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As one of the most realistic and immersive farming simulators out there, FS22 offers amazing variety and tons of cool stuff to do in-game. Whether you like to cool down by managing a world-class farm or whether you just enjoy being around nature, albeit virtually, Farming simulator 22 is one of those games that can suck you in and not let go for thousands of hours. Even when the base game seems not too deep or immersive enough, you can add more layers to your experience by downloading Farming simulator 22 mods for the PC.
Gamersmods has a vast and unique library of FS22 implements & tools, tractor as well as trailer mods that can subtly or completely overhaul the way you play this game. Some mods are completely new and will make your experience totally unique while others are being used by thousands of FS22 players from all over the world. Avoid monotony and restricting yourselves to only the base list of vehicles and items in-game. Download mods and expand your horizons by having more capable machinery, better AI, higher-resolution textures, or downloading packs of mods that change entire categories of items and objects in the game. All FS22 mods on Gamersmods are completely free and you can download them without any extra cost. If you appreciate the mod, support us and the mod developer by leaving a five-star review or a nice comment about the mod in the comment section.

cover fazenda umari v11 com cult

FS22 Fazenda Umari versão 1.1 Com 3 culturas Novas Milheto, Arroz e Centeio.

feito correções no Bunker de silagem na sede que não estava funcionando.

4 culturas novas na estufa Repolho roxo, Cenoura, Melancia e Abobora

e varias novidades e modificações pelo mapa se divirtam-se.


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cover crosshair mod v1000 LLwr58


January 26, 2022

Disable the crosshairs or set it to your own color.

Default Values:
Main Crosshair = Invisible
Pet Crosshair = Blue
Grab Crosshair = Green

The settings are located in your modSettings folder with the savegame folders.
The file path is printed to the game’s log.txt the first time the mod is used.


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cover load hud v1000 tLW7nvMJsJs

LOAD HUD V1.0.0.0

January 26, 2022

Small HUD which shows current engine load in percent. The shown value is the average of the last 60 frames.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others
cover additional field info v100 1

Display additional info in the field info panel when walking through a field:
– Area of each field in the current land
– Current land area
– Price per ha (per ac) of the cultivated area on land you don’t own


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cover fertilizer bigbags pack v1 1

Price: 1020€, 1120€
Capacity: 500l, 600l


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others
cover integrated exactrate 8rx t 1

John Deere ExactRate tanks

Integrated into the John Deere 8RX, John Deere 1775NT 2022

A John Deere ExactRate,
fluid-transfer-equipped planter is designed to work seamlessly with 8RX tractors fitted
with ExactRate tractor tanks to provide additional fluid-carrying capacity
and to allow you to apply high rates of nitrogen at planting without sacrificing planting
efficiency or increasing soil compaction.

– Price: John Deere ExactRate tanks: 45.000 $
– Capacity: 1,000-gallon 3785 L

SiiD Modding

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cover stalkbuster pack v1000 gWA


January 26, 2022

The StalkBuster is a stubble-destroying technology integrated into the header of the forage harvester.
It is mainly used to tackle the European corn borer, which is one of the most economically important pests of corn, destroying about 4 percent of the annual corn crop worldwide.
The StalkBuster crushes all corn stubble before they are pushed down by the forage harvester or transporters.
The integrated mulcher has both a relatively low power requirement and a relatively low weight.

Avaliable cutters:
– Kemper 360 Plus and 375 Plus
– John Deere 360 Plus and 375 Plus
– New Holland 600 SFI and 750 SFI
– Claas Orbis 750

All cutters with StalkBuster are 10% more expensive and drive a little bit slower.

Ria Modding

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cover john deere 1775nt 2022 v10 1

Efficiency and flexibility are key to getting the job done right. Get larger CCS and fertilizer capacity and LED lighting to keep
you planting longer with fewer stops. The ExactRate family of components allow you to leverage high-rate liquid fertilizer like never before.
The new ExactRate Tractor Tanks fit within the 8RX Tractor frame and the ExactRatenFluid Transfer System on this 1775NT 2022 seamlessly carries your product,
from the tractor to the planter, and out the ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System into the soil.

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 1775NT 24-Row 30″
Model year: 2022
Type: High speed planter
Capacity of seeds: 4581 L
Capacity of liquid fertilizer: 2271 L
Price: 368,838$
Working Width: 17.75M (58FT)
Working Speed: 16KPH (10MPH)
Required power: 340HP (253KW)

– Realistic model year 2022 design,
– high-quality 3D models,
– Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,
– New factory-installed 1775NT tracks system that improve flotation and reduce ground pressure to 13.3 psi,
– Realistic folding animations,
– Realistic high speed planting up to 10MPH (16KPH),
– Realistic sound of animations,
– Realistic speed of folding animations,
– No-Till Pneumatic, Independent Row Cleaners,
– Factory-installed fluid tank hold up to 600 gallons,
– True working pressure gauges,
– Starfire GPS Configurations,
– Rear attachment Configurations,
– Liquid Fertilizer hose for liquid carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer set and Rear attachment,
– All Realistic values,
– All real placed dynamicHoses,
– Flexable dynamicHoses,
– 1:1 Realistic models and details,
– Over 430 moveable elements,
– All proper safety Lables and decals,
– Proper 2022 model year frames and details,
– All FS22 standards,
– Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
– Wearable and Wahsable,
– Realistic lights,
– Realistic prices,
– Realistic sounds,
– Realistic particle animations,
– High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures.

JHHG Modding

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