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Farming simulator 2019 mods, fs19 mods.
Launched in late 2018 and developed by Giants Software, FS19 or Farming Simulator 19 is the latest game in the economic/farming simulation series Farming Simulator. All things considered, this is by far the most popular and probably the most accurate simulation of a farmer’s life and owning a farm in real life. Players can choose between American or European environments and participate in all kinds of farm activities and carry out various tasks. You have to use your skill and knowledge as well as remain patient to grow crops, raise and farm animals. The game has many unique mechanics that allow for an immersive and visually engaging experience and dive into a life on a farm.
Community created mods are the quickest and absolutely free way to improve the way you play and add excitement to what can sometimes be mundane gameplay. There are numerous areas of the gameplay that can be modified with the installation of mods. Here, on Gamersmods you can find addons, buildings, cars, combines, cutters, maps, objects, packs, textures, tractors, trailers, trucks or vehicle mods, not including others that cannot be categorized.
All in all, players can browse hundreds of mods on our site and find exciting stuff to download. All mods are free. However, our team and the developers of the mods would greatly appreciate if you leave five-star reviews or positive comments on the page of the mod which you liked. Have fun!


September 16, 2021

Ricci Prairie.

Map with the complete package of mods and map for perfect operation.

The 2.43GB size pack containing 59 mods in total.


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


September 16, 2021

-Repairs in translations,
-Fix bale sell point.
-Fixed carrot dump animation.
-Fixed fill material holder (alfalfa, clover, …)
-Repair of trees
-Repair effect in viticulture (loading of moldings)
-Replaceable carrot texture.
-Two edited sugar cane compilers removed.
-Add modified package packages (now packages alfalfa and clover packages).
-Added tanks and diesel and def.
-Adjusted placards in BGA, Composting plant, …
-Production adjustment: speed, ratio, …
-Adjusting marks.

-Repair of pallets,
-Adjustment of food production,
-Added loading ramp,
-Fixed sale of packages in Receipt of feed (need new save).

Hello Welcome to the map of JZD Vidhostice, the map is large both in size and by elaboration of individual
factories and fields. On the map is X crops, which are needed both for the production of animal feed and for other production
processes. All plants have CZ/AJ/DE/RU labels on which commodities are needed to start production. There is a vineyard and wine
processing so hops for processing hops, which we have built according to a real model. The map has X factories, X Fields, X cowshed,
a few smaller farms where you can park machines so that there are not so many machines on the main farm and therefore you do not fall
FPS. The map is intended for MP rather than SP. SP is a real challenge for real farmers. There is a manure system built into the map,
but the map works without it. JZD Vidhostice has several active speed radars, I’d be careful how fast you’re going so your hard-earned
money doesn’t get the local police department.

Required mods:
Addon strawHarvest
Hops Equipment
Braud 9000L
Bressel Und Lade Bigbag Package

Supported modes:
PrecisionFarmingJZD (added crops, compost, sludge)

DtP Mario, Team JZD Vidhostice

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps

UPDATE: I fixed the corn showing green when ready to harvest as well as the built-in GEO. DO NOT use a Geo with this map, I built one into it.

* Map Release *

County Line

– Seasons Ready

– Farm buildings and animal husbandries have been removed so you can build your farm how you want.

– Precision Farming Ready

– MaizePlus Ready with all extensions thanks to The Alien Paul and the Farming Agency

– Added Anhydrous

– Increased fruit height types to 127

– Multi-Terrain Angle (32 angles)

– Added fruit types that work with MaizePlus

– Cornstalk and Soybean Bales by derelky, Michigun Gaming & Outdoors, 4MR Modding

– Alfalfa by Oxygen_David

– Clover by The Farming Agency Farming Agency (MaizePlus Ready)

– Added Dry Corn and Corn Dryer by JS Mapping (Must have Global Company for it to work)

– NEFG Modding (Custom Corn/Soybean Textures)

– Thanks to The Farming Agency for use of their custom vehicles (Mower Conditioner, Onion and Carrot equipment)

– Huge shoutout to the JS Mapping team for helping me out and answering my many questions!

Original credit goes to blueweb, who made this amazing map for FS15 and FS17. Broncfan03 further worked on a Seasons conversion for FS17 called County Line Seasons, which was the base map I began working with to convert this map to FS19. I would also like to extend credit to the original authors that Blueweb credited in his original post, along with a few others:
Fraser Cow
Dutch Agricultural Modelling
m chtegernbauer
t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);
Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);
Giants GnG Modding
Black Sheep Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


September 15, 2021

The map is adapted to the Odenwald, therefore not a real replica.

Update 1.0.1

– Adapted sales points

+ Mill

+ Land trade

+ Ledli

– Deco cars moved

It’s for people who love to play with small to medium-sized tractors. 3 courtyards, 1 shop, 1 BGA, 1 carpenter (wood sales) and 3 points of sale can be found on the map.

(Attention, latest version here)

This is my first “Odenwälderlande” map that I have built.

It is a single ticket WITHOUT production, Seasons and Mais +

The plan is to convert the card into the LS22. So no seasons yet.

Hope you like it, I’ve put a lot of effort and hope I can make some of you happy with the card.

I would be very happy to receive feedback 🙂


Map Discord: Ancient Realms


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Cowshed 3 + 3 | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

Small Grain Silo | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

Machineshed | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

TimberedFarm | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

Lizard Bunker Silo | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

Participation in the map:

If you have any idea about mapping, you like the map and you want to contribute more, please write to me on Discord =)


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


September 15, 2021

A small island lies lonely and deserted in the vastness of the ocean. Although it consists largely of rugged mountains, it has a fertile peninsula that, thanks to the Gulf Stream, has a very mild climate. Located off the shipping routes, Port Limbo was only discovered a few centuries ago when Scandinavian seafarers were washed ashore by a storm. Because of the fertile meadows and the yew groves, they believed they had landed at the seat of the field god Ullr, and therefore called the island Ydalir. They felled trees, built a settlement with a harbor and practiced agriculture. Gradually other commercial travelers came to Ydalir, but because they couldn’t remember the name Ydalir, they called the island Port Limbo because it is so lost in the ocean. After a fruitful and prosperous phase, Port Limbo is now threatened with decline, because even the last remaining farmer has to give up his farm for reasons of age.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of building a farm on Port Limbo?

As an additional motivation, let me tell you that there are still plenty of untapped meadows and forests on the higher levels of the peninsula. So you could spread out at will on Port Limbo if you feel like it.

What can you expect at Port Limbo?

1 main courtyard

2 more farmsteads, ready for settlement

23 fields

2 meadow fields

3 points of sale (more coming soon)



Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


September 14, 2021

This is the V1 it is still being worked on.

Version Eisenberg 1 Final
A lot of innovations that I can’t even list, e.g.
Added missions.
Terrain was adjusted again a bit
Points of sale added
Space for more industry
There will be another Eisenberg V2 that puts everything in the shade. This will be out this month

With 2 trains and point of sale train .
Lots of space for trees, yard is very big ,
Lots of space for industry

Modell: Map
Idee / Konzept: Klaus

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps


September 13, 2021

Today I would like to present you the Falkenhausen V2 Beta, because we had difficulties with the first release despite testing, today we can say, have fun with this very nice map.

Version Falkenhausen V 2.1 Beta

We built a few more productions and we made the V2 completely clean,

and gradually rebuilt everything.

For V2 Beta, a NEW Savegame is required.

Support is only available in our Discord.

There **must** be 6 farms created

Farm 1 must be purchased with the first farm created,

Farm 2 must be bought with the second farm created, etc.

**if this is not done, the FarmIDs are not correct as intended!**

Yard 6 (land trade) has been obstructed by the following productions:

Seed production

fertilizer production

Plant Protection Production

Acetic acid production

Urea production

Other productions

Little Sawmill

Pallet production

Stationary woodchipper

barrel production

Wooden box production

Plywood production



honey production

heating power plant

The map is a beta version and is always under development, if you find bugs or have other things then feel free to write us.

This map may not be published under any other name (link).

Have fun team Falkenhausen

Vorab schon mal ein danke an folgende Modder für die freigabe:
CJ Farming / CJ Systeme

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps

NOWA WIES V1.0.0.0

September 13, 2021

Welcome to Nowa Wies!
It is a fictional map with varied terrain, consisting of 4 towns and reflecting the climate of Poland.
The map is Seasons and Precision Farming ready.

On the map you can find:
– New ground and vegetation textures
– New crops: Carrot, Onion.
– Multiterrain angle (360° soil)
– 6 farms
– 138 fields
– 7 Selling Points
– Sawmill
– Forests
– Traffic and pedestrians
– Gas station
– Workshop
and a lot more!

Each farm requires placeable facilities.
Please use the required mods!

Have a nice game!

Required Mods:
– Seasons (By: Realismus Modding)
– Sheep Fold (By: Kamilos0397)
– Small Bunker Silo Set (By: Kamilos0397)
– Grain Silo (By: Danielx321, Karas, xlimeee)
– Modern Polish Stable (By: Pawelk20)
– Polish Barn (By: Czarny317)
– Precision Farming DLC (By: GIANTS Software)
– German Barn (By: Didek96)
– Storage Barn (By: Didek96)
– Cow Barn (By: TomSky)
– Cow Barn (By: Danielx321, Cisek)


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps