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Almost all, probably 90% of the gameplay in ATS has you behind the wheel, looking at the world from the truck’s interior. Traditional, basic and/or stock truck interiors in ATS are somewhat different but more or less the same. Modifications and additions that are available in-game are plentiful, but they too can get boring and repetitive over time. Besides, not all interiors are tremendously realistic.
This is why it’s worth taking a look at our database of American Truck Simulator interior mods. These modifications change the interior of trucks and make them more realistic, exciting or detailed. There are simple additions, like a new map or a HUD bar on the dash. However, you also have huge interior mods that can allow you to add tens, if not hundreds of different accessories and/or gadgets to your truck.
This can make your gameplay a lot more personalized. And that’s the main idea of ATS – being able to drive what you want, how you want and where you want. If you wish to have a huge LED strip in your cabin – there’s probably a mod for that. Always wanted to have some trucker-like things in the back of your cabin to help with immersion? Just scroll through the ATS interior mods, and we guarantee that you’ll find something worth downloading!
Don’t forget to rate the mod 5 stars and leave a comment if you like it! Every ATS interior modification is free and available for download now!

w900 interior colors v1 RD9A

W900 Interior Colors v1.0

April 18, 2022

This mod adds various trim color options to the interiors for the default Kenworth W900L from SCS.
All presented variants are made according to Kenworth’s brochure.


American truck simulator mods / Interior
seat adjustment no limits 28interior multi view cameras 29 v2.5 ats 4

Unlimited seat position adjustment
– Applies to all vehicles.
– You can sit in any position
– You can use it with any image angle you want.
– update V2.5
– International LT
!! do not re-upload !! —–Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.


American truck simulator mods / Interior
high res worn interior for viper s peterbilt 379 v1 9FA22

This mod adds an entirely new interior to the Viper 379 in order to make it look and feel like a real 90s Pete of today. An overwhelming majority of these trucks you see today are decades old pieces of equipment rather than show trucks, and this is what they look like.
If you are deep into realism, this is for you. If you like underglow, tacky paint and chrome 24s, maybe not so much.

Outlaw Transport

American truck simulator mods / Interior
Interior for Freightliner Cascadia 2019 v0 1

Interior with wooden fragments.
for 1.39.x

For accessories, you need SISL’s Mega Pack.
Reduced gloss, replaced carpet and other changes.
Xenon is installed by default.
Engine sound in video – Max2712


American truck simulator mods / Interior
Dashboard light Freightliner Cascadia 2019 Pack v1.0

Green, purple, blue, yellow.
Tested on v.1.39.x.
Engine sound in video-Krichbaum.


American truck simulator mods / Interior
4731 beige interior for freightliner cascadia 2019 0 9 1 RSDSZ

Beige interior for Freightliner Cascadia 2019.
Game: American truck simulator
Sisl’s Mega Pack version 3.2 is required:

Various button illumination options.
Put one of your choice.


American truck simulator mods / Interior
peterbilt 389 dashboard computer v3 0 AZZV8

Dashboard computer for SCS Pererbilt 389.
This is custom onboard computer but it looks like an read Pete Dash


American truck simulator mods / Interior
seat adjustment no limits interior multi view cameras v2 4 2 6ERZ5 1

Unlimited seat position adjustment
-Applies to all vehicles.
-You can sit in any position
-You can use it with any image angle you want.

-update V2.4
-Westernstar 49x
-Freightliner Cascadia 2019


American truck simulator mods / Interior