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Stord Sorstokken ENSO v1.0

December 14, 2020

My second project for FS2020, using my Airports of Norway gmax models. Thanks to the Norway Airports team for the ILS shack and rubbhall hangar. Everything at the airport is renewed, adjusted and repainted, according to AIP Norway.

Take note the approach lights spacing is shortened from 30m to 20m, as I still do not have the correct approach lights to select for short runways. Also there is only one parking. This is to get rid of the pushback equipment and people, a tip from FSdeveloper. I hope the SDK will improve in time so this can be fixed.

This airport does not have a renamed model library, as this gives me a lot of red lines in the Console when compiling. I believe there is no problem with the libs, as long as I take care to not have the same name and GUID for the same model used in one of my other sceneries, which is true for the ils shack and rubbhall, also used in my ENCN scenery.

GPS Coordinates: 59.792677803119595, 5.339782952078548