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November 13, 2021

Welcome To Timber Valley.

– Changelog

-bug fixes

The map has a lot of over crown forests.

There isn’t a lot of roads but you can harvest trees out of the way and make your own roads.

To get you started you can start with some machines and with some logs at the sawmill.

Trees on the map: Birch,Spruce,Pine,Oak,Osina,CaliPalm.

!WARNING! there is a secret on the map.

There is four skulls hidden on the map. One Is Golden, Second One is Silver, Third One is Red, Fourth One is Green.

You can collect the four skulls and put them in the FarmHouse! Good Luck

– Changelog

– 1 Sawmill

– 1 Light House

– A Farmhouse

– over 34000 trees to cut down

– Changelog

– Added a port

– Changed the location of the shop to the port.You need to buy vehicles at the office near the sawmill.

– Fixed collision on the pipe near the river

– Added 3 new sellpoints

– Added more roads

– Updated the PDA map

– Removed trees from in side of the Light House

– Removed some trees around the map

– Added PowerLines

– Added some decoration around the map

– Expanded the sawmill

– Added a bridge over the swamp

– Added a power plant

– Added Estonian flag’s