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TLX X52 LOGGER V1.0.1.0

August 4, 2022

TLX X52 Logger.

Changelog v1.0.1.0:
– Visible frame as bottom when 4m logs distribution is selected
– Adjusted the poles height
– Improved the mudflaps animation

– Fenders on the TRAX version
– Wrong LIZARD Logistics logo

The Lizard Logistics X52 Series expands his horizon of operation getting now deep into forestry!

With the X52 Logger you have an extremely balanced trailer with active and dynamic suspension on all the axles allowing the maximum terrain contact even with heavy loads!

Featuring 2 variations, a classic wheel-based trailer and a the most modern TraX for the most exigent terrain!

Options available to customize your logging trailer:
– Wheels: Choose between twin or triple axle setup among well known brands, Continental, Lizard and Nokian. A total of 16 wheel options!
– Decals: Several options to customize the stripes of the trailer
– Extras: The rear fenders are also an option, 4 different setups here!
– Distribution:
– Standard
– 6 Meters: Increased the amount of poles to ease the loading and transport
– 4 Meters: Adding side tensors between the poles the trailer can carry any size of log
** (Beware! Active collisions when selecting this option, similar to a tipper with side walls)

Price: 82000$ (base)


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URAL PACK V1.0.0.5

August 2, 2022

URAL PACK contains

– Ural 4320-60 airborne + CMU

– Ural 4320-60 platform + CMU

– Ural 4320 airborne

– Ural 4320 farmer (possibility to change the body)

– Ural 4320 АЦВ/АТЗ (possibility to change the body)

– Ural 4320 timber carrier

– Ural 4320 ZSK (the ability to change the body)

– Ural 44202 tractor

– Ural NEXT tractor

– Ural NEXT farmer (possibility to change the body)


– SZAP 8538-01

– TC 19

– SZAP 95171

– TONAR 952302






– PRT 10


– KO 505

Traverse for CMU included.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

The pack contains:


– Tractor western star

– Tractor Tatra 8*8


– XTS 22.79

– SP 22M

Various modules 15 pieces


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs


July 27, 2022

ITRunner Pack converted from the LS19 to the LS22.

Fixed the “Missing ai agent attachment definition for attachable vehicle” log error.
Desc version set to 67.

Now the ITRunner Pack is also available in the LS22.
what was done
Light and sound brought to LS 22 standard.
New tire configurations from Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT and Vredestein.
Dynamic hoses.
License plates are installed on the trailer, as well as on the silage container and manure spreader container,
because they cover the license plate from the trailer.
All 7 containers and the trailer can be found in the shop in a separate shop category under attachments.
The display of errors in the F1 window has also been fixed.
Many thanks to Ifko[nator] at this point for releasing his scripts.
Finally: Have fun with the ITRunner Pack. And if you don’t want it, just don’t download it.
!! And re-uploading to other sites only with the original download link, or as a link to this post in this forum!

Giants Software GmbH:
Ifko[nator]: Scripte

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

The Friesenjung Transport Pack known from the 19 converted to the 22.
My autoloader for pallets and bales has been integrated here.

– Drawbar trailer equipped with supports (thanks to EWW_Bobo)

The first version here is a pure conversion. This means that everything that the original pack did not have, this one does not have either.
This includes e.g. indicator lights inside.
As these are LS17 models in the base, I did not get a choice of colours or working mirrors for the conversion.
It is planned to improve this with and with. If you are interested in working with me in the next months, please contact me.

It is not easy to put the autoloading capacities into text. Therefore here are only a few key data per model.
Model number => Euro pallets | round bales 125 | square bales
03 => 12 | 12 | 9
04 => 20 | 16 | 15
05 => 24 | 22 | 18
06 => 28 | 26 | 21
07 => 32 | 32 | 24
08 => 40 | 36 | 30
Of course, the other autoloader items also fit, but that is beyond the scope of the description here.
Listing 12 tools here doesn’t make much sense from my point of view.

Truck: 135000€ – 210000€
Trailer: [email protected] – 25000€

Includes the following with flatbeds and autoload:

3 Trucks
3 trailers with turntable
3 trailers with drawbar
3 trailers

Honour to whom honour is due. The Friesenjung Transport Pack was converted here.
Thank you at this point for the permission to use this as a basis.
The Freisenjung has nothing to do with the conversion itself, if something is wrong, please contact me.
The models are originally from Alfredix, so a special thanks to him for the models.

The vehicles are based on the LS17 models from Alfredix, because that was already the case in the FJ Mod.
I don’t know yet if I am allowed/able to convert them to his new LS19 models, which still have to be converted to the 22.

Who wants to participate or finds errors can contact me in Discord.

This compilation of mine may only be published with the original link.
Changing and republishing only with permission.

Translated with (free version).

Modell: Alfredix / Friesenjung
Textur: Alfredix / Friesenjung

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs


July 5, 2022

Pack Zil contains:

– Tractor Zil 4421;

– Zil 4421 for modules.


1) Body;

2) Grocery van;

3) Seed hopper;

4) Sprayer;

5) Mvu;

6) Fuel barrel.


1) Cattle truck;

2) Milk barrel;

3) Arup 8;

4) Kaz 717.

SD Team

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

Credits to Tom E Modding for the crates and Carver for the attachable frames
Attachable Livestock Crate’s for Carver’s Kenworth’s and Tork’s Hino

Truck Tray
Cows 22
Pigs 20
Sheep 40

Trailer Tray
Cows 30
Pigs 28
Sheep 50

Gates on crates open with fold key, Road train signs on dog crate hide with cover key.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Packs

Massey Ferguson 3100 small:
– Price: 48.000 $
– Power: 115 hp
Engine configuration:
– Massey Ferguson 3115 (115 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3120 (130 hp)

Massey Ferguson 3100 large:
– Price: 55.000 $
– Power: 126 hp

Engine configuration:
– Massey Ferguson 3125 (126 hp)

Massey Ferguson 3600:
– Price: 66.000 $
– Power: 113 hp
Engine configuration:
– Massey Ferguson 3610 (113 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3630 (133 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3650 (150 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3635 (135 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3645 (145 hp)
– Massey Ferguson 3655 (155 hp)

– The left door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons and left/right movement.
– The rear window can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons and moving backwards/forwards.
– The right door can be opened/closed by pressing the mouse wheel
– I edited out the extra stuff

Schnibbl Modding

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