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November 28, 2022

Groupe Keolis : Leader mondial de la mobilité partagée

Les bus et cars

Keolis est un opérateur privé de transport public de voyageurs.


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La RATP s’installe dans votre région.

Désormais une ligne de bus est disponible sur FS22.


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November 28, 2022

Voici un transporteur POLONAIS qui arrive sur FS 22.


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PRL 150 V1.0.0.0

November 28, 2022

– Cost: 49,000; – Required tractor power: 50 l/s; – Working speed: 17 km/h; – Volume: 4000 liters; – Choice of primary color; – Choice of design color; – Choice of rim color; – Shield configuration; – Configuration of rem bolts; – Decals configuration; – Configuration of inventory number; – Dynamic hoses; – Working lighting equipment; – Leaves traces; – Dirty and washable; – The effect of aging.


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TAL MAP V1.0.0.0

November 28, 2022

Hello / Moin
I want to share another map that I make and fixed. All errors were removed, new farmlands were created and fields were purchased, new farm, BGA and sales point were created.

The only thing that hasn’t been done is the PDA, so if someone knows how to do a PDA, please do it for me.
The map is functional and everything works perfectly …


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Insulated Shop and Storage Building RELEASE (Pc only)

This is my first building from scratch and it comes on Fs22.

Special Features:



Deep Fascia

33000 sq.ft. | 110’W x 22’H x 300’L

Fits most big equipment, 50 ft headers fit through the doors.

High enough rafters at 22 ft to fit any seeder through it.

Inside Lights

New Snow mesh on the roof

If you have any questions or issues please let me know on my facebook page as I am the most active there.

Camil Canuck

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FS22 JohnDeere750A

Characteristics :
– Price: 52000
– Working width: 3m and 6m
– Capacity: seeds 3100 fertilizer 3100


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November 28, 2022

Push Release
some more fixes for bunker silo driver (e.g. wrong behaviour with attached weight)
Add wheelloader + shield and snowcat support (Volvo wheelloader needs fixes by Giants, the snowcat works with 5km/h) #2137
should fix #2132

Push Release
fix for #2117
fix for #2127
might help with #2123
fixes AD not waiting for bunker silo driver to reach its parking position
few more improvements, adjustments and fixes for bunker silo driver

Push Hotfix
fixes LUA Errors with silo bunker mode e.g. #2114
fixes reverse driving tractors
fixes MP LUA Errors e.g. #2115
fix for #2113
fixes proximity sensor

Push Release
fix for #2094
fix for #2100
fix for #2092
added a minimum offset for auger wagon to trailer of 3.8m #2092 might help with #2090
Slightly adjusted automatic pipe movement. Should help with #2036
Proximity sensor will now be turned off on the same side as the pipe and not only on the left side.
Course rename enhancement #2075
added the Bunker silo driver*
added remaining time to the HUD for fieldwork** #1108

The bunker silo mode is available if no valid fieldwork implement or trailer is attached.
The mode is preselected when a shield or a spreader is attached, with a roller you have to cycle through the starting point setting in the HUD until the bunker silo mode appears.

With a shield or spreader attached, Courseplay sets the direction to drive into the silo automatically. If the vehicle has no shield or spreader attached, you have to set the direction manually.

You can also enable/disable the waiting at the park position.
If waiting at the park position is enabled, and a vehicle with a full trailer approaches (driven by the player or by AutoDrive), the driver will automatically drive to the park position and wait until the unloader finished unloading and left the detection range near or in the bunker silo.

The remaining time is just a leftover time prediction for fieldwork about some fixed parameters and will like have some inaccuracy.
Refilling, standing around (e.g. harvester waiting for an unloader) is of course not part of the calculation.


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