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As one of the most realistic and immersive farming simulators out there, FS22 offers amazing variety and tons of cool stuff to do in-game. Whether you like to cool down by managing a world-class farm or whether you just enjoy being around nature, albeit virtually, Farming simulator 22 is one of those games that can suck you in and not let go for thousands of hours. Even when the base game seems not too deep or immersive enough, you can add more layers to your experience by downloading Farming simulator 22 mods for the PC.

Gamersmods has a vast and unique library of FS22 implements & tools, tractor as well as trailer mods that can subtly or completely overhaul the way you play this game. Some mods are completely new and will make your experience totally unique while others are being used by thousands of FS22 players from all over the world. Avoid monotony and restricting yourselves to only the base list of vehicles and items in-game. Download mods and expand your horizons by having more capable machinery, better AI, higher-resolution textures, or downloading packs of mods that change entire categories of items and objects in the game. All FS22 mods on Gamersmods are completely free and you can download them without any extra cost. If you appreciate the mod, support us and the mod developer by leaving a five-star review or a nice comment about the mod in the comment section.

cover holaras viking v1 oVqIS57q

A dutch company. Also a working fork. Made for wheel loaders. Works great on the silage pit.

Made by a Dutch guy

Farming simulator 22 mods / fs22 Implements & Tools
cover bjornholm map v1000 9emzl9


May 18, 2022

Welcome back to the majestic land of Bjornholm!
Experience farming like it was in 2015 and enjoy nordic climate.
I kept original buildings and deleted premade farms with animals to make space for online farms for your friends, tightened dirt roads and removed some.
I’ve also added some trees, new dates for planting and harvesting crops.
You can also find some collectibles.
– 41 fields
– 3 forests and one sawmill
– Sell points for every product


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover fs22 somerset farms 1 11 1 2

Wellcome guys have fun.

– All animals are built into as placeables

– Please check before taking models from map as Lancyboi made few of them and need permission to use them

– Full season support with grazing

– Custom lighting

– Animated objects

– Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures

– Cow farm , Pig farm , Sheep farm , Horses , Chicken farm

– Two selling points, a biogas plant, a sawmill, a dairy, an egg selling point, …

– Over 30 fields; small / medium / large

– Custom transport missions and field missions

– Supports “FPSDistance” mod

– Please ask before using any of the models that on this map

Dreamzy/Baldar- MA

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover fs22 tmk 273 xxxl 80000l v 1

The feature of this trailer is that it has a capacity of 80000l.


To support me, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. As you subscribe, more mods will come for fs22. Don’t forget to come to our discord address. you can have more information and early access to more mods and upcoming mods.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trailers
cover john deere 6230r 6250r v10 1

John Deere 6230R and 6250R: The two biggest tractors of the Mannheim factory!

Price: 233.500 €
Power: 230 HP
Top Speed: 50 kph

– Tires
– Rimcolor
– Front Attacher
– Front Loader Console
– Roof
– Extra Work Lights
– Top Lights
– Beacon Lights
– GPS Receiver
– Warning Signs
– Fender Front
– Top Window
– Control Concept
– Joystick
– Isaria PRO Compact (Precision Farming DLC)

Motor Configurations:
– 6230R (230 HP + 50 HP IPM)
– 6250R (250 HP + 50 HP IPM)

– Sterring Base (rotate/translate)
– Door Left
– Door Right
– Back Window
– Top WIndow
– Drivers Seat
– Passenger Seat
– Simple IC Mod necessary to use!

Contributors: Greenlanfarming, Marius1311, Platzhirsch_Group, Ramaekers, SimonLsDesign

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Tractors
cover ballenlager v1200 DuQ3NARk


May 18, 2022

A bale warehouse, each with a capacity of 2 million for storing straw and hay bales

– update of the aPalletSilo script
– correct file name

You can relocate the bales using a spawn trigger.
Credits: The aPalletSilo specialization comes from Achimobil/Braeven, thanks for the script.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Objects
cover case ih cutter 25kmh v4 Fo

hello, this cutter has a speed of 25 km / h. It works on every combine.

I am waiting for your support for the continuation of such mods. To support, just subscribe to my channel.


To support me, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. As you subscribe, more mods will come for fs22. Don’t forget to come to our discord address. you can have more information and early access to more mods and upcoming mods.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Cutters
cover autoloader transport pack 1

The Friesenjung Transport Pack known from the 19 converts to the 22. My autoloader for pallets and bales has been integrated here.

– New shop pictures from Cassy
– Trucks are now displayed as such on the map
– Fixed widths for AD collision detection
– Translations cleaned up and shop texts corrected
– Ramp usage now translated
– Fixed truck trailer connections
– Completely redesigned trailer connections
– Improved autoload trigger ranges
– Reinforced cornering light and rear working light
– Wear optics reduced

The first version here is a pure conversion. That means everything that the original package didn’t have, this one doesn’t have either.
These include, for example, indicator lamps inside.
Since these are LS17 models in the base, I did not get any color choice and no working mirrors during the conversion
It is planned to improve this over and over again. If you are interested in working with me over the next few months, please feel free to contact me.
Putting the autoloader capacities in text is not clear. So here are just a few key data per model.
Model number => Euro pallets | Round bales 125 | square bale
03 => 12 | 12 | 9
04 => 20 | 16 | 15
05 => 24 | 22 | 18
06 => 28 | 26 | 21
07 => 32 | 32 | 24
08 => 40 | 36 | 30
Of course, the other autoloader things also fit, but that goes beyond the scope of the description here.
Listing 12 vehicles here doesn’t make much sense from my point of view.

Truck: 135000€ – 210000€
Trailer: [email protected] – 25000€

Includes the following with platforms and autoload:
3 trucks
3 trailers with turntable
3 trailers with drawbar
3 trailers

Honor where credit is due. The Friesenjung Transport Pack was converted here.
Thank you for allowing me to use this as a basis.
The Friesenjung has nothing to do with the conversion itself, if something is wrong, please contact me.
The models are originally from Alfredix, so a special thank you goes to him for the models.
The vehicles are based on the LS17 models from Alfredix, because that was already the case in the FJ Mod.
I don’t know yet whether I can/can switch to his new LS19 models, which first have to be converted to the 22er.
If you want to participate or find errors, you can contact me in the Discord.

Modell: Alfredix / Friesenjung
Textur: Alfredix / Friesenjung

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs