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July 24, 2023

Hello everybody,
here we can store 4 balls
2,000,000L of straw
2,000,000L of grass
2,000,000L of hay
2,000,000L of silage


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

A set of Liquid Fertilizer tanks that are connected. (Does not fill with fertilizer yet).

Wilson Farms

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects


July 11, 2023

– Static cows have been replaced with new animated ones
– Added LOD System
– Added lighting system
– Cows can now be brought in by trailer

A cowshed from real life, so you can enjoy it in the game.
The cowshed is adapted for small machines (low entrances).
In the cowshed you will produce: milk, liquid manure and manure (you need a manure plate).
Access the attic using the ladder, use the openings covered with boards, which you can move to drop the bales.

– Price: 80.000$
– Daily cost: 150$
– Capacity 24 cows
– Openable door
– Bale loft
– Lights


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

Two versions of the Lely AstronautA5 milking robot available for your stabulation creations.
– base game version
– reverse version
This makes it possible to put two robots face to face all while keeping a coherent entrance of the cows.

VX mapping

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

Flat Rack containers are used for shipment of goods by ship and train.

Note: To handle these containers we can use the Lizard Cranes SMV 4531 TC5 mod, the Liebherr SC350T from kenny456 or also some large pallet forks, the ones from DLC Patinum are ideal.
And to transport them we can use the Tipping Container Trailer Pack mod or any flatbed using the tensioning straps.

General features:
– Category: Tools / Miscellaneous
– Autoload for pallets (Real capacity and unreal capacity)
– Easy to stack one on top of the other, leave one on top of the other and it will automatically stack correctly (do not stack containers of different lengths).
– Compatible with DLC Platinum Expansion loaders.
– Sticker configuration: Lizard, Farming Simulator 22, and without stickers.
– Option to add side supports for wood loading.
– Color configurations: Main color, decals and reflective log holders.
– 64 colors available for all color configurations (metallic, matte and chrome).

Autoload operation:
– With the X key we can switch between loading or unloading position.
– The ideal trailer for the Autoload to work properly is the Tipping Container Trailer Pack (shown in the pictures).
– The Autoload also works if the container is not on the trailer (on the ground).
– All types of pallets can be loaded.
– With the Autoload, the tensioning belts do not operate manually, they are automatic.

Individual features:
Flat Rack Container 20FT/25FT:
– Base price: 2.800 $.
– Configuration sizes: 20FT, 20FT High Cube, 25FT and 25FT High Cube
– Autoload Capacities: 12.000 Liters, 18.000 Liters, 18.000 Liters and 27.000 Liters.
– Autoload Unreal Capacities: 100.000 Liters, 120.000 Liters, 120.000 Liters and 140.000 Liters.

Flat Rack Container 30FT/35FT:
– Base price: 3.800 $.
– Size configurations: 30FT, 30FT High Cube, 35FT and 35FT High Cube
– Autoload Capacities: 21.600 Liters, 32.400 Liters, 25.200 Liters and 37.800 Liters.
– Autoload Unreal Capacities: 150.000 Liters, 170.000 Liters, 160.000 Liters and 180.000 Liters.

Flat Rack Container 40FT/45FT:
– Base price: 4.800 $.
– Size configurations: 40FT, 40FT High Cube, 45FT and 45FT High Cube
– Autoload Capacities: 30.000 Liters, 45.000 Liters, 32.400 Liters and 48.600 Liters.
– Autoload Unreal Capacities: 200.000 Liters, 220.000 Liters, 210.000 Liters and 240.000 Liters.

The pallet autoload loads in addition to all the pallets that come with the base set, the following pallet types:
Broken corn, Corn flour, Potato chips, Ketchup, Syrup, Pellets, Soy milk, Meal, Object, Liquid, Rep, Sorted potatoes,
Noodles, Tomato sauce, Mixed salad, Oat drink, Oat flakes, Popcorn, Soy beverage, Strawberry cream, Donut,
Glazed, strawberry, chocolate, Maple syrup, Potato waste, Seed potato, Premium potato,
Bagged premium potato, Bagged seed potato, Empty pallet, Paper, Cardboard, Oat milk, Soya cream,
Yogurt, Tofu, Tofurosso, Smoked Tofu, Beams, Empty barrel, Crust mulch, Bread, Cake, Butter, Cheese, Grape juice, Lettuce,
Tomato, Egg, Honey, Olive, Salad, Syrup, Feed, Wheat, Fertilizer, Oats, Lime, Pig feed, Road salt,
Seeds, Flour, Cloth, Sugar, Clothes, Cereal, Sunflower, Oil, Canola, Olive, Raisin, Planks, Furniture, Grape, Wool, Silage, Additive, Coffee,
Toasted, Mineral, Almond, Clean, Olives, Leaves, Compost, Pallet, Melon, Watermelon, Corn, Biogas, Box, Cereal, Sheep cheese,
Strawberry jam, Tomato jam, Tomato juice, Strawberry milkshake, Chocolate milkshake, Milkshake2, Butter oil, Iron ore,
Cupboard, Barrel, Bathtubs, Birdhouse, Bowl, Bucket, Cardboard roll, Cat tree, Chair, Dog house, Easel, Tiles,
Metal, Paper roll, Pepper mill, Frame, Prefabricated wall, Slats, Stair railing, Stone, Wooden beam,
Pipe, Steel, Gold, Gold ingot, Cement, Bricks, Asphalt pallet.

Recommended Mods
– Lizard Cranes SMV 4531 TC5
– Liebherr SC350T (By kenny456)
– Tipping Container Trailer Pack

Hispano / 82Studio

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects


July 11, 2023

Pack Of Fences
– 15 different fences.
– 3 different gates
– 1 door
Price per fence: 60 $
Price per gates: 1000 $
Price for door: 200 $


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

OLD SHED V1.0.0.0

July 11, 2023

FS22 Old Shed

Hello, I give you my first model for fs 22

I recommend betting with free mode on.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects

Full Autodrive course, Road network mapped as primary routes with field access’s mapped as secondary routes including field boundaries.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects