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Welcome fellow truckers,

Since P16 left his his project of the Real Company Logo 3D. I have decided to help bring his wonderful company mod back and keep alive. As I know many of you loved his mod as much as i did. I have picked up where he left off and started adding new things to help make it feel more realistic.

the list of changes made :

cofibreak = starbucks
dircks = kfc & box van traffic
dream_burger = burger king & box van traffic
donut_planet = dunkin donuts
pizzahouse = pizza hut
taco_kingdom = taco bell
waffltopia = waffle house
iflop = ihop
demuro = ford
drake = chevrolet
ufo burger = mcdonalds
usbb factory : Pepsi (3D models)
vitas power : Vestas Power (3D models)
Upated company defs to 1.38 standards
Added HollyWood Sign {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added mutt_578d to cat_785c {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added constuction vehichle textures {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Added train logos {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Prefab service & vineyards {SCS, satan19990, Pedro Martin}
Some textures from ATS Real Logo {Keeper}
Changed abq_cargo entrance sign to UPS Cargo Center (3D models)
Changed Avalanche Steel : Schnitzer Steel (3D models) building_sign_01 TODO
Busnell Farms bushnell_farms_wall_plane (3D models) TODO
Changed Farmers Barn to Tractor Supply Co (3D models)
Changed Fish Tail Fooda to Trident Seafoods (3D models)
Added General Mill to arrows & billboard (3D models)
Changed Haddock Shipyard to Vigor (3D models)
Changed Heartwood Furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries (3D models)
Added missing Home Depot (3D models)
Changed Olthons Homes to D.R. Horton (3D models)
Changed Page & Price Paper to Georgia Pacific (3D models)
Changed Phoenix Freight to Phoenix Sky Harbor (3D models)
Changed Sea Horizon to Horizon Yacht (3D models) TODO
Changed Steeler to Evraz (3D models)

P16, satan19990, Chief86

American truck simulator mods / Others

Unlimited 2’s Camera 1.39
With the secondary camera, you can get away unlimitedly.
Game Version 1.39 tried working.

MLT, SCS, Mevlutt

American truck simulator mods / Others

Fuel Residue [1.39.x]

December 9, 2020

This mod adds the Remaining fuel on the home screen of the on-board computer for FreightlinerCascadia2019 and WesternStar-49X from SCS.

SCS Software, dobr4060

American truck simulator mods / Others

Sometimes I have this issue with the cable connector texture being “missing” and maybe other people have this issue to. so I created a fix for it



American truck simulator mods / Others

Real interior cams for all trucks v.1.3:
* Freightliner Cascadia
* International Lonestar
* Kenworth T680
* Kenworth W900
* Mack Anthem
* Peterbilt 389
* Peterbilt 579
* Volvo VNL
* Western Star 49X

New in version 1.3:

* Compatible with version
* New Camera for the Freightliner Cascadia.
* New Camera for the Western Star 49X.

Doubts or configurations:

* For a better view of the cameras, use display formats in 16:9 (examples: 1920×1080, 1600×900, 1366×768, 1280×720, etc…).
* With the new “seat adjustment” it can modified the position the seat and the steering wheel, but they have a cap or limit, and also, does not allow adjust with detail the seat position and the steering wheel, so I have continued to update this mod with more precision, in a personal way.
* If it has been modified the position of the seat or steering wheel in the truck we drive, to run well the mod must be restored the seat position to its original settings, from inside the cabin click three times in the “F4″ key (seat adjustment) and click the “R” key to return to the default position of the seat and steering wheel. This is only necessary do it the first time and if it has been modified the seating position, if you have not already, it is not necessary.
* With the activated mod you can continue to modify the “seat adjustment” of the same mode as in the default game.

Tested on the game version


American truck simulator mods / Others

Patch for NaturaLux for ATS 1.39 , where I removed all the accessories, flares, loading screens and hookups – just the climate data and the skyboxes remaining (which is anyway basically the entire mod). Thus, as I had to modify the main package, I could only manage to make this an external download, so here I present the files to you:
order (top of mod manager on top in this case) and respective downloads (all you need for this version):
Base – … e.scs.html
Model 1 – … 1.scs.html
Model 2 – … 2.scs.html

Bear in mind, I haven’t tested it too much, but it works just as good as the ETS2 edition on 1.39 (so far at least) and I also made it work on PM Canada.

Enjoy (although I feel bad for in a way stealing GerScaniaTrucker’s work here, but there is no real workaround for this)!

GerScaniaTrucker (original creator)

American truck simulator mods / Others

Frosty Winter Weather Mod – The modification simulates winter in the world of American Truck Simulator. Frosty Winter Weather Mod completely changes the nature and roads in the game to snow-covered. The best winter implementation for this simulator.

Features Frosty Winter Weather Mod:
– Winter weather and environment
– Snow/Sleet instead of rain
– More sky textures
– Frosty road textures
– Winter daylight hours and temperatures
– Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather
– HDR bloom reduced
– Heavy Winter, Physics and other addons available for download

Changes in v3.0:
– Updated for 1.39
– Updated for Colorado DLC
– Improved colour saturation
– Weather improvements
– Skybox improvements
– Improved foggy and snowy weather
– Vegetation improvements
– Other fixes and improvements

Frosty is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled. Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High


American truck simulator mods / Others

This mod makes improvements to the default summer weather and environment.

Key Features
Replaces the Realistic Environment mod
Realistic terrain and grass colouring
More flowery vegetation
Weather & lighting improvements
HDR Bloom Reduced (Default HDR addon also available)
Improved rain & wheel spray

Compatible with all map DLC’s

Compatibility latest version: 1.39

Changes in v1.2
Updated for 1.39 & Colorado dlc

Recommended settings
HDR: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Please disable other graphics, weather and HDR mods or you may experience issues, conflicts and crashes.
New Summer should be given a high priority in Mod Manager.


American truck simulator mods / Others