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Do you like your truck to look stock but to go like hell? Or do you pay more attention to the visual and aesthetic aspects, like the lights, grill, beams, exhaust pipes, etc.? Whatever you may prefer to do with your truck, there is no denying the fact that customization of trucks is just amazing in Euro Truck Simulator 2. There are a lot of things that every player can change on their vehicle and the variety of options makes it super simple to make any truck truly one-of-a-kind.
Whatever you may have in mind or wish to realize, and if the game developers haven’t included that option, you’re almost guaranteed to find that solution here, on the ETS2 parts/tuning mods category. More powerful engines? You got it. More options for exterior lighting and accessories? A more realistic exterior detail or wheels? Definitely yes.
Regardless of how many modifications you would like to do on your truck, free ETS 2 parts/tuning mods are definitely the right choice for you. Every modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Gamersmods is free so you can download as many of them as you want. Downloading these mods can make the gameplay much more fun or much more realistic, depending on what you’re going for.

Sinhala Buddha statue mod 2 WSZER

Tested on 1.44 version


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
led1 FQC3Z

Now includes white, red, rgb, orange and green (more colours will be added soon)

Owning the mighty griffin pack is a must for this mod to work.

found in front logo accessory slot

You will need mighty griffin dlc to use the painted logo slot


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cover michelin tires pack v04 14

Michelin Tires Pack v0.4

brings a texture and 3D improvement to the DLC michelin Fan pack.

Update v0.4

– Added 385/55 Front tire (XFA2 / X Multi F / X Line Energy F).

– Added 385/65 Front tire (X Multi HL Z).

– Reworked Polished material.

Compatible with: ETS2 1.44


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cover tuning all truck package 1 1

Tuning All truck package

changelog 1.44

Licensed and Aftermarket Customization Options Arrive

Abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack Restructuring

50k-addons Restructuring

New Leds And Headlıghts Added

1.44 Compatible

Tested 1.44x

Too much light causes fps drop
Remove old package

Tuning Pack Trailer

-Wooden Floor Flatbed
-Container Carrier
-Wooden Floor Logger
-Steel Floor Flatbed
-Food Tank Paint
-Steel Dumper
-Low bed
-Low Looder
-Walking Floor
-Dry Freighter
-Krone Profiliner HD
-Krone Boxliner
-Krone coolliner
-Krone Dryliner
-Krone Profiliner
-Schwmuller lowloader
-Schwmuller Slide post
-Schwmuller Platform
-Schwmuller Foodtank
-Schwmuller Refrigerated

Krone Dlc-Schmuller Dlc Requires
Doesn’t work without Tuning All Truck Package 1.44

Tested 1.44.x



Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning

Addon Lights Pack V1.0

May 30, 2022

-New lights for rear bumper
-2 variants jokons round light

Credits:MD Modding

MD Modding

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cover scania rsrjl tuning pack v

This pack contains lots of addons and tuning part for the RJL’s Scania mod.




-Painted Bulbar and Lobar and more.

scs for the base

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cover scania rjl r4 t t4 roof pa

Pack is for RJL, R4, T, T4

Lightbox is included & skinable

(as i always say; it´s absolutely not perfect but some will enjoy it)

enjoy follow for more stuff!

– Instagram: hedmark_transport_ets2 , ets2.realvsvirtual , scaniaandvolvoswedenpower

– Twitch: oikakka

– YouTube: Norwegian Trucker

Hedmark Transport

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning
cover truck accessory pack v157

Changelog v15.7

Update for 1.44

Added new accessories for MAN EURO 6 and DAF 2021.

This mod contains additional parts for SCS trucks.

This pack was previously the Scania Accessory Pack but has started to include other truck stuff.

Change Log v14:

General 1.40 Changes

Reworked Folder Structures

Merc 09 – Door Handle now supports UV2

Scania 16 – New 770 S/R Engines + Badges

Volvo 12 – Inlays now support UV2

Added some missing custom shop icons

Added ‘classic’ (slow on/off) square lumens plastic & paint

Change Log v13.13:

Made engines standalone.

Change Log v13.12:

Volvo 2012 Custom engine badges (chrome and paint)

Volvo 2012 Custom front Volvo Logo & FH/FH16 Bdge (Chrome and paint) add-on accessories- Note paint uses base colour in def file.

Update for FH Tuning changes.

Volvo 2012 globetrotter boxes.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Parts/Tuning