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ETS2 bus mods.
If you want something that can change the ETS2 experience for you, download one of the bus mods from Gamersmods. They’re all free and they all make a completely big overhaul to the way and style of play. In the regular game, you can only drive DAF, Iveco, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and Scania trucks. However, with the installation of mods, you can swap one of these trucks with a city, inter-city, double decker or tourist buses from around the world.
Fancy driving a classic from one edge of the map to another? Want to feel like a bus driver on his journey across Europe? You can do that and you can find all sorts of brand new or classic bus models from European, North American, Asian or South American manufacturers. So, you can expect to sit behind the wheel of Neoplan, Marcopolo or even classic Eastern European buses, like Ikarus’ wheels. These buses have unique looks and most of them are made by modding pros, so you can expect high-resolution exterior and interior textures to let you fully immerse into the new gaming experience.
Downloading a bus mod is simple. Select the mod you like from the catalogue and click the Download button. Once you have the file, place it in your ETS documents /mod folder. Mount the mod from within the game’s menu and pick up the bus from a dealer. If you found the mod to be exciting, fun or very realistic, give it a five-star rating or leave a nice comment to let the developer know your appreciation!

Monobloco O370/O371 6×2 4×2

Open The Window Door

Tested on 1.41 – 1.42 version

Fabian Espinoza

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus


October 15, 2021

Seeder aggregate.
Width: 3 meters
Working speed: 15km / h

Price: 6000 €
Max. working speed: 15 kph
Required power: 80 hp
Working width: 3.0 m

– Color
– Shaft

Revers modding

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Version 5.9 – added new truck Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Swap Body

Pack adds in traffic 121 trucks and BDF’s (Mercedes Benz (MP2, MP4, Axor, Antos, SK, LK, NG, Atego, Econic), Scania (143M, 164L, P-series), Iveco Eurocargo, Trakker, Volvo (F10, FH12, FMX, FL7), MAN (TGA, TGS, F2000, TLF, TGM, Kat-1), Pegaso Troner, Tatra Phoenix, DAF CF, Renault (Premium DCI, Kerax, Major, C280), Ford (F-Max, Cargo), Sisu E14, various variants of bdf’s and special trucks).
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on version 1.41.x, 1.42 beta
Compatible with all my packs.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus


-New body Updated – Semi high deck

-Modelling and convert by me.

-Whistle horn mod by Darkbullseye

-DC13 Engine sound by Kriechbaum included

-Will be updated

Skin Template

Terima Kasih atas sokongan anda

Thanks for your support.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

All engines running, Lights all working, mirrors corrected, Mod basic but runs perfectly.

mods are out of credits as there was no manfest inside

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus


October 13, 2021

1) High Model Quality
3) Real Interior Is Available.
4) realistic engine and transmission values.
5) Real 2pcs Engine Sound Available.
6) Real 2 PCs Retarder Sound Are Available.
7) Animated Mat Is Available.
8) 6pcs Cabin Lights Are Available.
9) 4pcs Mirrors Are Available.
10) 2 Side Posts Are Available.
10) 2 Pieces Of Luggage Handle Frame Are Available.
12) 3pcs Steering Wheel Are Available.
13) 2 Fog Items Are Available.
14) 2pcs Blinds Are Available.
15) 5 Seats Are Available.
16) 5 Pcs Ceiling Are Available.
17) 5 Pieces Curtains Are Available.
18) 4 Parquet Is Available.
19) Haliflex Is Available For Parquet.
20) Slot Check Iron Is Available.
21) Passenger With Slot Is Available.
22) Slot Antenna Available.
23) Slot Sunshade Available.
24) Skin Support Is Available.
25) Template Available.
26) Custom Adjustable Plate Is Available.
27) Animated Air Conditioning Is Available.
28) self-contained cover and Alcoa are available.
29) Own Tire Is Available.

Project Owner: ECMods
Model Owner: Ismail Arslan – Emin Doğuş Güraksin
Model Edit and Convert: Kskli1453
Other 3D models: Yağız Bakırcı
Skin: Yusuf Ziya Kencebay-Abdullah Zengin-Furkan Fleeting

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

✅ Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 – 1.41 – 1.42) version.
✅ High Model Quality
✅ Real Interior Available.
✅ Realistic Engine and Transmission Values.
✅ Real Engine Sound Available.
✅ Real 3 Retarder Sounds Are Available.
✅ Animated Mat is Available.
✅ 6 Cabin Lights Are Available.
✅ There are 4 mirrors available.
✅ There are 2 Steering Wheels.
✅ 3 Pieces of Blinds Are Available.
✅ 3 Seats Available.
✅ Unit Console Available.
✅ Piece Ceiling Available.
✅ Pieces of Curtains are Available.
✅ Pieces of Parquet Available.
✅ Pieces Front Logo Available.
✅ Pieces Side Logo Available.
✅ Pieces of Side Paint are Available.
✅ 3 Ceiling Paints Are Available.
✅ Slotted Drawbar Available.
✅ Slot step light is available.
✅ Slotted Rear Chrome Lath is Available.
✅ Slotted Side Chrome Lath is Available.
✅ Slot Passenger Available.
✅ Slotted Front Sunshade is Available.
✅ Slotted Side Sunshade Available.
✅ Skin Support is Available.
✅ Template Available.
✅ Customizable Plate Available.
✅ Animated Air Conditioning is available.
✅ Own Alcoa Wheel and Tire Available.

EC ModsTR, İsmail Arslan, Emin Doğuş Güraksın, Kskli1453, Yağız Bakırcı, Trzpro, Yusuf Ziya Kencebay – Furkan Kısacık – Ömer Şakır

Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus

Exhaust system, suitable for Scania next gen (R&S)

This exhaust system is complete, including all brackets supplied

Thanks to inovative mounting solution and bracing is the mounting of the parts easy and the whole structure is very stable.


Euro truck simulator 2 mods / Bus