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This truck pack contains 7 classic trucks.
Each truck is painted with a unique vinyl.
Minimalistic design.
All trucks with 4×2 axle.

The main color can only be changed on trucks such as:
Nothing can be changed on the rest!

download this mod.
Go to the game. (alone).
Activate the mod in your profile.
Log in with the same profile.
In the game: buying a truck – dealer modifications.
! Do NOT change anything on the truck!
! Otherwise, something might go wrong!
! And you will have to re-install the truck again!
Now go to ONLINE.

Have a good game!


Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Trucks

This mod replaces the fixed axis with a lifting axis for:
a) 3-and 4-axis low-frame trawls LWB (lowbed SCS);
b) 3-and 4-axis low-frame trawls with jib platform LLD (lowloader SCS)

SCS, dobr4060

Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Trailers


December 4, 2020

Big garage with your own logo/text v1.2
Fix Textures
Tested on 1.39.x version


Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Others

Version 10.7 – added new skins of German, Italian and Czech real bus operators

Pack adds in traffic 43 new models of buses with 1267 skins (Setra, Neoplan, Volvo, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Ikarus, Scania, Ayats, Irizar, Temsa, Irisbus, Jelcz, Karosa, Caetano, Optare).
All standalone, works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
Tested on version 1.39.x


Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Bus

Hello and very good night, morning or good afternoon depending on the time of your country.

With this mod you can have a functional HCT Lowbed or Low Loader with their respective jobs in addition to being able to modify them as you like.

IMPORTANT: Highlights of this mod.
Point 1: never and for whatever you want, modify the lights of the flatbed, only the orange ones on the sides because it breaks the mod but does not give any unexpected closure. (this does not happen if you are editing the trailer. this does not happen if you are editing the trailer Point 2)

Point 2: It can and could give error the game since this is because the game is very delicate with this specific trailer and that it works is a miracle.

Point 3: What types of errors can it give? 1 Game Fatal Error. 2 an unexpected close out of nowhere. 3 that one of the above passes and you download the graphics or you set them by default. 4 looking for a load may pass some of the first 2. The normal thing is that the game suddenly closes and not much happens.

Point 4: I recommend that when they enter the MP they do not have it selected since it may give them a Game Fatal Error.

Point 5: I am not responsible for the Errors already mentioned above in addition to banning in the MP.

Point 6: I am not responsible for games corrupted by the mod and that can be recovered by deleting the save that causes problems.

Drive safe!


Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Trailers

DLC Freightliner Cascadia from ATS for ETS2
Test on v1.39.2.19

SCS, FrankBrasil, ETSPX-BR

Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Trucks

Skins cover the SCS Volvo FH Classic and FH16 2012, Renault T, as well as the Box Trailer.


Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Skin

Changelog v3.8
– Slightly improved the textures of the drops on the windows and windshield
– Rework on the behavior and effects of raindrops on the windshield and windows
– Increased visibility of raindrops on windshield and windows
– Slightly improved opacity for “outside” rain
– Slightly improved the sound of raindrops hitting the truck cabin (1.39 version)

Changelog v3.7.2
– Minor changes
– Description Update
– Check for 1.39 version

Changelog v3.7.1:
– (FMOD) Added “Sound level-transition of rain hitting in the cabin”
– Minor tweaks & values for some textures, windshield effects…
– Improved “outside” Rain texture
– Improved “Addon for RGM”

Changelog v3.7:
– New texture raindrops (windshield & windows) created by me
– Some tweaks for windshield effects
– Addon for RGM by Frkn64

Changelog v3.6:
– New texture raindrops for windshield & windows (Thanks to AleyxeP for main texture)
– Reworked (“exterior”) rain texture & values for 1.38 version
– Fully reworked values for windshield effects
– Increased number of raindrops
– This version will use the old particle/spray effect of the wheels, better compatibility with other mods and better performance.
– Added some new thunders sounds
– Equalized and tweaked the delay of thunder sounds

Changelog v3.5.2:
– Fixed smoke effect (Chimneys, factories etc …)
– Improved dirt/smoke particles of wheels
– Other minor adjusts (windshield effects and water particles)
– Improved some thunder sounds

Changelog v3.5.1:
– Minor tweaks for windshield effects
– Water Particles/spray improved
– Rain textures Rework
– Some values for Rain textures

This mod will not add puddles on the road.
This mod does not modify the duration or probability of rain (game options you have for it)
This mod does not modify the fog, weather or Sky textures.
You will find rains of different intensities that are controlled by the game (not by the Mod)

THIS MOD TRY to improve the effect of rain, sounds of rain & thunders, effects on the windshield, particles/sprites of rain on the wheels…

What’s included this mod?
– Realistic Rain textures
– Realistic textures of Raindrops from inside cabin
– Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
– Realistic windshield effects
– Improved Water Particles when the asphalt is wet (Truck and AI Traffic)
– Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
– Realistic & high quality thunders sounds
– More variety in thunder sounds

Compatible with all maps

Thanks to AlexeyP by original texture of raindrops
Thanks for support & feedback: Antoniopua, Stropher
Thanks for the help with FMOD Tool: Robinicus

Euro truck simulator 2 | ets2 mods / Others