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This is a standard size map, it has a town, a Mega Dairy Farm, a highway and a set of feedlots for the steers, yesthis map has Steers. This map has alfalfa, shortseason Soybeans, rye, triticale, silage corn, and peas. It also has 4 new cow breeds with calves. This map also has Heifers, Steers, and Bulls. Also some beef cow breeds have been added, such as Simmental and Herfords. There is a Spahn and Rose for the sale of wood and woodchips. Equipment is purchased at Tractor House. To load milk from the milkhouse, you need to milk the cows, there are 3 triggers in front of the 5 bulk tanks. Start milking!


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps

Forward Agricultural – Solutions KC6000
Here at Forward Agricultural – Solutions builds liquid fertilizer and anhydrous caddies with the farmer, for the farmer. Each and every model undergoes extensive field-testing prior to release to the public. Heavy-duty frame construction, hubs, and spindles are designed to far exceed the overall load limit, allowing for continuous trouble-free use. Each caddy includes a number of tire and track systems to ensure the lowest soil compaction possible. Liquid fertilizer caddies include our FWD 13hp Banjo style fill pump for quick filling and automatic fill pump shutoffs for your Phosphate tank.
We hope you enjoy our products!

– 330″ L x 260″ W x 140″ H
– 6.5″ x 10″ x .375″ double wall heavy frame
– 28′ overall length
– 14′ overall width
– Rear light mounts with 14′ overall width for optimal visibility
– 15,000lb Hydraulic-Powered Square Tube Jack

Motor & Pump:
– FWD 13HP motor with 3″ Banjo style fill pump
– FWD 13hp stainless steel hydraulic-powered centrifugal pump

– Banjo style polypropylene flanged fittings
– Fully outfitted with hydraulic lines from front hitch, to hydraulic pump, to rear – implement
– 3″ custom liquid hoses all around
– 2″ rubber hydraulic hoses
– 6 x 2″ stainless steel hydraulic lines
– Custom mounts and brackets for safe guidance

– Dual horizontal tank configuration
– 4,600 US gallon main tank for Nitrogen, 15 degree forward tilt for complete drainage
– 1,400 US gallon front tank for Phosphate, 15 degree center tilt for complete drainage

Wheel Details:
– 35,000 lb. rear hub and spindles
– 36″ Finlay Flat Top Track System
– Goodyear 1400/30R46 floaters
– Firestone 650/85R38 duals
– Michelin 580/85R42 duals
– Michelin 650/85R38 duals
– Michelin 1050/50R32 floaters
– Mitas 1250/50R32 floaters
– Trelleborg 580/70R42 duals
– Trelleborg 800/65R32 duals

– Class 5 front and rear hitches, fully adjustable

Pressure Gauges:
– 3″ FWD stainless steel pressure gauges to monitor hydraulic and liquid pressure all around

GIANTS Software
Joshua Duncan (v1 from scratch design)
Dan Finlay (testing)
Jerod Lapier (testing & model assistance)
Milton Starr (testing)
John Dunwoody | Perma’s Modding (XML & Blender assistance)
Luke Mitchell (Substance Painter assistance & testing)

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers

Hier mijn veenhuis combi 2200 for Farming simulator 19

Price: 83600 €

Max. working speed: 20 kph

Capacity: 38000 l

Needed Power: 150

Price: 83600

Brand: Mengele

Category: loader Wagons


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Trailers

Merge pull request #7331 from Courseplay/DriverModeSetting
Diff changes

Push Release
fixes #7307
fixes #6818
fixes #7308
fixes #7312
created CourseDrawModeSetting (the eye Button on the HUD)
global info texts improvements (no setting to disable yet)
Thanks to @MddMBorg for:
Modified the SiloDriver to drive back less to prevent pushing chaff out of bunker as much with shield.
Added a check for a reverse-discharging driver to check the size of the heap, to make it drive over existing heaps a little bit before dumping.
Not Auto-repair Mission vehicles and tools.

2 LoadUnloadOffset settings
2 CombineOffset settings (old combineOffset and tipperOffset)
WaitTime setting
Wait time fixes
Added visible search radius on change mode 10
Diff fuel save improvements
partly fixes Wilson trailer
added MixerWagonAIDriver (mode 9/ shovel mode)
possible MP fixes

Mode 2 unload with AutoDrive (#7291)
Implementing feature request #5284
CP still needs a course for mode 2, but this can be any random
one even on the opposite corner of the map, as this one isn’t used at all.
Start CP driver with options ‘Unloading’ and use AutoDrive
‘refill/unload’. AutoDrive settings basically the same as for the
fieldwork drivers: use pickup&deliver, select a proper field
exit strategy and take care about appropriate drive on
percentage (has to be lower than the setting in CP).


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Others


July 24, 2021

Kebab Factory

You need SHEEP Salt Salat Bread EmptyPallets Carton to produce Kebab

Produce 10 Pallets

Building Dj Modding

have fun

Giants GC DJ_MODDING TheSnake and the others for the objects in the mod

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Objects

Caterpillar 320DFM
Caterpillar 325DFM
Caterpillar 325DFM HighCab
Caterpillar 551
Caterpillar 552
Hitachi Zaxis 240
JohnDeere 2154D
JohnDeere 2954D
JohnDeere 753J
JohnDeere 909M
Linkbelt 5040
Madill 2850C
TigerCat 822
TigerCat 870C
TigerCat 880
Timberpro TL765
Timberpro TL765 Summit
Timberpro TL765 Widow
Volvo ECR 355E
Volvo ECR 580
CATD6K Dozer
Caterpillar 320DFM Delimber ProPac
Yarder Oasis
Forestry Helicopter
JohnDeere 437E Loader
JohnDeere 437E Slasher
JohnDeere 643K
Letourneau LogUnloader
Liebherr HighStacker
Placeable SawMill
Caterpillar 584
Timberpro Clambunk
Clambunk Tigercat C640E
Grapple Caterpillar 535D
Grapple JohnDeere 648H
SwingBoom Tigercat
Winch Caterpillar_535D
Body ForestryGrinder
Body WoodChipper
Bucket ChipShovel
Bucket ChipShovelSmall
C350 Caterpillar
C350 JohnDeere
C350 Tigercat
DangleClam DFeller
DangleClam E50
DangleClam Pulpwood
DangleClam SmallHVS
FixedClam ButtNTop
FixedClam J
FixedClam Picker
FixedClam Power
FixedClam RotoRake
Processor Dangle SouthStar
Processor Dangle Waratah
Processor Fixed Waratah
Truck Fuel TidyTank
Truck Giants Lifted
TruckSemi Giants Hauler1
TruckSemi Giants Hauler2
TruckSemi Giants Hauler3
Log Long
Log Pup
Log Short

FDR Logging

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Packs

Discover the MASTERMIX mixing bowl from ROBERT for small and medium-sized farms. With a distribution by doors and/or belt of 17m3, the MASTERMIX adapts to your farm and stands out by a formidable efficiency and speed of mixing with a minimum of energy.

Mastermix 2-17T:

Capacity: 17000L

Discharge side: Left, right, rear (optional)

Number of augers: 2

Power requirement: 90hp

Price: 39500€

Mastermix 2-17P:

Capacity: 17000L

Discharge side: Left or right, left and right, front or rear (optional)

Number of augers: 2

Power requirement: 90hp

Price: 37000€


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Implements & Tools

Landownunda 16x Productions

Hello all here is Landownunda with our productions enjoy cheers.

Cazz64 Perran Buck Lonestar

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Maps