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Usually, you don’t pay that much attention to the sounds too much. They’re new and exciting the first time you hear them but after a while, they kind of fade into the background and concede the 1st place to visual clues and visual fidelity. However, this is the role sound should be playing. It’s the job of the sound effects to make the game more immersive and engage, replicate (simulate) the real-world experience of truck driving. Even though there are many great things with the ETS2 game, sound effects are not its top quality. All engines sound similar and mechanical sound effects of the trucks are similar, if not identical, even if the trucks are of different makes and models.
By downloading sounds mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can make the truck engines sound more realistic and less linear like it is now. There are also open pipe sound mods which truly make your truck’s diesel engine (V8, preferably) open up. Other sound mods include the aforementioned mechanical clicks, whooshes, clunks, whines and a bunch of other sounds that truck drivers hear in real life.
On the other hand, you have fun sound mods that can change the GPS voice or turn the truck horn into a funny melody. So, whether you’re aiming for realism or fun, you will definitely find mods that will help you fulfil that goal, here.
All sound mods are free. Download them and leave a review if you liked it!

The mod adds new realistic sounds for the DC13 and DC16 V8 engine.
The sounds of tires, the sound of wind, the sounds of all the switches and sticks.

The mod is suitable for Scania:
Scania R – Engines: DC13.06.360.E5, DC13.05.400.E5, DC13.10.440.E5, DC13.109.440.E6, DC13.07.480.E5, DC13.110.480.E6, DC16.21.730.E5 EEV.V8
Scania R 2016 – Engine: DC16.107.730.E6 V8
Scania S 2016 – Engine: DC16.107.730.E6 V8
Scania Streamline – Engines: DC13.114.360.Euro5, DC13.116.370.E6, DC13.113.400.E5, DC13.115.410.E6, DC13.112.440.E5, DC13.109.440.E6, DC13.124.450.E6, DC13.111.480.E5, DC13.110.480.E6, DC13.125.490.E6, DC16.103.730.E6 V8

Compatible with game version 1.49.x
Based on the mods from Kriechbaum.
Supplement and adaptation by MIBATOMIC.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Sounds Iveco Stralis
original detailed recorded engine sound
Game: Euro truck simulator 2
Tested on 1.49.x version


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

This pack features sounds professionally recorded from a 2023 Volvo FH5 with the D13K500TC engine boasting its unique turbo-compound system meaning the engine can provide an incredible 2800nm of torque. This engine is shared with the NA counterpart offered in the VNL with different horsepower maps.
The pack features the D13-405TC (2021), D13-425TC (2017), D13-425TC (2021), D13-455TC (2017) and D13-455TC (2021) engines with EGR, SCR and Turbo Compounding.

Compatible with: ATS 1.49


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Changelogs v1.3
– Sound fixes again
– Removed doppler effect from air horns

Real sound of R950 Konstantinidis
Four types of air brake sound
Air Gear
Automatic ‘ventil’ sound when you release gas pedal at low RPM
Three types of cabin horn – vabis, whistle and new musical horn
Three types of original bov (blow off valve) sound
Retarder from MB Travego
Custom jake brake
Interior button sounds
Realistic engine choices

Compatible with: Scania RJL, Eugene’s R&S, BC – Man TGX 2020

M. Yıldız

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

This mod is my own concept of Scania V8 open pipe sound for all Scanias from SCS, RJL, Fred, Schumit, and Eugene

Version 0.8 Feature:
– Scania DC16 V8 Euro 3-5 500-620HP for 5-6 Series
– Scania DC16 V8 EGR VGT 520, 580, 730HP for 6 Series and NG
– Scania DC16 V8 Euro 6 520-770HP for NG Scanias
– Scania DC16 V8 4 Series 480-580Hp for 4 Series
– Eutomatic exhaust brake engage sound when shifting for NG Scani
– Gearbox whine sound
– Retarder sound
– Opticruise shifting sound if you choose opticruise gearbox
– Max Volume regulation for reduced chance of audio clipping and sound cutting
(Highly recommended to put engine, exhaust, turbo volume slider to max
– Sound attenuation effects for realistic sound fade off from the distance
– Sound distortions and directional effects for realistic distortions from different positions around the truck
– Exhaust valve system to switch between straight pipe and stock exhaust

Instruction on how to use exhaust valve:
1. hold light horn button (default: J) for 1 second, then releas
2. Tap light horn button once again, and exhaust tone should be changed

If wexhaust valve doesn’t work
1. There is pretty high chance that you just didn’t hold it for 1 second
2. The exhaust valve system won’t be able to work if there’s another mod that replace truck’s interior sound files, so you may need to deactivate that; otherwise you have to edit that mod.

Slav Jerry

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Sound Fixes Pack v24.06

March 8, 2024


1 new engine sound variant added to the array for the Kenworth T800/W900’s and the Peterbilt 389’s in AI traffic. [ATS edition]
2 new horn sounds added to the array for the 2014 & 2018 Volvo VNL’s in AI traffic. [ATS edition]
Union Pacific “Big Boy” 4014 sound set (new) is now the default sound set for train_steam_1.soundref. [ATS edition]
Decommissioned sound sets for the “Winter Express” Christmas steam train. [ATS edition]
Minor sound adjustments to the brake squeal of the MotivePower MPXpress MP36PH-3C train. [ATS edition]
Engine sounds added to the civilian and police 2010 Volkswagen Touran’s in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
4 new horn sounds added to the array for the 2021 Renault T and Renault T Evolution trucks in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
2 new horn sounds added to the array for the 2009 Volvo FH16 in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]
Applied horn and rev sounds from v24.03 that were missing for the Aprilia RSV4 (Motorcycle Traffic Pack). [ETS2 edition]
Shortened sound distance range for dogs barking in response to aftermarket standalone air horns from the Sound Fixes Pack.


This mod has been bringing more immersion to common sounds in the game for over 8 years!

It packs a lot of sound content within one mod, making it great value within the 100 mod limit in Convoy multiplayer.


* ETS2 1.49.2 + ATS 1.49.3. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Does not replace individual player truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Supported in single-player and multiplayer Convoy mode, and is marked as an optional mod in Convoy.
* If hosting a Convoy dedicated server with this mod, it is recommended to turn on “mods_optioning” to prevent mod version restrictions.


Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. traffic packs and traffic pack add-ons)
– any rain sound mods (unless proven to be compatible)


The mod features meticulously crafted sounds, covering the following:

– An extensive variety of suspension and truck and trailer tire bump sounds.
– Fuel / filling station sounds.
– Door close and seatbelt sounds after refueling.
– Train sound enhancements, including authentic sounds for several locomotives and railroad cars.
– Country/state specific railroad crossing bell sounds.
– More auditory detail in tire noise for all terrains: asphalt, gravel, grass, snow, and sleeper lines.
– Wet tire sound for the player’s truck tires when the asphalt roads are wet.
– Reworked tire screech sound effects.
– Nokia phone ringtone sound replacing the hurry up / late music, leading to less stress for the player.
– Default common sound reworks, such as improved default air brake sounds and a softer default reverse beep.
– AI traffic vehicle sound improvements, with engine and horn sounds uniquely set for specific vehicles.
– English AU/UK/US voice navigation variants with speaker effect added and uncustomary phrases removed.
– Wind buffeting and rush of air sounds at high speeds only when the window is open.
– Additional environmental and ambient sounds, and tasteful changes to existing ambient sounds in the game world.
– Trailer coupling and trailer brace rotation sounds.
– Four standalone air horns.
– Sound mix implemented for the Musical Road in American Truck Simulator’s Historic Route 66.
– Dynamic rain sounds, and an assortment of different thunder sounds with delay.
– The default wiper sound may now squeak only when the windshield is dry.
– Default gear grinding sound effect additions and improvements.
– Stronger reverb effects when under bridges and overpasses.
– (Optional) Reefer / refrigerated trailer sound functionality.
– (Optional – ATS only) Cop scouting reports via CB radio (enable in voice navigation options).
– Fixes for World Ambient sound glitches from the vanilla game.

For further immersion, the mod may also include official paint colors and more authentic specifications for each AI traffic vehicle it modifies for sound. Rarer paint colors are less likely to be seen.


* SCS Software for base sounds and for creating games open to modding
* Drive Safely for sound mixing and editing, some sound samples, and for compiling the mod
* antonvezdehod and Katixa for some high speed tire sounds
* Darkcaptain for a variety of rain sound samples
* Grinch for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 fallback railroad crossing bell sound
* Kriechbaum for blinker off stick sound and several Renault T and Mack E6 sound samples
* Trayscapes for recordings of a Mack E6 truck
* Vasily EVR for some air brake sound samples
* Zeemod for a wind sound sample


The SCS Forum link below for the Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and is open to suggestions and questions about the mod:

If you like quick and easy automatic updates and a ‘safe mode’ to protect from incompatibility with future game updates, the Steam Workshop edition of the mod is highly recommended.

SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Darkcaptain, Grinch, Katixa, Kriechbaum, Trayscapes, Vasily EVR, Zeemod

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

Changes v9.0.1
– Updated materials for the ui
– Sound tweaks

– 19 engines sound reworked from SCS sounds
– 7 transmissions and 6 types of retarder sounds
– New definited engines for accurate sound for each engines
– Custom interior attenuation for realistic sound inside the truck
– New improved custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off wtih reverb and distortion effects
– New improved exhaust distortion combined with sound orientation
– New 950hp engine with 5250nm torque for all trucks
– New allison 6 gear transmission for all trucks

xTonyD83x, SlavJerry, RastaJr, SCS

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds

EDI Ai navigation voice

February 24, 2024

Adds the Ai voice of Normandy SR-2 ship in mass-effect (EDI) as English navigation voice for ETS2

Please do not upload this file again, thanks 🙂

Nice2K (Rasool-R)

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Sounds