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Scag 52in Walk Behind Mower for Farming simulator 19
Choice of side discharge or metal bagger

Original Creator: Fsfarmer11. Edited by: Nickj854(me)

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Addons

I got a GT 395 6Cyl engine from an old Fendt and built it into this GTA.
Unfortunately, these Fendt are very susceptible to repairs, so repairs are constantly necessary.

Fendt F380 GTA
einen spezial 380 GTA Frontlader, einen Stoll Adapter und 2 Aufbauten

Amazone Fronttank Fendt F 380 GTA

Stoll FL Adapter for Fendt F 380 GTA

Fronttank für Saatgut/Dünger
Fronttank for Seeds/Fertilizer/Lime

– SimpleIC verbaut
– mehr Farben zur Auswahl
– Warning-fix
– neue Geräte Kopplung
– 2X Fendt GHA Hochrad

F 395 GT 6 Zylinder Motor verbaut
NOKIAN TractorKing verbaut
Aufkleber in den Türen geändert
Pendelachssperre ausgebaut
Soundupdate LS19 Patch 1.4
Achsfederung hinten verstärkt
Pflegebereifung fix

AllInOne MegaPack
reverseLight fix
small Bugfixes

Fuelgauge repaired
major inspection (now larger wearable Interval)
speedometer light corrected

Fendt 380GTA 80HP
Fendt 380GTA Turbo 95HP
Fendt 380GTA TurboChip 105HP
Fendt 395GTA Turbo 115HP
Fendt 395GTA Turbo Chip 125HP

Gearbox MOD support

Buy the Frontloader-option for the Fendt F 380 GTA for working.
Press V-KEY for lock the Tank !

Es muss immer die Frontladerkonfiguration gekauft werden, damit die Tanks angebaut werden können!
bitte nach ankuppeln der Fronttanks/Frontlader die Taste “V” drücken, dann werden die Geräte fixiert.
Leider gehts nicht anders da Giants diesen Anbauraum nicht vorgesehen hat.
Bitte beim angebauten Frontlader darauf achten dass der Frontlader im Spiel aktiv (weiss markiert) sein muss damit die Schaufel funktioniert.
Have Fun!

schlüterfan1977, RivalBomb, SFM(LS17)

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Tractors

Volvo fh16 lowroof for Farming simulator 19

I update the truck will show up now in game

Power: 450

Maximum Speed: 90

Price: 80000

Category: Trucks

Brand: Volvo

kevin van wijk

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trucks

I made a lowroof volvo because i am not that person that keep things private

and i love to share it with you

kevin van wijk

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trucks

Dooley 20ft Trailer for Farming simulato r19

Dooley 18 tonne grain and silage trailer used to transport loose materials Price: 18000

Brand: Dooley

Category: Trailers

Rory, Cathal, Jack8340, Shamrock160

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers

SAME PACK V1.2.0.2

May 12, 2021

Small tractor suitable for use between rows of vineyards and orchards.

Same Vigneron / Frutteto

-Price: 10000 €

Maximum speed: 27 mph

Power: 60/75 CV

Rim color configurable.

Available in vigneron (62 and 75) and frutteto (60 and 75) versions.

Same explorer:

Price: 45000 €

Engine configurations: Explorer 60 (60 HP), Explorer70 (70 HP), Explorer 80 (80 HP), Explorer 90 (90CV).

Lamborghini Grand Prix:

Price: 45000 €

Engine Configurations: 674-70 (70 HP), 774-80 (80 HP), 874-90 (90 HP).

Other configurations:

Hooks: Weightless, with weight (480KG)

Rim color selectable

Front loader


Trelleborg: standard, wide, narrow

Lizard: Iron wheels for rice fields (it is recommended to remove the mudguards with this tire option)

Fenders: No, only front, only rear, both.


Added 2 new models, Same Explorer and Lamborghini Grand Prix.

Added flashing and front loader configuration on Vigneron and Frutteto.

Improved Vigneron / Frutteto lights.


Fixed some bugs.

Added explorer and grand prix cabin design configuration.


Added 4 new models:

Same Laser (medium and large frame).

lamborghini 1×06 (medium and large frame).

Same medium frame:

Price: 38000 €

maximum speed: 40 km / h

Engine configuration:

Laser 110 (110 HP)

Laser 130 (130 HP)

Same big frame:

Price: 45000

maximum speed: 40 km / h

Engine configuration:

Laser 150 (150 HP)

Galaxy 170 (170 HP)

Laser 150 open pipe (165 HP)

Galaxy 170 open pipe (185 hp)

Lamborghini medium chassis:

Price: 38000 €

maximum speed: 40 km / h

Engine configuration:

1106 (110 HP)

1306 (130 HP)

Lamborghini large frame:

Price: 45000

maximum speed: 40 km / h

Engine configuration:

1506 (150 HP)

1706 (170 HP)

1506 open pipe (165 hp)

1706 open pipe (185 hp).


Corrections on Same medium and large frame models and Lamborghini medium and large frame models:

Corrected small visual errors

Corrected speed needle

Corrected steering in iron wheel configuration.


Fixed rear lights and refueling issue on Laser and 1×06 models.

Black eyes modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Tractors

Attention c’est un i3d pas un mods

a utilisé avec Giant editor pour mettre sur vos Maps

c’est un vieux projet que j’ai jamais mis sur une Maps

pas d’animation fournis avec ce concessionnaire mais les animation son prévue pour le pack préfab de Sphinx.

Quentin Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Objects


May 12, 2021

This is my very first mod to publish
It’s a small Claas pack
I hope you enjoy it
I wish you much fun with it
Original models:


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines