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If you can’t find the mod category for the mod that you’re looking for, if you have a hard time figuring out where your mod can be or if you want something different to add to FS19, you came to the right place. In the category of FS19 other mods, players can expect to find exciting, unique and very different modifications for their game. For example, some additions work like addons but aren’t really addons, they’re just tools that a developer or a very experienced player could use.
There are also mods for other types of tools and items that couldn’t be put in any other category that we have on our mod catalogue. There are a lot of other mods that you could use. They will all change the way you play, like by adding unique and fun holiday-inspired items or by changing some mechanics of the game. In general, the category of ‘Other FS19 mods’ is usually inhabited by unique and rare solutions for players of the simulator who definitely want to change particular details about their gameplay.
Check out the Farming Simulator 19 other mods to find something that can truly eliminate monotony and boredom from your gameplay. Download other mods for Farming Simulator 19 for free!


November 30, 2021

With the Power Tools you have quick and easy access to some “quality of life” features. Especially useful if you are a modder or do mod reviews.

Using a single key/button (configurable, default F12) you activate the Power Tools menu. From there you can quikly navigate to the different functions without the need for a mouse or navigating through multiple menus.

– Fill vehicle
– Add/remove money to your farm
– Quickly exit current game and go to the main menu (or restart the savegame, see below)
– Toggle “Flight mode” (then use J to activate flight mode and Q/E to ascend/descend in the air)
– Toggle HUD/interface on/off
– Toggle “Super strength” mode

– To reset your money (or set to a specific amount) use ‘=’ as a prefix, e.g. ‘=100’ would set your bank account to 100
– If you choose the “Exit to menu” option when also have started the game with the ‘-restart -autoStartSavegameId 1’ startup flags, the game will automagically restart your savegame
– You also have the console command ‘ee’ to exit the game (to main menu).


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

Seasons lighting by xKonrad
Hey, I’m giving you my lighting: P
For a better visual effect, you can use the command for fog or something, and you can adjust the brightness of the game: D
Of course, in your game it may look a bit different than on my screenshots, everyone plays with different settings or has different shaders set or not at all.
Seasons allows you to produce manure and slurry at the same time, whether you are feeding straw or not.
Have a nice game! <3


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


November 17, 2021

Countless fixes for SP and MP.
Enabled debug channels for non-developer version.
Mode9 course simplified, now only needs a wait point at the unload position.
For more details, check GitHub or website.
Ropa Maus5 now works in Mode9 (Start, drive a bit forwards and stop).
Food mixer now works in Mode9.
Mode10 now change its work mode based on the attached tool.
Shields can now be attached at the front (also for vehicle with turned cabin).
Shield and shovel work width is now calculated automatically and better visual when change the value.
Search radius in Mode10 is now visible when changing the value.
Mode2 can now be used with AD.
Some Mode2 tweaks.
Better pocket handling for combines.
Follow chopper through turn is now better and faster.
Tool position can now be saved in Mode8, for combine and sugarcane trailer.
Sugarcane trailer can now be used to overload in Mode3.
Course generator settings are now saved in the vehicles.xml.
Fuel save improved.
Modified the SiloDriver to drive back less to prevent pushing chaff out of bunker by @MddMBorg.
Fixed HelperLimit by @tn4799.
Display full vehicle name by @KITT3000.

Push Release
fixes Mode9 (and others) cause Memory Overflow when workWidth is 0
fixes Mode 10, Bunker Silo filling/compacting | Shield Working Width loading of saved workwidth
fixes Issue with John Deere 50G Crawler Compact Excavator

Push Release
should fix #7578
might fix Mode7 Fieldselection

Since the latest update my combine keeps stopping in the corners, more so on the first pass since the latest update
Stock combine/mod combine makes no difference
3 runs on headland
The fix is already on master I just didn’t had the time to push a hotfix release.

Push Release
Moved all the old cp.workwidth to the Work width setting.
Moved cp.laneNumber to the multi tools setting.
Created a field edge path setting instead of cp.fieldEdge.
Removed old cp.laneOffset
Small MP toolOffsetX fix.
Fixes custom fields in MP.
Small work width fixs for mods.
Enables automatic work width calculation for shovels.
Should fix #7324

Push Release
Fixed turn diameter bug. #7550
Enables Shields attached at front of ShieldAIDrivers.
Small CompactingAIDriver fix.
Enables automatic shield work width calculation.
diff small MP fixes
Use another speed in follow Chopper through Turn to make it more reliable

Push Release
Fixed mission fields in MP when a new player joins. #7476 #6530
Improved some settings in MP

Push Release
fixes mode4 refillmessage with vehicles that have another fillVolume by @tn4799
fixed #7432
fixed limited helper limit by @tn4799
should fix #7420
fixed an Issue for multitool course when use pathfinder in turns
fixed offset course for multitool
fix Stephan-S/FS19_AutoDrive#2086
fixed HUD Version Number
removed debuglines from HUD
add sugar cane trailers for mode3 (overloading)
improoved pocket handling (drive back before drive to unload course)
display full vehicle name by @KITT3000
Issue #7422:
Mode 10 only stops autodrive unloader if needed now.
Changed the mode 10 driver lane iterations.
The driver always starts at the middle and
drives alternating to the left and right side.
Small mode 9 trigger detection improvements, might fix #7440.

Push Release
Added pipe tool positions to mode 8 and combine AIDriver #7328
Added sugar cane trailer tool positions to enable unloading them #4021
Added harvester pipe positions #6053
Added TriggerSensor to handle the speed before a loading trigger in
mode 4 -> might fix #7299 as that one is hard to test, it does not always appear…

Merge pull request #7331 from Courseplay/DriverModeSetting
Diff changes

Push Release
fixes #7307
fixes #6818
fixes #7308
fixes #7312
created CourseDrawModeSetting (the eye Button on the HUD)
global info texts improvements (no setting to disable yet)
Thanks to @MddMBorg for:
Modified the SiloDriver to drive back less to prevent pushing chaff out of bunker as much with shield.
Added a check for a reverse-discharging driver to check the size of the heap, to make it drive over existing heaps a little bit before dumping.
Not Auto-repair Mission vehicles and tools.

2 LoadUnloadOffset settings
2 CombineOffset settings (old combineOffset and tipperOffset)
WaitTime setting
Wait time fixes
Added visible search radius on change mode 10
Diff fuel save improvements
partly fixes Wilson trailer
added MixerWagonAIDriver (mode 9/ shovel mode)
possible MP fixes

Mode 2 unload with AutoDrive (#7291)
Implementing feature request #5284
CP still needs a course for mode 2, but this can be any random
one even on the opposite corner of the map, as this one isn’t used at all.
Start CP driver with options ‘Unloading’ and use AutoDrive
‘refill/unload’. AutoDrive settings basically the same as for the
fieldwork drivers: use pickup&deliver, select a proper field
exit strategy and take care about appropriate drive on
percentage (has to be lower than the setting in CP).

courseplay release creator

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


November 17, 2021

This mod allows you to outsource jobs for which you don’t have the time or equipment to contractors.

– Added brazilian translation
– Improved existing translations
– Updated the HUD library to latest version
– Fixed a bug that caused the HUD to not show up on small screens
– Fixed some small display issues on big screens
– Improved screen margins calculation
– Improved font sizing
– Last version for Farming Simulator 19

The cost of the work will vary mainly according to the time it takes, if you have few money to spend you can be satisfied with contracts done in more time, while if you urgently need the work to be completed you will have to spend a little more.
Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to open the contractors management panel.

Types of jobs currently available:
– Plowing
– Cultivating
– Sowing
– Subsoiling
– Lime spreading
– Selling goods

Royal Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others

FS19 Oświetlenie SESONS by JACOO B
Hejoo I give you my sesons lighting
I recommend the brightness of 80-90%
well greetings <3


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


November 13, 2021

Concept Carrier Is A MyGameSteam Mod Made From Scratch, We Created All The 3D Model From Scratch And Created This Mod To Have Fun With…
The Concept Carrier Is A Carrier That Holds Pallets And Stuff Using Tension Belts (From Underneath)
All You Have To Do Is Adjust The Width And The Height Of The Carrier And Attach The Pallets using Tension Belts..
So You Could Carry It And Put It Inside Any Truck You Need…
The Carrier Is Free Of Charge And It Could Be Found Under: Vehicle – Misc
Have Fun Guys…

Support Us On:
Join Our FS Community On:

My GameSteam

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


November 11, 2021

A small circle beacon that can be installed on vehicles.

Note: Inside the mod you will find a text file with installation instructions.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


November 11, 2021

With this extension almost any type of fruit can be filled into the trailer!
This also applies to trailers that are normally only designed for grass and silage.

The following trailers from the main game are supported:

-Fieldliner HTS 31.06

-TX 560D

Lode King:

-Siwa 720

Wilson Trailer:

The Lort

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others