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If you didn‘t find success in locating the mod you were looking for – don’t lose hope. It can fall in to the category of “Other mods”. Because FS17 is such a huge game and an experience with so many variables, the mods also from very wide range of sources and genres, so joining them together in to some category is no easy task. Some mods, because of their complex specifics or for not having any alternatives – fall in to this category. So help yourself and find the mod you were looking for.

seasons geo south moravia v1 3 0 0 1

South Moravia is the warmest region in the Czech Republic. South Moravia is a region of wine, sun, folk traditions and hospitality. Here you’ll experience the sunniest days of the country, which is very favorable for the countless vineyards – sunflowers are also evidence of this warm climate.
Weather is based on data from Mikulov.

-Fix inscription in icon
-animal husbandry is now governed by seasons 19
-minor adjustments to crop growth
-harvest time correction
-more realistic canola growth


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ferry sound update by ludmilla power 1

Hi my sound friends ? I had closed this little ferry called Ferry to Hertz long ago … Only the sound of this little ferry bothered me. So I searched for a pas send sound and found it! The sound comes from a Bolinder, a two-cylinder, two-stroke slow-speed diesel engine used in royalty-class boats. PS: […]

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lease easy v1 0 0 0 4


November 27, 2018

This modification impacts leasing vehicles and equipment. Features: (1) Mod allows for adjustments to any of the three cost factors (Base Costs, Per Operating Hour, or Per Day) that make up total leasing cost, within the mod’s lua file. These are in the form of percentages of the respective vehicle’s underlying cost. (2) Mod shows […]

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drygrass mower v1 0 0 0 1


November 27, 2018

When a mower is used in-game, it puts down a grass_windrow. In order to convert this to a dryGrass_windrow, the grass_windrow must undergo a tedding process. However, not all regions of the world have hay that requires tedding. This script specialization will allow the mower to put down a dryGrass_windrow, allowing the player to bypass […]

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the sound of the forest night edition v1 0 0 0 1

This Mod Changes the Sound of the Night in a more creapy way. Open the Folder Farming Simulator 19 \ data \ sounds \ maps \ fauna \ shared \ xml and Replace the * cricket1.ogg * with the downloaded one. Dont forget to make a Backup of the Cricket1.ogg to get default sounds back. […]

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fs17 beef cattle v1 0 0 0 1


November 15, 2018

Description: This not for a vanilla maps. I have set up the folders where you need to place them. Note: if you don’t have extra animals in map. beef cattle folder is the same as the folder your map in. Copy the entries in you modDesc under the same place as I show you in […]

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courseplay v5 03 00049 beta 1


November 13, 2018

Description: Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 17. This allows you to have a variety of different vehicles that move autonomously and automatically to do field work, unload combine harvesters, bring fruit to sales points, fill a bunker or trailer with a bucket, level and compact silo and much more. Changes: – Pathfinding for […]

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morerealistic game engine v1 2 2 0 1

Description: Make the game physic more realistic Update = Modern Classics DLC support (conversion of all vehicles) Update = Ropa DLC support (conversion of all vehicles) Update = Platinum DLC support (conversion of all vehicles) Update = “Add-On Straw Harvest” support (pellets and conversion of vehicles) You can read the included […]

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