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As one of the most realistic and immersive farming simulators out there, FS22 mods offer amazing variety and tons of cool stuff to do in-game. Whether you like to cool down by managing a world-class farm or whether you just enjoy being around nature, albeit virtually, Farming simulator 22 is one of those games that can suck you in and not let go for thousands of hours. Even when the base game seems not too deep or immersive enough, you can add more layers to your experience by downloading Farming simulator 22 mods for the PC.

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Gamersmods has a vast and unique library of FS22 implements & tools, tractor as well as trailer mods that can subtly or completely overhaul the way you play this game. Some mods are completely new and will make your experience totally unique while others are being used by thousands of FS22 players from all over the world. Avoid monotony and restricting yourselves to only the base list of vehicles and items in-game.

Download mods and expand your horizons by having more capable machinery, better AI, higher-resolution textures, or downloading packs of mods that change entire categories of items and objects in the game. All FS22 Mods and LS22 Mods on Gamersmods are completely free and you can download them without any extra cost. If you appreciate the mod, support us and the mod developer by leaving a five-star review or a nice comment about the mod in the comment section.


November 24, 2022

A building that can be purchased for your property, and will generate profit by monthly.
Price: 380 000 $
Maintenance: 450 $/day
Maximum profit per month 58,800 $ variable according to the season.

naimog mod

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects


November 24, 2022

A Diesel Fuel Tank For Your Farm Refill When Its Empty.
Price: 10000 $
Daily upkeep 20 $
Has A 45000 Liters Capacity

BK Mods

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

HTZ T-150K V1.0.0.2

November 23, 2022

– Power: 78 kW / 106 hp; – Speed: 35 km/h; – Volume of a fuel tank: 315 l.; – Cost: 20,000 €; – Choice of frame / wings color; – Choice of cab color; -Choose the color of the hood; – The choice of the color of the shields; – Choice of filter color; – Choice of rim color; – Design configuration (Old / new version of the tractor); – Lighting configuration; – Configuration of curtains; – Fire extinguisher configuration; – Tail number configuration; – Engine configuration; – Wheel configuration; – License plate configuration; – Support for the “SimpleIC” script; – Animated instruments, pedals, gearshift lever, footpegs, cooling fan, mud flaps, antenna; – Working lighting equipment; – Working mirrors; – Leaves traces; – Dirty and washable; – The effect of aging. v1.0.0.2: – Fixed warnings in the log; – Crosses of universal joints are now painted; – Added choice of cab color; – Curtains made in the configuration; – The model of the fire extinguisher has been replaced, it has also been moved to the configuration; – Added tail number configuration; – Added support for “SimpleIC” script.

Cheb_mods, Изменения: Toch

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

Mountains Of Isolation is a map I originally created for FS19. I converted it over to FS22. This is strictly a logging map. There’s plenty of trees to cut along with very challenging terrain.

Modern Logging

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

The claas of lucas_lck3

I didn’t make the tractor, I just customized it!

I added the michelin man, the trumpets, I put the chrome pot and I added the small flashing lights next to the indicators and on the hood.

Author of the NikmoriLS tractor

Claas Axion 800 series

Price: €185,000
Power: 205-295 hp
Maximum speed: 53 kph

– Color choice added
– Doors and windows can now be opened via MouseControl
– Camera seat added


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

Fendt Vario 700 S4

– clean log
– fixed dashboard animations

The Fendt 700 Vario S4 is a powerful, modern and efficient middle class tractor of the last generation that Fendt produced before Fendt ONE.

Power: 144-246hp
Price: 162.000€

Engine configuration:
– Fendt Vario 714
– Fendt Vario 716
– Fendt Vario 718
– Fendt Vario 720
– Fendt Vario 722
– Fendt Vario 724

Other configurations:
– edition (Power, PowerPlus, ProfiPlus)
– front Parts
– beacon Lights
– front Fenders
– edition (Design Line)
– mirrors

– This tractor is prepared with Mouse Control to open the door, back window and roof window.
– The beacon lights and warning signs are foldable with the keys N and X.

This tractor is prepared for precision farming with configurable cropsensors.

Version EDIT:
-Added new mega realistic sounds GOPRO

Original link by MODSFIRE
Don’t change the link
Transferring only with the original link and description.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

HAWE SLW 45/50 TN V1.0.0.0

November 23, 2022

Hawe SLW 45/50 TN
– Price: 53000-73000€
– Capacity: 45000-52000L

Rentner Modding
Agrartechnik Nordeifel

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trailers

ENERGREEN ILF S1500 V1.0.0.0

November 23, 2022

Energreen ILF S1500

Price: 185.000€

Power: 155hp

Energreen NewSpeed

Price: 14.500€

Needed Power: 100hp

Working Width: 1.5mt

Energreen ForestryHead

Price: 17.500€

Needed Power: 70hp

Working Width: 1.2mt

Configurations ILF S1500:

– Colours Configurations

– Front Lift & Trailer Hook

– Tire Configurations


– Indoor & Outdoor sound

– Arm fully animated

– Cab Rotation 45° & 90°

This package contains:

– Energreen ILF S1500

– Energreen NewSpeed GrassDrop

– Energreen ForestryHead

SMI Modding Team

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others