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rear bumper for Krone Profiliner

Autor: EbersdorfGaming

version ETS2 1.49

rear bumper for Krone Profiliner
mudflaps for this bumper 2 versions

Author: EbersdorfGaming


v1.0 create this modification


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning

Changelogs 1.2.2
-Windows deflectors have been moved to side mirror
-Toolbox exhaust stacks added
-A few materials, textures and models have be remodeled or adjusted
-New lightbox added
-Roof deflector added with slots
-Side deflectors added with slots

PGRS Mod by Eugene is needed to use new roof and side deflectors
For Scania NG S&R series only!
normal and hightop cabs

Comes with:
Stone guard
Bumper lip for low bumper
Dirt deflectors
Side Skirts with or without side pipes
Side bars
Twin Stacks
Sun shield
Front fenders
Rear fenders
Rear bumper


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning

This Adds To 4 Different Light Spot And 6 Different Colors

V. Mourtos Design

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning

Volkswagen Passat B7 2013

March 18, 2024


– Very high-quality exterior & interior
– Excellent driveability i improved engine and physics
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
_ engine sound TDI


Gaza, Denis215

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Cars

Mod is working only at version 1.49!
This mod is about engines and transmissions for all Renault trucks:
Renault Magnum
Renault Premium
Renault T

It’s faster than original Scania 730 HP engine.
6 & 12 speed transmissions have a little bit longer gears and shifts faster.
Gears which ratios are bigger than 1 have maximum torque of 4800.
Gears which ratios are smaller or equal to 1 (final two gears) have maximum torque of 5000 and have more power from 1900 rpm.
ENGINES should be used on three or more axle trucks, because they have more grip and weight at the rear part of the trucks!
Two axle trucks are slipping too much with traction control turned off.
Trucks can do 200+ km/h (120+ mph).

Engine: €1,000
6 speed DCT Mario: €600
12 speed DCT Mario: €1,200
You can unlock them at level 1

Engine DATA:

Name: 1000 HP Mario
Power: 1,000 HP (735 kw)
Torque: 4,800 Nm at 1300 – 1500 rpm
Idling RPM: 550 rpm
Redline: 2600 rpm
RPM in neutral: 2000 rpm
AdBlue off

Transmissions DATA:

6 speed
Name: 6 speed DCT
Shift time: 200ms
Differential ratio: 4.05
Gears: 6 speed
Crawls: 0
Retarder: 6

12 speed DCT
Name: 12 speed DCT
Shift time: 200ms
Differential ratio: 3.08
Gears: 12 speed
Crawls: 0
Retarder: 6

Mario Parvanov (MarioBG02)

Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools

This is a Kenworth T800/W900 pack. It also includes C500 hoods.
It is based on AJ Deere’s Kenworth Vocational pack, which I have cleaned up quite a bit.

There are a lot of configurations, things I specifically added:
– adjustable frame lengths from 181″ to 493″ in 6″ increments. 493″ is to support AJ’s oil field beds
– adjustable rear frame overhang
– Added Twin Steer Options
– Added Twin Steer Spacing
– Added multiple AR configurations to support a bunch of different modders AR style beds
– Added selectable lift axles, none up to three (used crab steer options to choose which lift axles steer. So if you just have one down you can select it so that it steers while the other lift axles do not.
There were a ton of other things done but cannot remember them all.

Jeremy Brown

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks

Reskin of Hawe augers for Bonum and Tonar, and the design and functionality of the original Hawe versions are preserved. The log is clean, there are no errors. Have a good game!

Hawe ULW 3500 TA:
– Cost: 89,000 euro;
– Capacity: 34000 l;
– Required power: 250 hp.

Hawe ULW 3500 TR:
– Cost: 95,000 euro;
– Capacity: 38000 l;
– Required power: 270 hp.

Have ULW 4000:
– Cost: 102,000 euro;
– Capacity: 43000 l;
– Required power: 350 hp.

They have a wheel configuration.

Schnibbl Modding, Beaver Reilly

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trailers

– Speed 3 km/h
– Selectable Sticker
– Selectable Design
– Selectable Colors

Version 2.0:
– Added New Color Options


Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools