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The best thing about ATS is that the game, with mods, offers almost unlimited exploration and activity possibilities. Go where you like, how you like. Exploring Washington’s prairies, the deserts of Nevada or the coastline of California can be done not only while sitting behind the wheel of a truck, but also whilst driving a bus.
American Truck Simulator bus mods offer you a unique opportunity to play the game with a modded bus. Instead of transporting cargo, drive passengers or take a road trip on your own. You can find small European hybrid or CNG-powered city buses, large Brazilian coaches like Marcopolo, huge double-deckers, or small vans like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter files in the list of ATS bus modes.
If you got bored driving the same old trucks, downloading a bus mod is your way of making gameplay more engaging & fun. Driving a double-decker through some twisty roads can be a challenge whilst maneuvering with a bus is very different than trying to a park a truck with a trailer attached.
Ensure that the mod you’re downloading is compatible with the game version of ATS that you’re running. If you like the mod, don’t forget to rate it 5 stars and leave a comment to let the mod creator know about your appreciation.

Buses 2 ATS & ETS2 v1.42

November 6, 2021

ATS Marcopolo Paradiso Gv 1150 Volvo B10m (Detroit Diesel Engine) Skins Mexican & Brazilian ATS SCR Wheel Pack
ETS2 Marcopolo Paradiso Gv 1150 Volvo B10m (Sound Engine) Skins Brazilian

ImperaMods & Magdielton

American truck simulator mods / Bus

– Own interior
– Own sounds
– In-cabin animations
– Tested and approved
– Various animations

Direção Virtual and AFTER G

American truck simulator mods / Bus

-Chassis 8×2;
-Mercedes Benz O500RSDD;
-Two mirror options;
-DRL system and sequential arrows on the body;
-Extremely realistic suspension, bringing comfort when riding;
-Engine and gear configured according to the technical sheet;
-Recorded sound of a real model;
-Several paintings that run around Brazil, now doubled in size for more definition (4096×4096);
-A new layout on the white base of paintings to facilitate the work of creating skins;
-Internal animation of the door was replaced by the parasol in camera 1 (it will rise when the vehicle is started, this was necessary because of the creation of a structure for optional mirrors);
-Compatible with SCS cabin accessories DLC;
-Customizable signs through digitizable plates;
-Fabric other than armchairs;
-Armchairs listed inside;
-Different curtain fabrics;
-Different smoked intensities;
-Driver’s cab completely rendered and configured for an excellent driving position

wagner zulu

American truck simulator mods / Bus

Fixed sound
New door animation
New AO texture
New lightmask


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American truck simulator mods / Bus