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A trailer can be attached to this New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1.
This allows, as the name suggests, 2 operations in one. Pick maize and cultivate at the same time, or harvest grain and collect and bale straw with the square baler. If you don’t want straw, a no-till trailer can be attached.
Required for working speed 20km/h my mods “Horsch Cruiser 12XL Maxi with Capello QuasarHS16” or “Stara Estrela32 Maxi with New Holland 3162 Draper 45FT”.

– Price:350,000
– Power:700HP
– Working speed 10Km/h
– Max speed forward 40Km/h
– Max speed reverse 15Km/h
– Power: 1156hp
– Working speed 20Km/h
– Max speed forward 75Km/h
– Max speed reverse 30Km/h
– Configuration capacity: 14,500 – 22,000 – 45,000 liters
– Configuration main color with chrome colors
– Configuration rim color
– Configuration design color
– Configuration tires
– Dirt turned off
– License plate added
– Added speed camera
– Trailer hitch added
– PTO added


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

All and in the video
– IC
– interior light
– Opening door
– Screen option
– Sound engine
– hood opening

Arsenic Modding

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

This is a sound addon for John Deere S600-S700 combine.

TDA Team

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines


April 11, 2021

This is the Grimme Trctron 415 from LS17 to LS19 umgeskinnt to full harvester
Full harvester to harvest from:
lettuce, onions, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, beetroot, garlic, potatoes and sugar beet
What’s changed.
Sound,weight, and various small changes
Equipment is the same on all models
Power 1103kw/1500Ps
Maximum speed 50km/h
Working speed 25km/h
Working width 9.0m
Life 600
Charge volume 90000
New colors, brand and dedicated category in the shop

Modell: Giants,Charlie,Imperon
Sonstige: Freigabe zum bearbeiten liegt mir vor

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

Price: 70,000-130,000 €
– Power: 140-240hp
Max speed: 25 km / h
– models:
– TX30 – 140hp (70,000 €)
– 350L diesel tank
– Grain tank 4930L

– TX32 – 155hp (90,000 €)
– 350L diesel tank
– 5600L grain tank

– Tx34 – 205hp (112,000 €)
– 450L diesel tank
– Grain tank6000L

– Tx36 – 240hp (130,000 €)
– 600L diesel tank
– Grain tank 7700L.LeSimulateurFrancais


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

FS19 FMZ Harvesters Pack (Bizon Z040, Z050, Z055, Z056, z057, 5056 etc.)

(I allow editing and reupload after informing me about it)

The package includes the following vehicles:










Z055 America

Long 5000

4m Header (Designed for all Z05X, 5056 and Z040)

3.3m header (Designed for Z043, 5043)

Each Bizon has wheel, cab, forage harvester, shield configurations and much more.

Headers have configurations of covers, beaks and rape table, and 4m additionally the type of reel, header itself and motowideł drive

Harvesters have SimpleIC elements (Openable flaps, doors, etc., Firing up, starting the header, raising / lowering the header)

Combine harvesters have added support for the Universal Passenger.

Special thanks to Bison American and Adam M. for sending information about the models, and sending some elements and photos

And many thanks to the rest of the people who contributed to the creation of the package to a greater or lesser extent.

Deus_Volt, Giants Software

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

Well today’s the day!!

Here is the release of my 1600 Series combine produced by Case IH!

This pack includes the Case IH 1600 Series Axial Flow, the Case IH 1670 Hillside Combine, the Case IH 1682 Pulltype combine, the Case IH 83 Series Corn headers ranging from 4 row to 8 row, some Case IH grain headers ranging from 10FT to 30FT and a Case IH Pickup Header reskin!

This was a great project for me to learn new things such as animations and what not, but it isn’t perfect so don’t hold me up against it for something I looked over.

This mod is not error free due to errors out of my ability.

Big thanks to Tired Iron Modding

for helping me out with a lot of stuff I came to, he is probably really annoyed at me for how many times I asked him stuff so go give him some love! Credit goes to original Modders for stuff I used.

**The Pickup header requires the Crop extension script for it to actually pick up grains, I will post a link the the description for it once I find it**

Once again enjoy this Series if combines I put a lot of time into!


Tired Iron Modding/JCL’s Farm Equipment

Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

DON-680M V1.0.0.0

April 4, 2021

– Power: 290 h/p;
– Speed: 28 km/h;
– Animation of the fan, joystick, pulleys;
– Digital speedometer;
– Tow hitch;
– Light, beacons;
– Washable.

– Header RSM-100.70 (5 m);
– Rotary header ZhR-3500 (4 m);
– Swath pick-up platform (3.1 m).


Farming simulator 2019 mods / Combines

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