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March 17, 2023

Slurry agitatior Converted
-Mouse control
-Various Brands of Agitatior
-The purpuse of the slurry agitator is to keep the slurry thin and not to keep it thick
since this is only FS it is not needed to mix the slurry tank but it is another job to do if you want
this slurry agitator holds 1 liter of slurry then you turn it on and mix the tank you will see slurry comes out of the spout at the side of the agitaor this
helps mix the slurry tank.
-controlled by mouse controll can be lifted and tilted


Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools

Toyota Hilux Invincible 2021
– Price : 45.000 $
– Engine :200 / 224 H.p
– Speed : 120 / 220 km/h
– 2 type rims
– Selectable Colors
– Trailer Hitch
– Added
– Moving CBS

Sheriff Robert

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Cars

Power: 235 hp / 306hp /331hp
Max. speed: 65 kph

Add’s a Forest cage, This is the Premium version (V2). i got rid of the arm holder because it doesnt look that great.
So instead there are configs for a secondary protection option. instead of tubes it also has a cable config.
It also ad’s some waring singes to the side of the tractor, also some air horn’s and tire chain configs for some of the wheels.
Diffrent engine sound and diffrent horn sound.
Front loader option isnt avaiable because of clipping issues.

Hope you enjoy!

Cage configs
Rim color config
Mim color config
Cage color config
Exhaust grid color config
Motor Config
Exhaust grid config
Chain config’s for some wheels

Iff you find any problems, please tell me on discord.

DK mods

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors


March 17, 2023

here is a fictional british style map plenty of fields to farm.
includes all basegame productions
.sell everything at farmers market thanks to raging reapers
.stone quarry(terrafarm not needed)
new animals bulls/calfs/ducks/chicks/goats/lambs not sure on the name of the modder who made the video on how to do this but thanks for your work.
.traffic & pedestrians
.paint your own fields in game with field painter
has a custom sheep and cow pen on the map (visable when the land is bought situated next to the main farm land
no mission vehicle as of yet when starting on new farmer mode will add this at a later date.
thanks and enjoy


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Hi to all and to all,
I am publishing to you my conversion of my TP trailer edited on FS19 which I have therefore converted for FS22, I put it in BETA because this one is not yet complete so it is over the versions that it should s improve as much as possible!
I want to specify that it is functional (lights / hitch / straps / sides WORK CORRECTLY 🙂
There is just a slight bug on the main wheel configuration, just select the second option.

PS: Don’t criticize without knowing this is very dishonest, I know some of you are happy to smear my work 👀
⛔ Any reconversion or re-upload is prohibited // Any modification(s) of the mod is STRICTLY PROHIBITED out of respect for my work.
🔹 My Discord server is open to everyone! The link is available on my Kingmods profile, do not hesitate to join it to have exclusive mods (reserved for subscribers)🔹

Enjoy 😁


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trailers

#14 version of my mod pack ,147 mods included at their last version, Enjoy!

FS Miner

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

FS22 Beast New Holland T9 Series VE 1

Tractor Speed 70 MPH HP 1250,1275,1550

Big Wheel Options! Color Changeable Body And Rims

Giants Software, Aaron6446, Eagle355th

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

2019 POLARIS ACE V1.0.0.0

March 17, 2023

2019 Polaris Ace Converted By ItzOtpic

Power: 250

Maximum Speed: 120

Price: 13000

Brand: Polaris

Category: Optic22Mods


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