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As one of the most realistic and immersive farming simulators available, Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) offers players a vast and exciting world to explore. Whether you enjoy managing a world-class farm or simply relaxing in the virtual great outdoors, FS22 is a game that can keep you engaged for hours. To enhance your experience even further, you can download Farming Simulator 22 mods for PC to add more depth and excitement to your gameplay.

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FS22 mods offer a multitude of benefits that can help you get the most out of your gameplay. Whether you’re looking to enhance the graphics of your game or add new features, mods can help you achieve your goals. For example, you can use mods to improve the realism of your farming experience, adding more detail to your equipment and crops. You can also add new animals and crops to your farm, making your experience even more diverse and exciting. With FS22 mods, you have the power to transform your gameplay experience.

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Petrovani Map v 1.2.2

March 18, 2024

Welcome to Petrovani. A map inspired by eastern romanian landscape.

Production points renamed to romanian specific names

– Multifruit map(rye,spelt,hops,onion,alfalfa,laveder,triticale,poppy,millet) Lavender requires a special header and Dynamic Mission Vehicles is recommended for correct contract vehicles!
– Map includes 4 pre-built farms. 3 of them being fully modular so you can change them the way you want. The only farm that is not modular is the one for “New Carrer”.
– Production points are already placed on the map. You have to buy the land they are on to be the owner.
– The map contains 3 large forests, 222 fields, couple vineyards and some unmarked meadows.
– Animal dealer in the center of the map and the vehicle shop in the main village.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

With this update the mod has gone through internal changes, so any previously bought Gifus will loose their upfits, they will have to be reconfigured

– Prepared the mod internally for more upfit variants, though yet there are none

Current possible uplit configurations:
– no uplit (doesn´t do anything)
– slurry tanker for transporting slurry, digestate, water, herbicide and liquidfertilizer (cannot spread)
– same slurry tanker for spreading slurry and digestate or transporting water
– added support for fertilizer hoses from manure system due to new filltypes for transport variant
– made work lights from slurry tanker configurable
– changed handling slightly
– actually made slurry animation visible this time, forgot two times in a row
– changed working width to 10M
– slight money balancing

Work is still in progress

– Price: 21000 (18000 with old wheels)
– Power: 265 HP
– Supports vehicle sleeper cabin, Manure system, InterActiveControl and passenger (Kubota DLC)
– 10000L volume
– 10M working width (configuration)


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks

John Deere 4730 v 2.1

March 18, 2024

Slightly reworked this mod

What was done:
– added choice of barrel and bar color
– added the ability to remove the green light on the bars
– changed dirt textures
– reduced the size of the mod
– optimization was carried out (unused files were deleted, paths to files were rewritten from the root of the game and not from the archive, the drawing distance was changed as on the default equipment)

– Price: 125,000 euro;
– Power: 165 hp;
– Maximum speed: 45 km/h;
– Capacity: 5000 liters;
– Working width: 38 meters;
– Operating speed: 30 km/h.


Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools

IMT 577 v 1.0

March 18, 2024

Game: Farming simulator 22
Power: 71
Maximum Speed: 40
Price: 23000
Brand: IMT
Category: tractorsS

Dorcolac94, MeX

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

Case IH 4200 Series v 1.6

March 18, 2024

– New LP cab model
– New original sound thanks to Nick howarth
– New extra IC controls thanks to ARNJS180502
– New rims
– New hood design
– New exhaust design
– New original lights
– New textures
– Clean log
– Edited and changed various other aspects of the tractor to make it nicer and more realistic

This is the Case IH 4200 XL/LP Series with lots of unique details and features including 4WD or 2WD models for all engine options.

larsIhcModding, ihcfoara, ARNJS180502, nick howarth

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

Lizard SD1 v 1.0

March 18, 2024

– Price: €3,000
– Weight: 870 kg
– Working width: 2.7 m
– Transport width: 2.8 m
– Power requirement: 85 Hp
– Clean log

– Configuration: none, rear rollers
– Machine color

Miziuu, BlendArt, Kolchozník jr, TT Czech

Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools

Fed Mods Pack v 3.4.1

March 18, 2024

Mod Pack 3.4.1
– The feedlot sheep now also accept straw
– Corrected the texture of the floor of the pigsty
– Correction of texture path for feedlot sheep, pigs and cows
– The loading symbol for the well, hydrant and field shaft changed

Mod Pack 3.4
– New sheep enclosure suitable for feedlot construction plan with space for 700 animals
– New enclosure pigs suitable for feedlot construction plan with space for 800 animals
– New pigsty with space for 1500 animals
– Feedlot cow pasture fixed (walking height

Better late than never. This is now my FED Mod Pack. The package is a summary of all platziebare mods from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
6 Multisilos with bale intake + 4 expansion silos
Lime station for purchase and storage of lime e.g. at the farm
Plant protection station for purchasing and storing herbicides e.g. at the farm.
Wood direct sales for the one-off sale of logs
More mods will follow in the coming weeks / months.
Have fun with it


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

Fed Production Pack v 3.6

March 18, 2024

Version 3.6 Variable opening times
– Fertilizer production can outsource fertilizer and liquid fertilizer as pallets
– Seed production can also store seeds on pallets
– XL fermenter the side silos now have collision
– Recycling station produces slightly more used glass
– Most productions support the variable opening times mod (is optional and only works with the opening times mod)
– Pulp mill now produces slightly more paper

Better late than never. This is now my FED production pack. The pack is a summary of all platziebare production mods from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
Fertilizer Production (Turn manure and slurry into fertilizer)
Seed production (From grain such as wheat + fertilizer we seed)
Digester (From grass and / or chaff becomes silage)
Fodder factory (compound feed for cows and feed production for pigs feed)
Refinery (From rapeseed or sunflower becomes diesel and pig feed)

More mods will follow in the coming weeks / months.
Have fun with it


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Buildings