 2 sheep animals which include a farm & field
– There is many sell points around the map
– 108 fields small/medium/large which are all to scale and correctly.
– Please ask before using any of the models also any textures
I Hope you all like this Glazebrook.

steves mods

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps

This mod brings a wooden crate production.

Changelog Version
– Changed wooden crates a bit so that subsequent productions work properly.
– Added manually fillable wooden crates and production for them.

Here wooden crates are produced from plywood. Pallets are needed for the production of the crates.
The wooden crates can be sold at the AgraZ land trade, furthermore they are needed at the greenhouses and plantations (coming soon).

Purchase price: 250000 €, price per day 150 €

Mod only playable in conjunction with GlobalCompany!

Recommended mods:
– AgraZ Land Trade
– AgraZ Small sawmill
– AgraZ Pallet production
– AgraZ Stationary wood chipper
– AgraZ Plywood production
– AgraZ High bay warehouse

Required Mods:
– GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)
– Small Sawmill (By: ZoddelZockt)
– Empty Pallets Production (By: ZoddelZockt)
– AgraZ Land Trade (By: ZoddelZockt)
– Pallets High Shelf Storage (By: ZoddelZockt)
– Stationary Wood Chipper (By: ZoddelZockt)
– Plywood Production (By: ZoddelZockt)


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Objects