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Aircraft or plane mods are probably the most exciting and diverse category of modifications for MSFS 2020. Even though the map is literally limitless and endless, the list of aircraft that are available – is. In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 you have only a tad more than 20 flyable planes/aircraft. You have Cessna, Diamond, Airbus and Boeing aircraft heading the list of airliners, turbo and regular propeller planes as well as jets.
If you want more variety or more detailed renditions of particular planes and aircraft, make sure to download the right mod. It could be fun flying a gigantic Boeing 747 or the monstrous Airbus A380 over your home, right? Download an appropriate map, install it and play the game how you want to play it. Or you could download a fighter jet that allows you to glide through the air at over 2-mach speeds.
All mods on Gamersmods are completely free and you can download them without having to spend even a single cent. Mod creators are able to upload their creations to our catalogue and rely on your donations as well as positive reviews to stay in business. Make sure to check out what they have created and improve your gaming experience today by downloading aircraft mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


December 19, 2020

This is just an AI scenery model in tribute to the heroes out west that have been flying aerial fire fighter.. We see you on the news all year and see how dangerous the job.. You guys are incredible.. diving in…and flying out.. I watched a (pluto) LA tv program one day where they live telivised 3 helicopters desperatly saving (one house) And they did it.. I watched the whole thing.. This footage never showed on the main stream news that night.. So .. Great job.. This file is only of one of my AI Huey Helos with a (bambi bucket) that you can fly around in a hazy California sky.. Until ASOBO has a missions program and (effects) I can get you up in the sim to fight some fires.. So for now this is a salute to the heroes out west that are actually doing it in their aircraft.. and on the ground!


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts

Airpack 3

December 18, 2020

Here i bring you another Airpack including the su 26, Beech Baron 58, mooney, and Goose they all work only the cockpits not properly have fun. Copy all files in youre community folder have fun


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts

Flying Donut v1.0

November 27, 2020

So, I got bored and decided to make a flying donut… Anyway, the camera’s minimum zoom is very close to the “aircraft” so it’s a little hard to fly. Once I figure out how to zoom it out further, I will provide an update.

Aircraft Mega Pack
Offering countless free addons, study level, and fsx ported aircraft, the Aircraft Mega Pack is the one place to find all of the addon aircraft you need for MSFS 2020.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts

Fokker D.21 conversion v2.0

November 27, 2020

This is a beta conversion “as-is” from FSX to MSFS2020, done by Priller. The contents should be exactly the same as the V2.00 package for FSX. This is the second version of the freeware Fokker D.21, made by Dutcheeseblend. Complete detailed exterior and VC. Included are seven variations and two models. With respect to V1.00, the FD, liveries and model have been updated. New variations added. See the accompanying manual for detailed information.


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts

Black Rock City Bike v1.0

November 23, 2020

This “aircraft” is part of the 88NV – Burning Man pack available exclusively on this platform. Be sure to check it out ! The bike was made so people can ride The Playa at Burning Man to discover great artwork but also to fly (thanks E.T) and admire the Black Rock City lights at night ! Watch out for skydivers ! The dynamics are from the Bede DB-5B small airplane, found the specs online. Start the engine, get the RPM to 3k and enjoy. Speed for take off is approx. 65. Note that I discovered Blender while working on this project… be indulgent ! Have fun !


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts

Added X-Wing using Jet config

November 15, 2020

I updated the X-Wing with the config values from the CJ4 jet and it is faster than previous version. I’ve also included the jet engine sound. I can’t work out how to take off with it properly so either spawn mid air or use slew mode (press ‘Y’, F4 to increase height, then ‘Y’ again) You should remove the previous X-Wing if you have it installed as they can’t co-exist. I’ve left the other X-Wing in there and renamed to “” for those that prefer a slower flying option.

Extract to your “Community” folder but ensure it’s as per folder structure shown.

How to install: Extract to the game’s “Community” folder and look for the aircraft in Aircraft Selection screen. For scenery, navigate to the location shared.

Flight Sim Squadron

Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Aircrafts