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Fazenda Baixa Verde Map v 1.0

November 28, 2023

I bring you a map that comes from FS15, Fazenda Baixa verde, created by ETONY FERREIRA Small map, with raised reliefs, I made some adjustments and added some sales that didn’t exist on the Original map. I always liked this map in FS15 and also in 19, I decided to bring it to the community in fs22, I had to make some adjustments to the headquarters, to make it compatible with FS22, I hope you like it!

Modder X

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Skrzeszewo Map v 1.0

November 28, 2023

Game: Farming simulator 22
I’m putting it up because it was dealt out

Piotrek2013 AgroGaming mods

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Multifruit Incl. Revamp Script Tobacco, hemp and hops (including devices) with New Animals

Added bale trigger for compost anywhere compost can be dumped
No new savegame is needed!
If you have any questions or problems, report them in Discord

Multifruit, Revamp, Tobacco, Hemp and Hops (including devices), New Animals
Here is my MountainHill2022 version
From version 6.x.x.x to version, a new savegame is NOT MANDATORY required.

From version V6 onwards, productions can also be sold again. At the moment the goods remain in production; from revamp 1.4 they will be credited to you.
With the new Animals from Susi & Wingi
A big thank you again to Wingi for releasing the animals
The goat’s milk can be transported with the MK32 present in the map.
PrecisionFarming multi-fruit and compost ready
If you want it, download Precision Farming Multifruit and Compost (V Patch and replace the original mod with this mod file.
You can find what has been fixed and changed in this version in the “Versions” tab and in the description
The revamp script from “braeven” is required, which is a prerequisite for the map.
The script because it makes productions more diverse and brings many advantages. Just look at it.
Link for Revamp: Revamp
I also recommend the pallet autoloader specialization from Achimobil, which also loads the tobacco and hemp bales.
Link for Autoloader Script: Palette Autoloader Specialization

Here are a few key details about the map:
Snow roofs would be added everywhere on LS19 buildings.
Decoration depends on the time, weather conditions and season.
Parasols, laundry and pool water are gone in winter, but there are road stamps in winter.
What else you will see for yourself.
You can’t use what doesn’t belong to you (pastures, stockyards, contractors, etc.)

Rye, triticale, spelt, onion, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, poppy seeds, tobacco, hemp and hops (hops in the shop where you can buy wine)
2 harvesters for tobacco and hemp can be found in the map under “Vehicles > FM Modding”.
Trailers for molasses and biogas can be found in the map under “Devices > FM Modding”.
Grimme and RopaPack for earth fruits integrated in the shop “Vehicles/Devices > FM Modding.
Hop harvesters and cutters also available in the shop under FM Modding.

Cucumbers in greenhouses, hay pellets, straw pellets, wood pellets, molasses, bran, compost, seeds, cigars, cigarettes, lime, mineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, hemp oil, soybean oil, corn oil, paper, vegetable cans, empty pallets and beer.
The card is completely retracted with AutoDrive.
Main roads, side roads, country roads, dirt roads, forests, sales points, productions and farms
Here is the link for the AutoDrive file course from V6 of the Mountain Hill 2022.

MountainHill2022: FM-Modding (LS-Farmer Marco)
Zuckerfabrick: El Cid
Molkerei: LS19 Giants
Getreidelager aus Giants
SeedTower: Der Hopfenbauer
Sägewerk: Susi und Wingi
Lagerhaus: aus LS15
Halle Komposter und Holzhacker: Lancyboi
Zusatzfrüchte: FM-Modding (LS-Farmer Marco)
New Animals: Susi und Wingi
Wassertanks bei Obstplantagen: Zoddel

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Welcome to Altkirch in Alsace. As many people already know the Altkirch from LS19, it now also appears in LS22.

– Added manure to the chicken coop at the egg farm
– Illuminated courtyard lamp installed at the Eierhof
– ManureHeap registered at Eierhof (placeable.xml)
– Mineral feed production installed on the main farm (placeable.xml)
– Silillant added as a booster in fermenters
– Error: TransformGroup Kabel230Volt (node id 160072) has a zero scale => Fixed
– Fixed trigger marker at river water pumping station
– Shelter at Rinderhof and at Holzkerle sawmill renewed
– Light installed on both sawmills
– Enlarged the feed trigger at the sheep pen at the sheep farm
– Added greenhouse for tree seedlings. Produces pallets of 40 seedlings that can also be sold at points of sale.
– The original Giants seedling pallets cannot be sold!!
– Diesel and fuel inserted at points of sale
– Fixed tobacco and carrot growth without season
– Spinning yield of fabric and workwear increased
– Metal production installed (placeable.xml)
– Wooden barrel production installed by Schreiner
– Wooden barrel is now required at the rum factory and winery

Welcome to Altkirch in Alsace.
As many people already know the Altkirch from LS19, it now also appears in LS22.
The map contains a lot of productions and a lot of fields.

What was installed:
– Precision Farming
– Maize plus (only partially installed because I’m at my limit with the crops)

Support is only available with an attached log file

RU Modding , Ifko , AndreasK85 , FM Modding , Bauer Horst

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Hello friends of the DHB, here are some of the changes to the previous version.
– Various displays corrected (standard / DLC)
– Honey production > Spawner repaired (Standard / DLC)
– Added Summer Wheat (Standard/DLC)
– Added Summer Barley (Standard/DLC)
– Added Summer Rap (Standard/DLC)
– Added energy corn. The chopped yield is reduced with standard corn, but higher with energy corn. The chopped material yield is highest when the status is “ready for harvest” and no corn can be threshed (standard/DLC)
– Various minor adjustments (standard / DLC)
– Added rapeseed straw, can be used as bedding (not standard straw!) (Standard / DLC)
– New bales added: rapeseed straw bales (standard / DLC)
– New production: slaughterhouse (all animals on the map can be slaughtered there) (Standard / DLC)
– The BGA’s now produce methane and high voltage with the generators. Both can be sold or used further. (Standard/DLC)
– New substation with storage: produces medium voltage which is needed for production (standard/DLC)
– New product: leather belts and down jackets in clothing production (formerly textile production) (Standard / DLC)
– New charging stations for electric vehicles at the BGAs. The charging stations are now supplied with electricity from the BGAs themselves. (Standard/DLC)
– New methane fuel pumps at the BGA’s. The charging stations are now supplied with electricity from the BGAs themselves. (Standard/DLC)
– New production -> power plant for energy production (standard / DLC)
– New production -> packaging and insulation material (standard / DLC)
– Various bugs fixed (standard / DLC) and much more (standard / DLC)

New save game needed: No!
Changes to the save game: Yes!

This is how you do the update:
Since you have already unpacked the zip file and seen this text, you already have the first part done.
Before we start, please make a backup of your current Savegame. Now that you have a backup, if something goes wrong, you can Copy it back into your save game and try again.
Now please copy the file “terrain.heightmap.png” into your current savegame. Since the file already exists, confirm that the existing one can be replaced.

This file is very important in that it prepares the ground for version 1.1.0.

Now delete the following files in your save game:
– terrain.lod.type.cache
– terrain.nmap.cache
– terrain.occluders.cache

This forces the game to recreate these files when starting the map. That is mandatory! Unfortunately, floor textures that you have painted yourself somewhere are lost but it will help you to remove grasses, etc. that are on the new commercial or built-up areas must be removed.
Please also delete the file “splitShapes.gmss” to reset the trees here. Some trees have been changed, which means the IDs of the trees have changed. You should, If you cut down forests, they will be back again.
So, now copy the new map version into your mod folder and update (if you have one) the following mods.

This is important because some functions have been expanded: or FS22_placeableDisplayExtension

I would also recommend deleting the contents of your folder: shader_cache.
So let it begin. Now start your save game.
Since some things have changed, you will receive some warnings that you can ignore.
This is because some buildings have been removed but are still included in your savegame are. Or even changes to the file types that your save game doesn’t yet know.
In any case, the map should start (but it takes longer than usual).
Once the map has started, you should clear the newly built areas of grass (this can’t be fixed with an update) and that’s it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the DC or stream.
Have fun playing on my card.
Your manhole cover


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Thüringen Map v 3.3

November 27, 2023

Welcome to Thuringia v3.0 4-Fold, Grain grows on the largest proportion of Thuringia’s arable land. It is the basis for numerous products in the food industry, such as bread, pasta but also beer and alcohol.

Version 3.3
Small fix: “The sheep are hungry again and can be fed.”

Welcome to Thuringia v3.0 4-fold,
Thuringian Rostbratwurst, Thuringian dumplings and many other specialties from our state are synonyms for excellent products far beyond the state’s borders. The basis for these products is efficient agriculture that is based on over
Half of the country’s area creates the basis for high-quality food and feed.
Because of the diversity of natural location factors in natural areas, such as mean annual temperature, precipitation, altitude, soil,
Suitability for agricultural use varies.
Grain grows on the largest proportion of Thuringia’s arable land.
It is the basis for numerous products in the food industry, such as bread and pasta
but also beer and alcohol. It is also an important feed for agricultural animals.
The map contains 94 fields on which multi-crop (alfalfa, carrots, clover, hemp, lavender, spelt, millet, onion, poppy, red cabbage, white cabbage, rye, tobacco, triticale, hops) can be grown. The new animal system (FS22_EnhancedAnimalSystem) has also been installed, and there are also over 50 productions with more than 100 different products. There are 4 permanently built courtyards and enough building space for new ones. 64 ground angles are also present as well as precision farming. In the shop under the trailer and miscellaneous category you will find a Krone aluminum plane for pallets that reduces the performance of the pallets and in the trailer and animal husbandry category there are 2 barrels that can load all liquids, harvest for tobacco and hemp are also included.
There are 4 built-in courtyards but also enough space to settle down and build something of your own.
All mods that the map requires are loaded automatically, except for the butcher, you have to download it yourself.

Farmer Marco, MrLager, Atabogo, Schleswih Holstein, BlackSheepMpding, Pyjama Monster,Maxx, Martin/Cro[FBM], Achimobil, Mister_Mojo_AT, Sussi und Wingi, Farmer Andy ,Toy, Ronny, Erich, Pleitegeier, Akita83, FrankGTB, MarkusTRLP, ThomasDtP, DMTSound, PatrickBGEM, Rene

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Map with some modifications with new almost 3D soil texture in plow and with updated edges.

Some textures and map border and starting skin

lucas martins

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps

Tiroleralpental Map v 1.1

November 26, 2023

This is my own map based on the Erlengrat

The 1.1 is out there with a small update
The shop has been beautified a bit
Flags were put up at the shop and the oil mill was installed for the new fruit productions
The densityMap_fruits enlarged for the multifruits

Main courtyard unbuilt
Bakery installed
Cashier installed
Small bga installed.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps