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Peterbilt 359 edit v2

January 17, 2021

Full credit goes to RTA for the truck, I only added new parts. this mod has been updated for 1.39 and improved from my last upload of it. still no window animations but i will try to add them next update


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

Mack Superliner 1.39.x
– standalone
– Left and Right Hand Drive
– lots of tuning
– Advanced coupling
– Cable support
– Animation supports
– A large number of engines and transmissions
– Accessories for the salon
– Many cabin options
– Many chassis options
– Own interior (lots of options, many colors of the upholstery)


American truck simulator mods / Trucks

This mod makes every SCS truck air horn to sound like the Cascadia’s air horn.

v1.1 Added support for Overfloater’s K100-E

SCS Software, Overfloater

American truck simulator mods / Sounds

This mod adds UltraShift PLUS VXP automated manual transmissions. Please note, some trucks from the list I add just for testing this transmissions.

Thank you for choosing this mod! Please keep for updates.

Also please check new BIG Cummins Engines and Sounds mod:

This mod requires version 1.39.x
This mod adds next Eaton Fuller transmisions:

Truck supported:
– Peterbilt 579
– Peterbilt 389
– Kenworth w900
– Kenworth t680
– Kenworth k108 (RTA Mods)
– Kenworth k200 (RTA Mods)
– Kenworth t908 (RTA Mods)
– Kenworth t609 (RTA Mods)
– Peterbilt 359 (RTA Mods)
Dmitry Trots Production

Dmitry Trots Production

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

FINISH YOUR JOB before enabling this mod; your truck will be reset to home garage.
SELL STACKED TRAILERS before disabling this mod, or your profile will try to find them in vain.

The GOOD NEWS is these stacked trailers integrate seamlessly with SCS’ Ownable Lowboys:

– Purchase stacked tailers from among the SCS Wooden Lowboys

– Stacked trailers accept all SCS base-game cargo, as well as Forest Machinery and Heavy Cargo IF you own them.

– Additional cargoes for SCS’ Lowboys are included, and many existing cargoes are branded (e.g., CAT, Doosan, Hitachi).

– Purchase ONE specific trailer configuration (either ground-Coupled [SCS] or Stacked [EYT]). After ‘using’ it from Trailer Manager, Adjust Trailer (F7) to switch between Coupled and Stacked configurations. When you own one configuration, you automatically own its companion.

– Coupled trailers automatically have flags, strobes and a banner.

– All trailer bumpers have working reverse lights: coupled and stacked.

– Best times to adjust are . . .
1) Before dismissing, adjust to Stacked for damage-free spawning when you use it again.
2) Before triggering the job-choice icon at the cargo’s origin, adjust to Coupled. (After you trigger that icon, you can no longer adjust a trailer’s configuration. Cargo will load, but it will sure look funny!)

Now the bad news:
– only the paint color will survive adjusting (F7); other customizations don’t stick 🙁
– SCS has begun implementing their new lighting system, and the 3D modeler I use (ZModeler) isn’t compatible. So all the flashy reflective tape on SCS’ trailers doesn’t exist on the stacked configurations.

known issues:
_ missing tiedowns


Eddie Yantz

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Changes v14.01.21:
– Updated for versions 1.39.x

– Standalone;
– Ownable;
– Advance Coupling;
– Own wheels;
– Skins.

Ventyres – Wheels
Harven – Animations and AO Baking
Trayscapes – Info and Research
Bansheewoj – Original Trailer
KeithD – Updating to 1.36 Ownable
Beta Testers: Thomas Parham Jr; Tim Sanderson; Tracy Pennock; TexasWhirlwind; Kerwayne Smith; Willie Martin

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Changes v14.01.21:
– Updated for versions 1.39.x

Habdorn’s Midland B-Train Dump
– Standalone
– Advanced coupling
– Cable support
– Animation supports

Habdorn, update: keithd203

American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Changelog v0.1.2.1 [14.01.21]:
Fixed crash when using Caribbean Map

Changelog v0.1.2:
– New City: Mauna Kea
– Saddle Road Extended

This first release contains 4 cities on the big island — in Hawaii of course! Experience a lot of custom intersections.
A lot of time has went into this.
Almost a year now.
There may be some bugs

– Mauna Kea
– Hilo
– Pahoa
– Volcano
– Tacoma Ferry (Washington)

C2C Based Maps require C2C Mega Resources patch
All other maps work just fine. This map does not interfere with any other mapped sectors to my knowledge.

Link 1 Map:

Link 2 Mega Resources Patch:


American truck simulator mods / Maps