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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map, ETS 2 Map

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map is one of the most famous and well-known games in the simulation genre. The iconic setting and style of the game has allowed developers SCS Software to become a household name in the gaming industry. ETS 2 Map is very fun to play because it allows people to take a job as a logistics company owner/entrepreneur who can drive multiple trucks through quite detailed recreated maps of many European countries. When your business can sustain itself, you can travel in free roam or test out new trucks or just have some fun.

When the game was launched in 2012, the game’s map had roads of 12 countries for you to explore. Later on, the Going East! DLC expanded three of them and added Hungary. Scandinavia DLC added three more while two further updates expanded the maps of France and Italy. Finally, the three latest updates (as of 2021) have added 8 new countries. In total, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map has 27 different countries that you can explore. This is a lot, but you can have even a more expansive map thanks to ETS2 maps mods or euro truck simulator 2 map from Gamersmods.

The most popular map mods include the famous Promods which adds a ton of new roads in the countries which are already in the game, including a handful of new countries in the Balkans and even the Middle East among others. Furthermore, you have the Rusmap, which maps out Ukraine, Belarus and a large portion of European Russia. But that is far from it. There are so many different and unique map mods out there, that you can make your game experience entirely unique thanks to maps mods. The best thing is that all of these modifications can be downloaded for free. Every player can drive to even more exotic locations around the world and explore the game like never before.

– All Greece Region straight to Athens and Southern Greece Cities (Kalamata, Sparti, and Tripoli)
– One City in Northern Greece (Drama)
– Crete Island

1. Athens
2. Kalamata
3. Patras
4. Tripoli
5. Drama
6. Larisa
7. Lamia
8. Volos
9. Preveza
10. Heraklion / Iraklio
11. Chania
12. Plakias
13. Sparti
14. Trikala
15. Kozani

– This mod consists of extracted TSM Map Greece part (Southern part of the country), Crete Island, and Drama
– Tested with ETS 2 1.48.5
– Tested with both Promods 2.67 and Promods 2.66
– All signs in this map are using Promods Greece signs
– Not Compatible with Mediterranean Expansion mod
– When SCS released the Greece DLC, This mod will be integrated to the DLC (some cities will be added to that Greece DLC)

This mods also works as a complementary mod for Petar317 Promods – West Balkans Merge

– Promods 2.66 OR Promods 2.67


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Better Road to Asia

November 26, 2023

Map of Taiwan

Not realisim but good quality than Road to Asia!
Place card anyware in load order


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

HSM is a mod map for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game that feels like it’s in Indonesia. You can already guess which area map this HSM map.

The HSM map is planned to be built from Tangerang City to Solo City via the Pantura route.

Map work on 1.37 – 1.48 version

Tested on version 1.47, 1.46. please download all files, then read the readme in RAR files.

Rio Riza Andika, Fatkhul Anam

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Map MEIK V3 ETS2 1.36-1.49

November 26, 2023

This map was made by Mas Imam Kurniawan and continued with Adhi Arianto 1.36, in version 1.37 – 1.48, it only updated the version, there were no additions, just a little change in the def and reworked the base
please see the readme, read the additions 😀

dlc map required:
dlc_nort, dlc_it, dlc_fr, dlc_baltic, and black sea

Imam Kurniawan, Adhi Arianto, Fatkhul Anam

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Here is the KIM VAR KIM LAND (Death Road) map, which is the product of our own imagination.
You will be able to have a very enjoyable and challenging time with your friends on this map.
Standalone map. You need a new profile.
All map DLCs are mandatory

Visit our Discord server for the file password:


Kendi hayal dünyamızın ürünü olan KİM VAR KİM LAND (Ölüm Yolu) haritası sizlerle.
Bu haritada arkadaşlarınızla birlikte çok keyifli bir o kadarda zorlu zamanlar geçirebileceksiniz.
Bağımsız harita. Yeni bir profile ihtiyacınız var.
Bütün harita DLC leri zorunlu

Dosya şifresi için Discord sunucumuzu ziyaret edin:

KimVarKim Macit

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Ferry Mod for all Maps

November 25, 2023

It’s a ferry mod that combines and connects ALL available maps
giving better compatibility overall in map combinations and job selections.
Adriatic, Mediterranean, Eastern, African, Northern, Baltic sea and beyond.

Xes Xand

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Dear ets2 game brothers from all over the world, this is information from the author of the Katashime project map. I would like to announce to the public that for another reason, the map that you have been working on for a long time will now be completed to some extent and is ready for use.
i have changed the name from project katashime to zone of silence.🔥

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who were giving me questions about what should be done or what should be increased to make the work go smoothly.🤝

indeed map is great and it has a very long road and it is not easy for someone to start a journey and end it .

there It supports multiplayer (convoy) and single player

it also requires map dlcs which are.

dlc Scandinavia
dlc going east
dlc France
dlc itary
dlc Iberia
dlc black sea
dlc Baltic sea

n.b this is stand alone map so need to ceate new profile.

please remember to download the original link, not a fake link, it hurts the authors

I wish you safe journey.

Ets2 Tanzania team

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps

Added road connection between Bitola and Strumica 🇲🇰
Removed road that wasn’t connected to anything 🇦🇱
More fixes around Salash 🇷🇸
Fixed missing city names that some players had when using map combo and fix file renamed

I am sure many of us want to explore new West Balkans DLC while having Promods map alongside… Sadly that wont be officially possible for like 4-5 more months… 😐 So I went ahead and made it possible
In my RAR file there are 3 scs files. Promods map and def fix files which you load instead of original Promods 2.67 map and def files and road connection fix file, which you need if you are using my modification in map combo. Road connection fix file should be loaded above all other road connection files that you have in the load order.

1) Adequate map background and/or zoom crash fix
2) Promods 2.67
3) North Macedonia Rework 1.5.2


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Maps