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cover xlfarms x1 map v2002 wNySS

The X1 map represents the improvement of a project that started in FS15 and continued with the other versions of Farming Simulator.

– Fix help menu.
– Fix field sizes
– Fix grass in some places

The X series maps represent the essence of the XLFarms Project.
I put a lot of time and effort into this version of the X1 map for FS22. I Hope you all like this map

Main features:
Map focus is large-scale production
Production area of 280.64 hectares, divided into 8 fields of different sizes: from 22 to 50 hectares.
Ample space for you to build your farm, with green areas leveled and divided into modules
A full BGA with large garage
A resort where you can take care of (you) your horses: Wild Pony Resort
24 points for installing wind turbines
Train system for transport and sale of production: Locomotive composed of 10 wagons with a capacity of 90,000 liters each (Total 900,000 L)
Mill for the production of premium flour
Complex for processing milk and dairy products
Complex for selling grain in the northeast region of the map
Fuel station
Complete transit system (AutoDrive help)
Courseplay friendly map
22 farmlands (price per ha 60,000)
Pleasant ambient sound
Quiet neighbors – never home.
You can choose from all FS22 activities. The map will adapt to all of them and you will have room to grow!

Map by MoslessNeo

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover nf marsch map v1800 bS6SFW


May 20, 2022

Map version 1.8
– Freed up space at the port for new production Fischer
– Added collision at the hardware store for the potting soil bags and concrete pipes
– Double fence element between brewery and refinery building site deleted
– Deleted underground trampoline at house #30
– 70s sign near depot moved a bit
– Lamp collision between Raiffeisen and field 13 moved
– Collision boxes at the station purchase moved
– Field 77 and 78 slightly smoothed
– YouTube and Twitch channel and march supporters up to date again

Typical North German landscape in North Friesland. We have dykes here, ditches around the fields, and the fields are mostly square.
The land was reclaimed from the North Sea by dikes over the past few centuries
There are no ready-made courtyards, everyone can creatively design their own courtyard according to their personal preferences.
There are a few large spaces available for this.
A few halls and a workshop are attached to the map
fields then forest
On the NF March there are 79 fields with , from 0.8 ha to 95 ha, everything is there, average field
about 12.8 ha and the total area of ​​all fields is a little over 1000ha of which about 140ha are grassland
forest area
There are more than 150 hectares of forest with countless trees, most of which are also suitable for the wood harvester.
In addition to the standard fruits, rye, spelt, triticale and millet are now installed on the map,
there are other types of filling on the map: earth, sand and gravel
earth in the ditch
In the ditches you can find earth in many places on the map, which you can dredge and sell with an excavator,
then there is the sand, gravel, earth area where there is a lot of material to excavate and load
points of sale
If you harvest a lot, you also have to sell a lot.
There are a total of 16 different sales outlets at the NF March 4-fold, including Raiffeisen,
Port, train station but without a train, the depot, grain trade and grain AG
At the train station and at the Raiffeisen, you also have the option of buying seeds, fertiliser,
Lime, mineral feed, herbicides and liquid fertilizers
For pallet goods there are the sales possibilities Lidl, Aldi, Edeka, the stadium, the hardware store
and the spinning ball can be sold at the garden center and straw at the thermal power station,
there is also a sales station for wood the sawmill, milk goes to the dairy (no production)
Vehicles are bought from vehicle dealers and animals from local pet shops
If you leave your vehicle on the field without diesel, electricity or methane, there are 3 filling stations
2 of which are also equipped with charging stations
The card also has 2 large biogas plants which can be bought and operated
Extensive road network
In order to be able to reach all sales points easily, there is a comprehensive road network where mostly AI vehicles are on the road
There is a ready-made Autodrive network from Holger for download where all fields and all sales stations have already been driven in.
On the NF Marsch Mod Map there are 3 different collectibles to search for.
This includes 10 pairs of Shelly shoes, 30 FA gold coins and 78 NF march pallets
For all collector’s items, there are shelves at the vehicle dealer that fill up when the items are found.
There is also a bonus when you find all objects in a category
If someone cannot find all the objects themselves, there are suitable help videos on my YouTube channel
in which I show all the hiding places of the shoes, coins and pallets.
support area
The shop area also serves as a big thank you to the numerous supporters of the NF Marsch.
We have listed the active YouTube channel members and the Twitch Subs they have made themselves
In addition, there are on the map 78 lovingly and detailed designed plots on which the
Farmer, Squire, and Twitch Subs level 3 channel members can move in.
It got crowded on the march and we can’t say thank you enough for your great support.
And once you have moved in, you can have your property individually designed with various decorative objects
empty spaces
There are at least 15 free areas on the map that will certainly be supplied with productions by me over the next few months
mod packs
In addition to the map download, there are 2 other downloads, namely the Fed Mods Pack and a Fed Production Pack
which I will present in another video, the two mods are first a summary of all my mods for the LS22
It is windy on the North Frisian Marsh and a long-term investment in wind turbines can be worthwhile.
The wind turbines installed on the map are practically only decoration and can be used after you have bought the land
has to be demolished and replaced by the NF Marsh Windmill
fruit symbols
All fruit symbols have been revised and no longer look so comic-heavy from missions
Many XXL missions thanks to the map size and the number of fields
ground textures
With a total of 18 different ground textures, everyone can design their yard and surroundings to suit them
Overall one can say that the NF March has changed compared to the last LS parts
further developed and has been extensively revised and beautified.

Autodrive courses:
Download Auto Drive march fold en


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover bretagne map v1000 05eCwCi


May 19, 2022

Une très belle map Française que nous propose MANU!
VOICI région de ma fs22 de-sur
Modèle: Malo
Texture: Malo
Script: Kam
Idée / Concept: Malo
Test: Malo Kam Beni Mat Famer Kamikkaz


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover production revamp v1000 EF

Production Revamp – Script.
Production Revamp replaces the internal production script with an enhanced version.

* Possibility to create recipes with multiple input groups (maximum 5)
* Possibility to combine several productions in one production line that previously had to be created as separated ones
* Ability to add one or more optional booster inputs that increases the output.
* Possibility to disable the booster for individual outputs.
* Add output mode: selling, distributing, spawn (keep before), store in (new).
* Additional display to show sharedThroughputCapacity in production chains.
* Productions that are mission targets can no longer run full (if they do not belong to anyone)
* Productions written without Revamp will continue to work.

This is just the script, the script alone does not change Productions!
More information and Tutorial on this site


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover fs22 royalton mn bfXXv5eVh


May 19, 2022

Royalton MN

I am deciding to release my Royalton map for you all to have. It was made by me a little while back for me and my friends to enjoy so if you want to get it from me and not some puke who decides to leak it here ya go. Wanna give credit where its due so here is some people who I have used scripting from and/or map objects:

PMC snake map for DEM and satellite imagery

DR Modding

No creek farms


CBJ midwest modding

LBJ modding

4MR modding

My buddy Kyle

Tired iron modding

Ryan Kusumo Dhewanto for GSI grain bins and Dryers

GIANTS software

Txzar mapping


Scripts: LS-Modcompany/kevink98, LKX/Stegei, Evgeny.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover bjornholm map v1000 9emzl9


May 18, 2022

Welcome back to the majestic land of Bjornholm!
Experience farming like it was in 2015 and enjoy nordic climate.
I kept original buildings and deleted premade farms with animals to make space for online farms for your friends, tightened dirt roads and removed some.
I’ve also added some trees, new dates for planting and harvesting crops.
You can also find some collectibles.
– 41 fields
– 3 forests and one sawmill
– Sell points for every product


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover fs22 somerset farms 1 11 1 2

Wellcome guys have fun.

– All animals are built into as placeables

– Please check before taking models from map as Lancyboi made few of them and need permission to use them

– Full season support with grazing

– Custom lighting

– Animated objects

– Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures

– Cow farm , Pig farm , Sheep farm , Horses , Chicken farm

– Two selling points, a biogas plant, a sawmill, a dairy, an egg selling point, …

– Over 30 fields; small / medium / large

– Custom transport missions and field missions

– Supports “FPSDistance” mod

– Please ask before using any of the models that on this map

Dreamzy/Baldar- MA

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps
cover cow farm v1000 3 zn5CcgyUo

COW FARM V1.0.0.0

May 18, 2022

Welcome to the Cow Farm.

We are talking about an unrealistic map where I tried to make as much dairy farming and every other animal as possible.

Which can be found:
– 20 plots of land (there are small and large lands)
– Basic animals (3500 cows and 2000 sheps).
– Basic plants
– Even lighting is available
– On the map there is also a forest area and natural water sources

Thanks to every modder who allowed me to use your mod.
There are high performance machines.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Maps