Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries
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45th Mercenary SQ. F-15C “Mimic” v1.5

February 27, 2021

My own personal F-15 livery, all emblems and markings are designed by me. This is my personal livery that i use when flying with me and my friends’ Virtual Air Force. (Regent)

In 2020, due to increased global tension, NATO begins their “Mercenary Squad” program. NATO founds several companies and hires contractors who work for them.

These companies reduce spending due to them supplying their own weapons and supplies, which include retired military surplus and vehicles.

Regent squadron is the 45th company to be founded, and primarily focuses on air-to air warfare, aswell as CAS. Regent starts off small with a few retired F-15s, but quickly strike a deal with the USAF & JADF and buy a bunch of recently retird aircraft in exchange for training. Regent also makes money by doing airshows and stunts, aswell as OPFOR training for many air forces.