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A new game has hit the gaming market called American Truck Simulator Mods. Since the creators of this game offer a high-quality graphic game, with more than 100 different maps, everyone believes it will be a success.

Are you looking for American Truck Sim mods? Then your request comes to the right place! Download free American Truck Simulator map 3.2.3 mods absolutely for free and enjoy playing the game. Being one of the best truck simulator games for PC, it deserves to be unique and new all the time. Time is precious that’s why we constantly work on improving your gaming experience with latest American truck simulator mods download. Take a look at the best selection of ATS mods / American Truck Simulator Mods list kept up to date on our website! With time all things become obsolete, but good modding work stays forever!

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Master Adaptation v1.49

January 21, 2024

Thank you for supporting this project.
This mod automatically adapts ets2 mods to ats.
The ats mods should go above this mod and then this mod and below the ets2 mods this way they will work correctly.
Note it does not adapt maps or other types of mods other than trucks and buses.
Greetings for those who like the ets2 bus mods and are not in ats well here i leave you the adaptation for ats works for any bus of your like the adaptation mod will be given low priority so that it works correctly and does not have any mistake.
For example: i activated a mod that is from ets2 i put it in high priority you can put it in medium or high priority either of the two in case the dlc of skines mexicanas is given priority registration of the mod that you are going to use for example.


American truck simulator mods / Others

Manual Gearshift Names v1.0

January 21, 2024

Manual Gearshift Names v1.0 for ETS2/ATS 1.49.xx by krmxszn

Tested and adapted for the game version: 1.49.xx
This mod is compatible for ETS2 and ATS original trucks both.

This mod includes a total of 14 different gearboxes per truck.
The gearboxes incorporate models of 6, 12, 15, 16 and 18 gears.
Some models include several reverse positions and also several retarder positions.
I tried to name the gears as on the manual gearshift. They are not entirely accurate.

C stands for crawling, C gears are the lowest gears for heavy loads.
L or LO stands for low, H or HI stands for high.
The 6 speed gearboxes doesn’t include any special name for gears.

Author: krmxszn

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Powerful Engines & Gearboxes Pack v15.2 for ATS 1.49.xx by krmxszn

14 different engines; 440, 460, 500, 540, 600, 640, 700, 760, 780, 800, 860, 900, 920 and 940 HP.

4 different types of sound for motors:
Detroit Diesel Series 60, Cummins M11, Caterpillar C15, and Paccar MX-13.

14 gearboxes. The new gearboxes incorporate 6, 12, 15, 16 and 18-speed models.

Sounds and Engines:
– Detroit Diesel Series 60 sound for engines: 500, 700 and 860 HP.
– Cummins M11 sound: 440, 460, 540, 760 and 900 HP.
– Caterpillar C15 sound: 600, 780 and 920 HP.
– Paccar MX-13 sound: 640, 800, and 940 HP.

With which trucks can I use this mod? The boxes and engines are adapted for all original trucks in the game.

Changes in the Powerful Engines & Gearboxes Pack v15.2:
– All files were checked for 1.49 version.
– Support for new trucks are added.
– Major adjustment on torque curves and RPM values of engines.
– The transmission sounds has been fixed.

If you want to support me:

Author: krmxszn
Old mod files: rockeropasiempre

American truck simulator mods / Parts/Tuning

Ruda XL Skin v1.0

January 21, 2024

Ruda XL Skin
Game: American truck simulator
Tested on 1.49.x version


American truck simulator mods / Skins

International LT Skin 1.49

January 21, 2024

International LT Skin
Game: American truck simulator
Tested on 1.49.x version


American truck simulator mods / Skins

Peterbilt 389 Rework v1.9

January 21, 2024

Changelog 1.9
– All seats were replaced with better ones
– Various improvements
– Update for 1.49

This mod is a rework of the default 389 from the SCS.

– many parts from new 389X
– many grills
– many air filters
– many bumpers
– many sideskirts
– many mudguards
– original battery boxes
– polished front fenders
– rear steps
– mudflaps for front fenders
– rear light of cabs
– microwave to the interior
– new Paccar steering wheel
– replaced engine sounds for Paccar and Cummins

Interiors are customizable:
– Standard Ultra Ride
– Light Ultra Ride
– Tan Ultra Ride
– Premium Ultra Ride

Author’s interior designs (not customizable):
– Heritage X (based on the Limited Edition 379X)
– Phil Hall Design (Designed by lead Peterbilt designer Phil Hall)
– 2023 Ultra Ride (Original design of the 2023 model year)
– Noire (Inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks)
– Gray Spaсe
– Prestige Tan
– Prestige Gray
– 389X

Game version: 1.49

pete379jp (air filters, flat bumpers)
Right Lane Gaming (379 headlights)
Ryan Kusumo Dhewanto (original: grill, battery boxes, Texas bumpers, air filters)

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

This mod is Cummins X15 stock sound for SCS trucks and truck mods

Version 1.0 Features:
– Cummins X15 400-605HP with stock DPF sound
– 2 stages Cummins Interbrake
– Realistic VGT behavior
– Sound attenuation effects for realistic sound fade off from the distance
– Sound distortions and directional effects for realistic distortions from different positions around the truck

SCS Software – engine samples and specifications
Slav Jerry – some samples, mixing, mastering

American truck simulator mods / Sounds

Changelog 1.3.2
Added custom tuning parts
Chrome/Painted parts
Skins and more…
Updated the dashboard backlights
Fixed obsolete data
Updated definitions
Compatibility for 1.49

Chassis – 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 midlift, 6×4, 8×4, 8×4 steeraxle Short and Long
Cab – Day Cab, Sleeper and Aero Sleeper.
Interior – 2 consoles and 4 interiors for each console available
-Cabin Accessories and tuning

GTM Team, Eli-Gamer

American truck simulator mods / Trucks