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Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA v1.0

January 16, 2021

Hienz Field, Pittsburgh, PA Upgrade

Google Maps> RenderDoc> Blender> MSFS

Stock Photogrammetry lacks depth in the upper deck both inside and outside the stadium, luxury boxes are walls of seats, no south endzone renovation. Stock has a slightly nicer river entrance and Ketchup bottles on the old scoreboard, if memory serves they moved and dumped “ketchup” when the Steelers entered the “Red Zone”, new scoreboard does not include that awesome feature, much more modest bottles.

Google photogrammetry has much better depth inside and outside the stadium, as a bonus the floating grass has been mowed.

Opened in August 2001 with a capacity of 64,405
River End Zone Expansion in 2015, current capacity 68,400

Installed by pasting folder into Community folder