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EGEC – RAF Machrihanish (Campbeltown Airport) v1.0

November 15, 2020

RAF Machrihanish (EGEC) was a former RAF station located on the West Coast of Scotland.
During the Cold War the base was home to the US Navy and in particular elements of the Naval Special Warfare Group 2.
Many unsubstantiated reports also suggest that during the later part of the Cold War the US military also flew the hypersonic, experimental Aurora aircraft from the base.
In 2012 the base was sold by the UK Ministry of Defence to a local consortium who now run the airfield as a private airfield facility.
Although the scenery enhancement to this airfield should still be considered a work in porogress, I’ve still got plenty to do, I think it’s in a good shape to release it to the community as it currently stands, here’s what I’ve done: Restored the runway back to it’s original length of 10,0003 feet – It was shortened when the airfield transfered to private ownership. Added ILS to runway 29, frequency 111.100 – Although there are no approaches set, you can punch 111.110 into Nav1 when you’re within range and you will get both localiser and glideslope guidance.
Added approach lights to both runway 29 and runway 11. Updated all the taxiways and hardstand areas.
Updated numerous buildings including the large Gaydon hangar to the South West of the base.
Added ATC frequencies for Approach, Tower, Ground and Departures. Added airfield lighting.
Added large aircraft parking facilities.
To select this airfield you’ll need to go to the world map and search for it’s ICAO – EGEC or find it by it’s current name – Cambeltown, I don’t think there is anyway of changing the in sim world map designation from Cambeltown to RAF Machrihanish. If anyone knows of a way then please let me know. If you are using LittleNavMaps to create flightplans then the airfield is showing up as EGEC – RAF Machrihanish. Enjoy this airfield, it’s a great place to start or end a flight when exploring the wonderful Scottish coastline and highlands. If you see the Aurora, be sure to let all the conspiracy theorists know of your discovery. And finally, thanks to Superspud for some questions he answered for me and also thanks to Flying Theston and BenneyBoy444 for their numerous, informative YouTube videos on the subject of scenery enhancement and the SDK.