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The latest installment of Microsoft Flight Simulator, almost all people call Microsoft Flight Simulator is a revolutionary game in the simulation industry. First of all, you can fly literally in any place of the world. The developers at Asobo Studio were able to compress two petabytes (meaning over 2000 TB) of map data and simulate the entirety of our planet with AI generating all 3D objects.
This creates supreme immersion and allows the players to explore parts of the world they live in or parts of the world that they haven’t had the chance to visit, in the game.
So, you have a game that is able to literally recreate the entire world. So, it’s natural to expect that modders have been able to create lots of unique modifications for the game, and luckily, they have. On Gamersmods, players can find and download aircraft, airport, cockpit, liveries, scenery, tools and other types of mods for Microsoft Flight simulator, also known As MSFS 2020, online. All modifications on Gamersmods are entirely free, so you can add that new plane, have a more detailed rendition of a bridge or more exciting liveries for the planes in order to play a more immersive and exciting game.
There are literally many hundreds (if not thousands) of mods available for MSFS 2020. If you like any of them, make sure to leave a 5-star rating and comment!

HPG Airbus H145 – White Camo Livery v1.0
just a white camo livery for the awesome HPG H145…
nothing else to say.

to install push it in your community folder… have fun.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries


December 11, 2021



Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries

UH-1C Taiwan ROCA UH-1H Repaint v1.0

Disclaimer :
You must have Taog44’s UH1-C Aircraft installed before you can fly this livery.

The Huey UH1-H had been assembled by Taiwan (ROC) AIDC for army and air service since 1970. The dicommission of the UH-1H was at 2019 when the black hawk took her place completely.
Taiwan UH1-H had never been at war. They are used for training and emergency rescue only.

Installation :
Unzip and drag the folder into your community folder.



Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries

ATSB Solid Anchor Airfield v1.0

The Solid Anchor site was an ATSB (Advanced Tactical Support Base) on the banks of the Song Cau Lon at the site of Old Nam Can. ATSB Solid Anchor was near the U Minh Forest in Cam Mau province on the southern tip of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Solid Anchor was constructed by the SeaBees in 1970 on sand that was transported by tug and barge for Qui Nhon.
The site was also known as CAMP HURT.



GPS Coordinates: 8.75458281343587, 104.9843933927451


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

KCHA Lovell Field – Chattanooga v1.0

A visual enhancement for Lovell Field, Chattanooga

Simply extract and drag/drop into your Community folder!

GPS Coordinates: 35.039429990083136, -85.19687749427239


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Aeroclub Albatros airport remake (Albatros residencial aereo, MMTH, Tehuixtla, Morelos, Mexico) v1.0

Replacement for the default Albatros Residencial Aereo airport (MMTH)

-changed runway width to 7 meters (real), stock width is around 20 meters
– removed synthetic scenery building on runway 19 header and trees in front of runway 1
-replaced stock hangars with more appropiate ones
-added materials yard just north of the airport with big chimney tower near the landing path of runway 19
-added some static aircraft and cars

scenery created with MSFS2020 SDK and stock simulator objects
Just unzip the downloaded file into your community folder

GPS Coordinates: 18.59275754611897, -99.26002330661186


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports

Herrick N257RH FBW A32NX – 8K
This is a fictional design with navy blue fuselage and white belly.

Follow these steps to install the livery:
– Unzip the downloaded file
– Place it into your community folder
– Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
– Enjoy!

Wish you like it !

Created by aaMasih (Ali Sadeghi)
I’ll do my best creating contents for this lovely community


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries

Adapted livery from Czech Jas39 Gripen registration 9234. Czech Army do not operate with Eurofighter Typhoon.
In MSFS was number changed to 9334. This is standard camo of Czech Air Forces.

Upravený skin z Jas-39 Gripen čísla 9234 tygří letky ve standardním zbarvení letounů CAF..

Livery is for Bredok3D Eurofighter Typhoon.

Known issues :
– landing gear door have wrong color (problem with model maping)
– some little imperfections 🙂


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Liveries