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Here you will find various miscellaneous, other modifications for the American Truck Simulator game. Here, on Gamersmods every player can download truck, bus, car, map, tuning, skin, sound, traffic, trailer and interior mods for ATS. However, these aren’t the only categories of the game that are being modified. For example, the game’s physics engine could be modified to create a more realistic driving and trucking experience. Furthermore, you can modify the game’s economy to make the financial environment a lot more realistic.
Chances are, if you don’t find the right category of modifications from the list, the right ATS file is right here, on ATS other mods category. It’s worth your while to browse this category regardless. You can find something exciting and something very interesting, which can totally overhaul your gaming experience. All of these modifications are free for download. Make sure the modifications, regardless of their category, are compatible with the version of the game that you’re running. Also, perform a check so that the mods can co-exist together – whether they are compatible.
Once you download the mod, place it in the /mod folder and boot up the game. In the main menu, go to ‘Mod manager’ and load it up. Make sure you select the proper loading order if you are running multiple mods.
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ATS mods that we also have available. If you like a specific file, rate it 5 stars and leave a comment!

Realistic water
Realistic sea, rivers, lakes, beaches, etc
Realistic thunder sounds.
Realistic thunder sounds inside the cab and outside the truck cab.
Realistic raindrops and windshield effects.
Realistic rain
Realistic rain effects
Realistic rain sounds
realistic lightning
Realistic rain intensity (light rain to heavy rain)
Rain particles/spray wheels (Truck traffic.)
External View of the Truck
Best rain and water
Improved water wheels / Tire particles
Other small tweaks and improvements.

Support ATS 1.46

Yael Shelbia Cohen

American truck simulator mods / Others

AIT logistic
Amazon Prime
American Airlines
Burger Kin
Calvin Klein
Cannon, Cargill
Coca Cola
DFS Logistic
DHL Express
DSV Saima
GLS Express
Richard Kempers
Levi’s, Loves
LX Pantos
MCS Malboro
Office Depot
Office Max
Ralph Lauren
SF logistic
TNT Express


American truck simulator mods / Others

The supporting lifting axle can also work as a rotary (thruster) axle.
When lifting (in the idle position) it is automatically installed (rotated) parallel to the truck frame.
Installed only on the 8×4 chassis, on trucks from SCS Software:
International LoneStar – 6 chassis options + cab,
Kenworth w900 – 2 chassis options + cab,
Peterbilt 389 – 2 variants,
Volvo VNL – 4 variants,
WesternStar 49X – 6 variants

I recommend using single or wide-profile tires on this axle.

package_version: “”
-adaptation for patch 1.43
-chassis files changed

Tested on patch
This version, on old patches (before 1.43) will not work correctly.
Compatibility with other truck mods has not been tested. Probably will automatically work on mods that use the standard chassis prescription as well.

SCS Software, dobr4060

American truck simulator mods / Others

Version 1.2 Changelog:
-Supported more trucks
-Included specific custom sound for each trucks
-little improvements

Specific custom sound variants include:
-Old Freightliner & Western Star
-New Freightliner & Western Star
-Old Kenworth
-New Kenworth


American truck simulator mods / Others

Realistic Rain v4.1.2 1.43

December 11, 2021

Changelog v4.1.2 – Compatibility for 1.43 version (ETS2 & ATS) – Adjusted the sound level of rain from the interior camera What’s included this mod? – Realistic Rain textures – Realistic textures of Raindrops from inside cabin – Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows) – Realistic windshield effects – Improved Water Particles when the asphalt is wet (Truck and AI Traffic) – Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view – Realistic & high quality thunders sounds – More variety in thunder sounds Compatible with all maps


American truck simulator mods / Others

The game profile is suitable for all players (beginners, mod testers and convoy players) and for those who for whatever reason could not start their personal game profile. Profile created with modification ProMods Canada V1.1.0. Profile supports all ATS V 1.42 DLC.

The store contains:
– ProMods Canada profile name;
– Garage Vancouver (British Columbia);
– Eighteen Wheel Master level;
– Garage 1;
– 5 Trucks and Drivers.

The profile is suitable for English-speaking players and Russian-speaking players. Appropriate game settings. Update ProMods Canada to version 1.43 is in the process. Continue playing ProMods Canada will downsle the ATS version of the game to 1.42. Installation: Documents – ATS – profiles.


American truck simulator mods / Others

Real Life Companies Revival Project v1.3 ATS

Changelog V1.3
Updated for Wyoming DLC
Changed American Lines to Union Pacific
Changed Goliath to Pepper Tank & Contracting Co
Changed Johnson & Smith to Harsco Rail
Changed Wyoming locomotives from American lines to Union Pacific
Changed Cheyenne Depot logos to Union Pacific logos
Changed Some Machinery logos
Changed some van company logos
Changed Stock Billboards and Adverts to real ones(WIP)


American truck simulator mods / Others

Version 3.01.09
* Changed Maersk Seattle to CMA-GCM
* Changed Maersk San Francisco to Evergreen
* Fixed popping up logo at parked trailers
* Added WY billboards
* Updated DEF files
* Walmart curtain trailer changed to white version
* Various small fixes and tweaks

This mod will change the vanilla companies to real brands, changes gas stations, shop textures and billboards to get a more real life experience. The gas stations are still WIP. We change the gasstations one by one and release them when one is finished. So please be patient, other brands will be changed and if possible the huge amount of Chevron and Texaco will be reduced, so more brands can make it to the game.
For the full list of changed companies and credits you can have a look at the change notes.
Read below for the load order in the mod manager and compatible mods.

Must be placed on top of the mod manager or at least above map mods and mods that change (traffic) textures or logos.

Works with:
* ATS version 1.40, 1.41 & 1.42
* Most common used map mods (Pro mods, C2C, Team Reforma)
* Most common traffic-skin mods (e.g. SiSL’s, various real company for van’s mods)

Does not work with:
* Any other real company mods (e.g. Grimes, P16, any revival mod)
* Any other texture changing mod. (e.g. Keeper’s, real corner shops).
* Any other billboard mod (e.g. real advertisement)

This mod changes:
* Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
* SCS company trailers to real company trailers
* SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
* Billboards including Las vegas
* Las vegas hotel names
* Airplane liveries
* UPS and Fed-ex stepvans
* SCS shop names to real shop names
* Roadservice signs
* Various small signs, containers and vehicles


American truck simulator mods / Others