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March 20, 2023

This mod extends the coloring system for placeables, making all 8 buildingShader.xml color “sections” to be changeable in-game. For example, instead of just changing the siding color of a building, you could color 8 different parts of a building different colors. The roof could be silver, siding red, doors black, trim white, etc. The next one you place could be all different colors.

This next part is for modders. Setting a shape or mesh to use colorScale1 – colorScale7 requires setting the UV positions like you would with the vehicleShader, except it only uses the y axis.

UV 0,1 = colorScale1
UV 0,2 = colorScale2
UV 0,3 = colorScale3

The xml configuration is pretty straight forward, and examples are included in the sdk folder of this mod. For more examples, check out TPF’s new placeables here.
Default binds for changing colorable section are left-shift + M and left-shift + N by default. These are changeable in-game.


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IMT 540 V1.0.0.0

March 20, 2023

HERE IS THE GIFT MOD IMT 540, everything is full without errors and everything is animated.
Power: 40
Maximum Speed: 41
Price: 5500
Brand: IMT
Category: tractorsS

Dorcolac94, MeX

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

ZAZ 968M V1.0.0.0

March 20, 2023

– Power: 30 kW / 41 hp; – Speed: 100 km/h; – Volume of a fuel tank: 40 l.; – Air intake / trunk / fog lights configuration; – Trailer hitch configuration; – Wheel configuration; – License plate configuration; – Animated devices; – Working lighting equipment; – Working mirrors; – Leaves traces; – Dirty and washable.

Max Dmitriev., FS19: Macedonsky, FS22: Nikolaich.

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Cars


March 20, 2023

This bucket is produced by the Norwegian company Klepp Mek. They for the most part produce excavator attachments, but this bucket was made due to a farmer insisting on a quality Norwegian-made tractor bucket. Klepp Mek is one of the leading bucket manufacturers in the entirety of Norway. And with over 50 years of experience Klepp Mek has understood that everyone wants their equipment to last, which is why they are known for long lasting and quality products.




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CAT D5K V1.0.0.0

March 20, 2023


Game: Farming simulator 22

Power: 104

Price: 140000


Category: miscVehicles

For your nextgeb needs

JMH Customs, Fox Excavation, Machine ID NUM 2

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors

Hello everyone!

🔺Fixed texture bug
🔺 Exterior body modifications
🔺Changes under G.E 8.2.2

I offer you my reconversion of the 308 “raid” of my colleague Miniminuss Gaming who had released it on FS19, so I made a civilian version of it.
With his agreement, of course, I converted it to a civilian version (you can find the screen in the .ZIP)
I thank Miniminuss for its collaboration 🙂
PS: if you want to have it in other colors let me know in the comments space I will take it into account!
NB: there is a slight bug at the rear, there is a strobe which does not disappear under Giants Editor… I will see to solve this in an update soon.
⛔ Any conversion or re-upload is prohibited // Any request for collaboration is prohibited.
🔹 My Discord server is open to everyone! The link is available on my Kingmods profile, do not hesitate to join it to have exclusive mods 🔹

Enjoy 😁


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Cars

VESELE V1.6.0.0

March 20, 2023

The map “Vesele” was created based on the motives of the terrain of one of the picturesque corners of Ukraine.

– The map has 18 fields of various sizes and configurations that can be used to grow standard and additional crops, two lakes (one of which can be used to grow fish), two forest plots that can be bought.

– Many productions, from a grain dryer to a factory of semi-finished products, diversify the gameplay. Crop and livestock products can be processed on them. For fans of forestry, there is an opportunity to produce and sell wood products.

– There are nine sales points for the sale of manufactured products.


Meat production has been reworked.

Processed hops.

Added new crops: rye, spelled, triticale, millet, two types of cabbage, hemp, tobacco, raspberry.

Rye groats and flakes, raspberry jam and juice were added to the products.

Some other minor changes and fixes.

Мапа “Веселе” створена за мотивами місцевості одного з мальовничих куточків України.

– На мапі є 18 полів різного розміру і конфігурації на яких можна вирощувати стандартні і додаткові культури, два озера (на одному з них можна вирощувати рибу), дві лісові ділянки які можна купити.

– Багато виробництв, від зерносушарки до заводу напівфабрикатів, урізноманітнять ігровий процес. На них можна переробляти продукцію рослинництва і тваринництва. Для шанувальників лісництва є пожливість виробляти і продавати продукцію з деревини.

– Є дев’ять точок продажу для реалізації виробленої продукції.


Перероблено виробництво м’яса.

Перероблено хміль.

Додано нові культури: жито, полба, тритикале, просо, два види капусти, коноплі, тютюн, малина.

До виробництв додано житню крупу та пластівці, малиновий джем і сік.

Деякі інші дрібні зміни і виправлення.

Ser-hi-i, dynamofan

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Terra Dos T4-40:

Price: 495.000 €

Power: 626 hp

Top speed: 40 kph

Capacity: 45.000 l

HR 12:

Price: 106.500 €

Working width: 5.4 m

HR12 Transport Trailer:

Price: 12.000 €

Adjusted reallights

Adjusted licenseplates

Adjusted interior decal intensity

GIANTS Software / [HIP] Patrick (Hirschifizierung und kleinere Anpassungen)

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Combines