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According to the developers, Flight Simulator 2020 has close to 37,000 carefully and manually edited airports and airstrips from all over the world. More famous airports are recreated by the inch whilst other, lesser-known airstrips are manually-edited but AI-generated locations. However, you can always download a mod to have a more detailed rendition of any particular airport from around the world. Even the smallest or strangest airports are carefully detailed and recreated by mod authors and then published on our site. The best thing about it? They are all free.
Not all airport mods are the same. Some will be made with accordance to real-world details while others are going to be fictional or semi-fictionalized versions of real-world airports. Most modifications for MSFS 2020 are super easy to install and load. Just download the free airport mod from Gamersmods and drag and drop the files into your community folder. Properly launch the game and see how it looks in the game.
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KADS Addison Airport v1 3

KADS Addison Airport v1.0

December 11, 2021

KADS Addison Airport v1.0

KADS Addison Dallas, TX

This mod will really spruce up the visual appeal and GA traffic aprons.
Includes many static GA aircraft including R22 and H135 helicopters( must have those aircraft installed to see them), ILS antennas, parking lots, fencing, fuel trucks, missing hangars, lights around the entire airport, custom textures for Cavanaugh Flight Museum,

Simply extract and drag/drop into your Community folder!


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
Flin Flon CYFO v1 2

Flin Flon (CYFO) v1.0

December 11, 2021

Flin Flon (CYFO) v1.0

Flin Flon is about 8 hours by car from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lots of regional flights from and to Winnipeg go through this airport. The area is also known for amazing fishing and camping. You will find people from all over the world during the summer months.
Surrounded by huge lakes and water, it is easy to get lost if you don’t know your bearings and use your GPS. Excellen destination to practice water landings and take-offs.
The default MSFS2020 doesn’t do it justice so I decide to spruce it up a bit with better vegetation and more appropriate buildings.
No additional requirements or libraries.

GPS Coordinates: 54.678056, -101.681944


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
KOPF Opa Locka Executive v1 2

KOPF Opa Locka Executive v1.0

December 11, 2021

KOPF Opa Locka Executive v1.0

Includes many updated scenery elements and static aircraft.

Optional Dependencies:
NATIVE H-60 Project [WIP]

Simply extract and drag/drop into your Community folder!

GPS Coordinates: 25.909945684272348, -80.27770512275542


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
ATSB Solid Anchor Airfield v1 1

ATSB Solid Anchor Airfield v1.0

The Solid Anchor site was an ATSB (Advanced Tactical Support Base) on the banks of the Song Cau Lon at the site of Old Nam Can. ATSB Solid Anchor was near the U Minh Forest in Cam Mau province on the southern tip of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Solid Anchor was constructed by the SeaBees in 1970 on sand that was transported by tug and barge for Qui Nhon.
The site was also known as CAMP HURT.



GPS Coordinates: 8.75458281343587, 104.9843933927451


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
KCHA Lovell Field Chattanooga v1 1

KCHA Lovell Field – Chattanooga v1.0

A visual enhancement for Lovell Field, Chattanooga

Simply extract and drag/drop into your Community folder!

GPS Coordinates: 35.039429990083136, -85.19687749427239


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
Aeroclub Albatros airport remake Albatros residencial aereo MMTH Tehuixtla Morelos Mexico v1 3

Aeroclub Albatros airport remake (Albatros residencial aereo, MMTH, Tehuixtla, Morelos, Mexico) v1.0

Replacement for the default Albatros Residencial Aereo airport (MMTH)

-changed runway width to 7 meters (real), stock width is around 20 meters
– removed synthetic scenery building on runway 19 header and trees in front of runway 1
-replaced stock hangars with more appropiate ones
-added materials yard just north of the airport with big chimney tower near the landing path of runway 19
-added some static aircraft and cars

scenery created with MSFS2020 SDK and stock simulator objects
Just unzip the downloaded file into your community folder

GPS Coordinates: 18.59275754611897, -99.26002330661186


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
Tugdan Airport Romblon Airport RPVU v1 1

Tugdan Airport is an airport located in the province of Romblon in the Philippines. It is the only airport in the province of Romblon. The airport is located in Barangay Tugdan in the municipality of Alcantara, from which the airport derives its name.
The airport is classified as a class 2 principal airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, a body of the Department of Transportation and Communications.

Romblon airport is operated by CebGo with flights from Manila

– Airport is 100% not accurate compared to the actual

If you have any problems regarding the addon, you may comment down below, PM me here in or here: TurtleTank Gaming | Facebook



Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports
EYVI Vilnius International v1 1

custom terminal and tower buildings
custom light poles and light fixtures
new runway with realistic slope
runway lights made according to newest AIP data
completely new apron with night lights
taxiways and parkings are modeled according to newest AIP data
ground markings fixed
added new aerial imagery in the territory of the airport

Please Note:
This airport project is still in early stages, so there is still missing a lot. I will be adding more details and improvements soon.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Airports