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According to the developers, Flight Simulator 2020 has close to 37,000 carefully and manually edited airports and airstrips from all over the world. More famous airports are recreated by the inch whilst other, lesser-known airstrips are manually-edited but AI-generated locations. However, you can always download a mod to have a more detailed rendition of any particular airport from around the world. Even the smallest or strangest airports are carefully detailed and recreated by mod authors and then published on our site. The best thing about it? They are all free.
Not all airport mods are the same. Some will be made with accordance to real-world details while others are going to be fictional or semi-fictionalized versions of real-world airports. Most modifications for MSFS 2020 are super easy to install and load. Just download the free airport mod from Gamersmods and drag and drop the files into your community folder. Properly launch the game and see how it looks in the game.
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Airport Khrabrovo – Kalinigrad (UMKK). Kaliningrad International Airport (Khrabrovo) named after empress elizabeth petrovna (iata: kgd, icao: umkk) is a russian international airport in Kaliningrad. It has the status of an airport of federal significance. It is located 20 km northeast of the center of Kaliningrad (along Alexander Nevsky Street and the Primorsky Ring highway-a distance of 15 km), near the village of Khrabrovo in the Guryevsky district of the Kaliningrad region. Is a combined airfield — in addition to civil aviation, used aircraft of FSB of the Russian Federation, EMERCOM of Russia, Federal customs service of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. In particular, the 398th separate transport squadron of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy (AN-24 and AN-26 aircraft) is based here. On May 31, 2019, the airport was named after Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. General Director of JSC “Khrabrovo Airport “(since May 14, 2015) — Alexander Semyonovich Korytny. In the future, it is planned to create a hub for airlines on the basis of the airport

GPS Coordinates: 54.88248052675394, 20.585506710315848


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports


December 31, 2020

Airport – URMS. Magas airport named after the first Hero of Russia, General S. S. Oskanov (Ingush. Magasa Airport is a civil airport of Federal significance[1] in the capital of Ingushetia — the city of Magas, the only civil airport in the Republic. It is located on the border of the urban district of the city of Sunzha and the Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia (Troitskoye rural settlement), between the city of Sunzha and the village of Troitskaya.

GPS Coordinates: 43.31835203135004, 45.01258864071813


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Gagarin International Airport is an airport near Saratov, Russia, that has been in operation since 20 August 2019. This package consist missed in the MSFS photo scenery for this area, airport, all frequencies and navigation.

Just unzip it into ..\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages\Community\ folder.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Svalbard Airport ENSB v1.1

December 31, 2020

I created the airport in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway because it wasn’t on the map. It’s not perfectly accurate and I used some random custom building objects I found in the SDK which I thought were appropriate for the airport. I also used a lot of props. Tower works and ILS is good enough to get you to the ground. The VFR map doesn’t work this far north but you can still load a flight plan to Tromso or Oslo-Gardermoen with a direct departure and the autopilot will take you back to civilization. (There are some buggy things like road traffic driving on the roof of one of the buildings that I couldn’t figure out how to stop but the airport is functional).

Runway 28 is heading 285.0 and runway 10 is heading 105.0 but because it is so far north, the instruments are about 5-10 degrees off.

Tower on 119.85, ILS 28 on 109.5 with a 6.3 degree glideslope (you might hit a mountain while landing, I might need to fix that but it would require a very steep glide slope). ILS 10 on 110.3 with a normal 3 degree glideslope. The ILS antennas are before the runway so you can use ILS to get close in bad weather, and then use the PAPI lights to guide you. Enjoy Also, if anyone would like to tell me how to remove the pushback tugs from “Gate A1, A2, and A3” and change where the ground power unit is parked, I would appreciate it because these ramps don’t require them and it annoys me that I have to taxi through them on the way to the runway.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Baadaran Airstrip v1.0

December 19, 2020

Lebor Simulations Baadaran Airstrip
(Mount Lebanon)
For Microsoft Flight SimulatorV1.0


Baadaran Airstrip (Chouf / Mount Lebanon) is our first little project for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).As we are learning scenery development techniques and practices for this new (wonderful) engine /platform, we could quickly implement this airstrip using the MSFS built-in Developer Mode.

Thanks to the lifelike world of MSFS, bush flying became at last fascinating and immersive right out of thebox. With Baadaran, you will enjoy bush flying in the valleys of the famous middle eastern mountains thatgave their name to the land where they rise: Lebanon.
To learn more about our past, present and future projects visit us at:

Lebor Simulations

Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Matsu Nangan Airport (RCFG) is missing in default FS2020. It is a twin airport with Beigan Airport (RCMT) located on Matsu Islands. This airport is notorious among local carrier due to its turbulence final resulting from terrain structure. It could be one of the most challenging airport in Taiwan domestic airport. This package provide basic airport environment, working ATC tower, and working LDA, NDB, DME. Since FS still has crashing problem on custom aerial imagery and Bing map are buggy, runway 03 area are not very good looking. The runway curvature are also animated to fit real airport environment.

V1.0 Initial release:
Airport data are based on first hand and AIP information:
Runway data are accurate located (1579m x 30m).
PAPI and LDA are accurate placed.
ATC tower and ATIS based on real data.
Antenna location and windsock location based on real data.
Taxi parking and route based on real data.
Runway curvature based on first hand data.
Instrument approach are planned to introduce.
Surrounding area are flattened to simulated cliff effect at both runway end.
More accurate terrain model are planned when FS is supporting those format.

Installation: drag and drop the “kcai-rcfg” folder in your Community folder.

GPS Coordinates: 26.15977779999999, 119.95846385000000


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

CYFB Iqaluit v1.0

December 19, 2020

Replaced generic buildings with realistic buildings and added static planes.
No modification to AFCAD.

Jean-Pierre Fillion (conversion from FSX), Jean-Pierre Fillion and collaborators (original scnery)

Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

LFAX – Mortagne au Perche

December 19, 2020

Cette scène est multi-simu :

Pascal alias Pzorglub l’a créé pour FSX et P3D, Marc alias Cyclope78 l’a porté sur FS2020.



Version de base : décompressez et installer dans le dossier des scènes puis déclarer dans le scenery.cfg

La dalle photo : ajouter la dalle photo 50 cm dans le dossier scenery de LFAX.

NOTAM 15/11/20 : pas de problème pour P3D v5.1 (merci à Nico_38 de FVFR)


Décompressez le fichier archive et copiez le dossier contenu dans le répertoire Community du simulateur, c’est tout !

Bons Vols

Bons Vols

Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports