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Sold in Mercedes

1 cab

2 chassis

8 engines and 3 gearboxes

Own wheels

Your own interior design


A bit of customization

Fmod Sounds

Test on version 1.40.x


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus



Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Updated old png files for dx11

working windows

advanced trailer coupling


10.04. v8 kriechbaum sound attached

flares fixed


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

These are some slots I made for the Mercedes SK by XBS. There are slots for both cabin versions and all bumper variants, so you can always put your lights on this truck.

Please note that none of the lights and accesoiries in the picture are included, because I simply didn’t make those. But all of your favourite mods will work with those slots.

If you activate my mod above any of Jetta’s accessory mods, you get the modified mudflaps with mercedes text (click the Scania mudflap).

Have fun with this small mod

and plz don’t reupload it, thanks.

– Polltrans_ets2 (follow my mediocre insta


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

NEFAZ 9334 1.40

April 13, 2021

Changes V1.1:

– adapted for patch 1.40

– Standalone

– In the trailer store, it is sold in a separate lot

– Its wheels and rims (there is a choice)

– Is not compatible with Nefaz 9334 from Koral (since it is taken from the registration)

NefAZ 9334 from Truckers-Lexan, envelope in ETS2 Nikon Oleynichenko (kamaznik), registration otvertka1337, adaptation under 1.40 Toha

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

This is a graphics and weather mod that simulates a spring environment and transforms older parts of the map with newer high resolution graphics.


Old roads, fields, grass, terrain, sidewalks, kerbs, hedges, railings, treewalls and other textures replaced with higher resolution versions

Low resolution tree models replaced by new ones across maps

Spring weather and environment

Spring vegetation

Improved vegetation colouring

More flowers

Spring daylight hours

Improved windscreen raindrops

Appropriate temperature readings

No harvesters

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.40

Works with Promods, TSM, RusMap, MHA and others.

Compatible with all map DLCs.

Changes in v4.0

Updated for 1.40 and Iberia dlc

Vegetation improvements

Recommended settings

Vegetation Detail: High

Grass Density: High


Spring is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, graphics and HDR mods should be disabled.

If you are using Next-Gen only use the base part of that mod.

Spring Weather should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

The mod expands the possibilities of tuning trucks by adding new parts from other trucks from the add-ons for tuning them.

You need to buy and modify it in a single game, you can repair it in Truckers MP.

– Bumper protection

– Kenguryatniki

– Lightbars

– Rear bumpers

– Rear and side exhausts

– LED signs

– Front and rear mudguards

– And much more..

Works in Truckers MP!

Supported modifications:

BC-[TPC] Part_no_limit

BC-[TPC] Trailer_Puzzle_Custom

BC-[TPC] Truck_Puzzle_Custom

BC-[TPC] Krone_Puzzle_Custom

BC-[TPC] Schwarzmuller_Puzzle_Custom


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Version 9.5.2 – cargo from pack added to new companies from DLC Iberia, improved material definitions

Pack adds in game 53 new models of overweight and flatbed trailers (different trailers by Fliegl, Wielton, Kassbohrer, Krone, Goldhofer, Nooteboom, HRD, Estepe, Langendorf, Galtrailer, Chmzap, Maz, Nefaz and others), 329 new cargo, 110 traffic trailers.

New cargo added to companies for all popular maps.

All standalone.

Works on any maps.

For version 1.40.x

Compatible with all my packs, except trailers and cargo pack.

Included english and russian versions.

For english version you must have in mod folder two files:



If you want overweight trailers in traffic put in mod folder file:


Attention! This pack is part of my Trailers and cargo pack. Don’t use them together!


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

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