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KaroL X

cover bmm claas pack v1000 jzoP5


March 11, 2022

Mega claas pack!
Claas Arion 600
Claas Axion 800
Claas Axion 900
Claas Xerion 3000
Claas Xerion 4000/5000
Claas Trion
Claas Lexion
Claas Scorpion
Claas Torion 1914
Claas Axion 960TT
Claas Jaguar 960TT
Claas Cargos 750
Claas Cargos 760
Claas Cargos 8400
Claas Cargos 9500
Claas Convio Flex 770
Claas Convio Flex 930
Claas Convio Flex 1080
Claas Convio Flex 1380
Claas Disco 1100C
Claas Disco 3600FC
Claas Liner 2700
Claas Orbis 900
Claas Pick Up 300
Claas Direct Disc 500
Claas Direct Disc 500 Trailer
Claas Frontloader 140
Claas Quadrant 5300
Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs
cover wild west 16x v13 9k4pZS6j


March 11, 2022

Hello all welcome to Wild West with all new multi-fruit all FS22 Production with our own custom productions. New custom sheds and buildings. Special thanks to Sarg, Crazy Granny, Kiwi Bena, Darth Nefhearder and Papa Smurf and his crew. Also special thanks to our Facebook supporters.

Change log fixed some visuals fixed Ropa and Lexion

Cazz64, O.A.G Buck, Lonestar Farming, Papa Smurf

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover gn realm economy v174 patc


Everything in this mod is based on Real Life!!

==New Profile is recommended not needed!==

This mod version is compatible with ETS2 v.1.43+

And Convoy



Please do not use any following mods together with this mod

-AI Traffic mods

-Navigation Mods That change the Look of the nav map,

(Other GPS models will not be a problem this u can use)


Updated the Fuel Prices

more be updated more often at this moment

v1.7.3 (Patch)

Removed the Nav UI

After the latest ETS update this makes the game crash

if there are any more problems please let me know


v1.7.2 (Update)


FOV and camera Rotation from the Navigation Screen

to give a better look on close by exits

may still change over time

feedback it welcome

Changed some navication colors,

so its a little easyer on the eye’s

In&Exterior Sound attenuation

between open and closed with and pasing cars

to sound more realistic

Some Rain Settings are changed

Hud brightnes at night is reduced

Truck refund price

set from

35% to 20%

Lowered the play time for the audio when getting lat

from 114 to 80

Delivery window time for hard to

100 instead off 90

this cause some problems with detours

may be changed depanding on how the go

Late Delivery XP penalty from -40 to -20

May Change because off the delivery window

exp damage for cargo increased from -5 to -15

AI Drivers payments + Drivers hire cost

now set to 1200

Cargo name Samsung QLED 55Q80A TV

To Samsung QLED 55Q80A 4K TV

Cargo name Nvidia GPU’s

To Nvidia RTX 3080 Super

All police fines are now based on real life fines

Be updated when needed


Fixed the mod discription,

bieng duplicated multiple times some how


New gargo

Alienware Laptops / trailers Used



AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series/ trailers Used



If you like what you see and want to see more added and support the project

you can donate here (NOT REQUIRED IF NOT 18 AKS YOURE PARRENTS )


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others
cover daf xg classic edition ski 1

DAF XG+ Classic Edition skin for all SCS, Krone and Schwarzmüller trailers. The mod pack includes 3 paintjobs, one plain and two metallic look different. All skins are colorable.

Skin for DAF XG Truck:


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Skins
cover police tweaks for ets2 har

When I was looking for any better Workshop mod which tweaks the Police detection, CountVlad’s Police Tweaks mod is very outdated(It is still below 1.37) and doesn’t support the ATS version. erbkaiser’s Police Tweaks made the game much easier instead of simply tweaking the police.

Since there was lack of alternatives I decided to make own version of Police Tweaks mod which is actively maintained.

This is the hard mode of original Roon’s Police Tweaks mod; this mod is intended for players who thinks ETS2 is too easy for you.


Delay before speeding fine while police car is present has been increased to 10 seconds

Speed cameras now have 90% chance to fine you

Now you won’t get fined twice if there is a police car nearby

There is zero possibility ‘No Lights’ fine unless police spots you

Actively maintained, supports ETS2 1.43 and above versions(1.44, 1.45, …)

Hard Mode Features

All fines are now doubled

You start with 50% fines on Level 0, maximum 200% fine amount on progression

Speeding fine step and multiplier value are now doubled

Delay before fine for Avoid Sleeping violation reduced to 30 seconds (Was 60 seconds)


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Others
cover dutch retail companies ski 1

A pack of skins for ownable SCS standard trailers, Schwarzmüller Platform & Krone Profi Liner of Dutch retail companies.

Including: Zeeman, Woon Express, Aktiesport, Hema, Trekpleister, Leen Bakker, Etos, de Bijenkorf, Kruidvat, Miss Etam, Kwantum, Action, Blokker, C&A & Gamma.

– SCS trailers available for dry freight, insulated & refrigerated

– SCS trailers available for single, double, B-double & HTC

– Krone Profi Liner trailers requires DLC

– Schwarzmüller Platform requires DLC


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Skins
cover mb 1318 rcmod 143 jzzlXw1A

MB 1318 R.C.MOD 1.43

March 11, 2022

Standalone mod. many optionals. two bodies. several loads. glass animations. several accessories several chassis own sound version 1.43


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Trucks
cover iveco eurotech 143 1 51IyD


March 11, 2022

Iveco Eurotech

updated to version 1.43

Game: Euro truck simulator 2

souza sg

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus