Modifications 40863

JOHN DEERE DN 1006 V1.0.0.0

January 16, 2021

– Dispenser of solid fertilizer, lime and manure
– Price: 70000 €
– Working width: 30 meters
– Power required: 125 HP
– Capacity: 6000 L

SM Farm

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers


January 16, 2021

ERMO Hurricane HR500/600

Ermo Hurricane 500
– Price: 42.300 €
– Power range: 200-250 HP
– Working speed: 21 km/h
– Working width: 5.00M
– 3 Roller Config

Ermo Hurricane 600
– Price: 46.900 €
– Power range: 250-350 HP
– Working speed: 21 km/h
– Working width: 6.00M
– 3 Roller Config

SMI Modding Team

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Implements & Tools


January 16, 2021

Price: €142000
Power: 500 hp
Capacity: 25000l
Cargo: milk, water
Brand: MAN

Capacity selectable.
Agricultural tires selectable.
Rim color selectable.
Cabin color selectable.
Tankcolor selectable.

The lids must be opened for loading.

D-S-A-Modding[Kastor, Floowy, Steven aka W7K]

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trucks

LIZARD T25 V1.0.0.0

January 16, 2021

Category: small tractors
Price: 9000 €
Power: 31 hp

Wisniagames239, Marcello1942, Fairred225, Tomek096

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Tractors


January 16, 2021

Borga Hall
It is a metal hall where you can store bulk materials as well as machines.

– Dimensions 45,5m Length 18,5m Width
– Price: 95000€
– Maintenance: 5€/day
– Seasons ready

ShaRRdY, Baki

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Objects


January 16, 2021

With this mod helpers will be able to drive your loader vehicles, just place the vehicle straight in front of the heap and press “H”.
If you want to unload the material on the ground, press “CTRL + I” before you hire the helper.
The helper will keep to drive and load until he finds nothing left to load.

Marquess of Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


January 16, 2021

This mod expands function of all wood harvester in the game.
– Two new keys for manually processing (delimbing) tree forward / backward
– New key for changing cut length down
– Current length of remaining tree to be cut is displayed in F1 menu
– No automatically cut in auto delimb mode (you need to press cut key again)
– You can open settings menu with some options:
Generate woodchips (small amount of woodchips is dropped on ground when delimbing or cutting [Off, 1 – 5])
Delimb accuracy (Number of branches to be removed [70 – 100%])
Minimum / maximum cut length and cut length step for current vehicle
Show / hide mod action in F1 menu
– All controls can be set in your controls settings

Default controls:
KEY_lshift KEY_r – open settings menu
KEY_semicolon (; – next to ‘L’) – delimb tree forward
KEY_slash (/ – under ‘semicolon’)- delimb tree backward
KEY_u – change cut length down

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

These small metal storage sheds provide a convenient way to store your farm supplies.
Pallets can be re-spawned on demand by using the built in menu interface.

Buildings use the original purpose built ‘ObjectStorage.lua’ so no extra script addons or mods are required.
Modified pallet capacities will be accepted and re-spawned in the same order as they are delivered.

Price: 11400 $
Maintenance costs: € 6 per day

Shed 1: Storage for 30 Seed, 30 Lime and 30 Fertilizer pallets or big bags.
Shed 2: Storage for 15 Liquid Fertilizer and 15 Liquid Herbicide tanks.
Shed 3: Storage for 30 Chicken Food, 30 Horse Food and 30 Pig Food pallets or big bags.

Seasons: Roof top snow when using Seasons in snowy conditions.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Objects