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A new game has hit the gaming market called American Truck Simulator Mods. Since the creators of this game offer a high-quality graphic game, with more than 100 different maps, everyone believes it will be a success.

Are you looking for American Truck Sim mods? Then your request comes to the right place! Download free American Truck Simulator map 3.2.3 mods absolutely for free and enjoy playing the game. Being one of the best truck simulator games for PC, it deserves to be unique and new all the time. Time is precious that’s why we constantly work on improving your gaming experience with latest American truck simulator mods download. Take a look at the best selection of ATS mods / American Truck Simulator Mods list kept up to date on our website! With time all things become obsolete, but good modding work stays forever!

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This Add-On adds several containers from the main mod to the AI Trains.
Compatible with 1.49


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

Version 8.0:
– Added a new 20ft HC container with 10 skins
– Replaced the 20ft SC with a brand new model and 20 new skins
– Updated mats for 1.48+
– Updated the cargo descriptions for easier search (use “SC” or “HC” in the search bar for easy distinction)
– Updated the traffic with the new and replaced containers
– Updated the AI Train Add-on (Thanks Krys, as always)
– Added compatibility with Kansas DLC companies
– Removed obsolete files

– Full compatibility with the SCS chassis configurations (singles, doubles, etc…)
– Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers
– The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers)
– All container variants in traffic (except for the 45ft & 53ft for the moment)
– Supports both default & custom dedicated cargos :
– Default cargos : just use the same cargos as you usually do and the default skins will be replaced by mine
– Dedicated cargos :search for “Box Container” OR “Box Container HC” OR “Reefer Container” OR “Reefer Container HC” OR “ISO Tank Container” OR “Flatrack container” or ‘Open-Top container”, depending on the type of container that you want


American truck simulator mods / Trailers

The car has the best physics, it does not jump or shake, it does not throw off the road, you can watch it in the video.
This is a different mod. It does not belong to the DN mod team.
New Update
Hologram screen

My vehicle has been made with a long time and effort. It is a separate and different mode from the Mercedes mode that was shared before.

Those in the vehicle
– 4 different color interior options
– 4 different color and AMG steering wheel options
– Realistic leather textures and bump map
– AMG sound
– Original engine and transmission options
– Openable glass roof feature
– 4 different window opening animations
– 6 different multimedia and Apple selection screens (You can change it with the entertainment and information toggle button)
– 8 rim options Brabus Mansory Amg rim options
– 2 different tire options
– Brabus and Mansory body kit option
– Spoiler and logo options
– Police strobe and Mercedes guard option
– 3 different interior lighting ambiance options
– Gear dependent backup camera animation

yasin.calim enes.cakir frkaygn

American truck simulator mods / Cars

Map that is fictitious and fun to drive.
Will not work with any Canada maps.
Alaska is included and is required.
After unziping place both files into your mod folder
Load order is
1 Kdog’s map
2 Alaska map
3 any other map mods
map starts at Shelby Montana and connects to Alaska
There are plenty of signs to tell you where to go.
Fixed speed signs. Added 2 new diamond mine locations north of Saskatoon.
More ice roads and a frozen river ice crossing.
New section starts North of Sidney Mt.
All new road from Montana north through Regina and Saskatoon.
New Diamond Mines added.
Fixed lots of things and made intersections better.
Cleaned up the trees in towns.
made the blowing snow better.
there are now 5 diamond mine locations with fuel, garage and repair available at the new locations.


American truck simulator mods / Maps

NEOBUS New Road 340 N10 on Mercedes Benz OF-1721 Bluetec 5 chassis

Idealizador: Marcelo Barcelos
Modelagem 3D: FELPG
Skins: Skins Cariocas com adaptação do idealizador e Bus Virtual RJ
Letreiros : Bus Virtual RJ
Conversão para o ETS 2: Cristhian Cardoso
Adaptação para versão 1.43 : Cristhian Cardoso
Som: Rafael Rodrigues e Cristhian Cardoso [FMOD]

American truck simulator mods / Bus

PETERBILT : -389, 579, 576
KENWORTH: – W900, T680 old

SCS Chip Van
SCS Drop Deck Tarp
SCS Flatbed Tarp
SCSGrain Hopper


American truck simulator mods / Skins

Peterbilt 387 v1.7.1

March 16, 2024

Changelog 1.7.1
– Compatibility for 1.49
– Updated the animations on interior
– Corrected version for the models
– Some bugs fix

– Standalone
– Cabins: Daycab,Midroof,Sleeper
– 9 Chassis
– Caterpillar C13,Caterpillar C15,Cummins ISX12,Cummins ISX15
– 3 Interiors
– Cabin and Tuning parts
– Buy in Mod dealer

Ch_Vitalik,Kirilloid22,Dmitry68,Gosha Motor,Solaris36,vitalik062,il_86

American truck simulator mods / Trucks

This mod is CAT 3406B straight pipe sound sound for SCS trucks and truck mods

Latest Version Features:
– CAT 3406B 350-425and 525HP tuned with straight piped sound
– Sound attenuation effects for realistic sound fade off from the distance
– Sound distortions and directional effects for realistic distortions from different positions around the truck

Slav Jerry

American truck simulator mods / Sounds