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November 24, 2022

Voici enfin sur FS22,

un véritable Râtelier.

Transportable et fonctionnel.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others


November 24, 2022

MaizePlus is a global Mod with various changes and additions. The main focus is on the making of silage and feeding.

– Hotfix deuka Silo

– changed modDesc version to 72
– fixed l10n-Error of bigbags (display when coupling with bigbag lifter)
– corrected fillType of Luprosil IBC
– Silage-Additive in Stade mill replaced with Luprosil
– removed the weight display of the sacks and pallets in the shop
– corrected converterOverride
– unique fillTypes for the deuka feeds
– changed some icons
– revised weights of the deuka and DSV pallets and sacks
– revised weights of the carrot, potato and fillable pallet
– fixed problem at the “packedSquarebales”
– adjusted weight and capacity of cropswath bales
– solved the issue that clients can’t join a dediserver game after a recipe in a mixerwagon was changed

– fixed tension belts at Stade mill
– upgraded l10n and fixed issues
– corrected french, polish, dutch and spanish translation
– adjusted prices to vanilla eco-system
– corrected or adjusted prices and filling quantities of the deuka and DSV sacks, pallets and bigbags
– corrected or adjusted prices and filling quantities of the buyable bales
– MaizePlus carrot pallet and IBC for water, filtered water and molasses will work for productions/greenhouses now
– changed finance category of deuka bags, pallets and bigbags
– fixed minor bugs in various i3d
– fixed global l10N query
– full compatibility of all bale pallets, bales and IBC to UniversalAutoload
– mowing crops at a non harvestable state is now possible
– simplified relationships between recipes and feeding slider
– fixed motionPath and added fillTypes
– fixed texture of deuka Beet Pellets
– corrected the weight display when emptying the bigbags

– Hotfix BGA and Production storage issues

– fixed ambient occlusion of the deuka silos
– corrected fillType assignment in some deuka feeds
– corrected fillType failure at deuka silos
– added multiple buy option for carrot, potato and empty pallet
– added multiple buy option for the MaizePlus IBC
– fixed collision- and filltrigger problems of MaizePlus IBC
– fixed selling of empty pallet
– MaizePlus IBC are sellable now
– adjusted l10n texts fot deuka feed
– added dutch, hungarian and czech translation
– changed path for MaizePlus IBC to support autoload
– changed names of CCM and Hesston bales to support autoload
– fixed conflicts with other mods causing problems with l10n texts
– fixed conflicts with productions and BGAs
– fixed seed drill filling by hand with DSV seed bags (the “R” key also works)
– fillTypes revised
– raised usage of Luprosil of the Stade mill

Amongst other things this Mod adds the differentiation between grass-silage and maize-silage as well as other silage-types:
– grass-silage
– maize-silage
– CCM and CCM-silage
– brewers grain and brewers grain silage
– beetcut and beetcut silage
– wholecrop silage

You can also add potatocut to grass-silage and beetcut to maize-silage. Luprosil can be added to CCM-silage.

In addition to that you can make grass-silage in bales of course, but also maize-silage and whole crop silage can also be made.
For that the chopped maize or fresh whole crop needs to be baled and wrapped, this works globally on all balers and wrappers that use default bale sizes.

Bunkersilos have also been extended with a little feature, you can store and cover potatos and sugarbeet in them, of course without compacting and fermenting them.

Another addition that comes with this Mod are changes to the drying steps/stages for grass. There are now 4 different stages of grass:
– wet grass (mowed without conditioner)
– conditioned grass (mowed with conditioner or wet grass tedded 1x)
– semidry grass (+1 tedding)
– hay (+1 tedding)
The stage of which the tedder tedds to can be set with a key-binding, thus you can select which stage the tedder should output no matter the input. Therefor people who don’t want to tedd multiple times can simply set it to the final or desired step.
This system is also implemented into mowers where you can select whether the mower has a conditioner or not. If you want to play realistically you can select the “conditioner” feature only for mowers that have a conditioner.
But if you don’t want those extra steps in hay/silage production you can simply skip the wet step this way also.
That means that you decide if you want to play like vanilla/basegame or the more detailed version, and how detailed/many steps you want.
Of course that is globally present in all mowers and tedders.

A little additional feature for mowers is the ability to mow grains into whole crop windrows, those can then be baled or collected with a forage wagon and driven to a bunker silo.

Another part of this mod is the extension and adjustment of the feeding system.

Not only the new silage types and related bale-types are added to the feeding, this mod also adds a bunch of branded new feeds into the store:
– roughage by Hartog, NATUREgreen and Eifel-Heu
– power-feed, mineral-feed and feed-suppliments by deuka (single sacks, pallets, bigBags and placeable buying stations)
– molasses (IBC container)
– CCM-silage in bales
– filtered water (IBC container)
– water (IBC container)
– clover-hay and clover-silage in bales
– alfalfa-hay and alfalfa-silage in bales
– carrots (in pallet-boxes)
– potatos (in pallet-boxes)
– beetcut and potatocut (placeable buying station)

Additionally MaizePlus adds the ability to switch between multiple recipes for the mixed rations in the mixer wagons. Of course this works via key-binding and is globally added to all mixer-wagons.
Aside the vanilla recipe this mod adds 4 new recipes for cows and 1 recipe for vanilla pig food.
Not only the components for feeding but also the amount animals eat is adjusted with this mod.
Both the recipes and the amount animals eat can be adjusted individually in an XML file within the For more info about that please refer to the PDF file.

Another little feature that comes with MaizePlus is the ability for Straw-blowers to not only dissolve straw-bales but also hay, silage and other bales, of course again globally for all strawblowers.

Now to the vehicles that come with MaizePlus:
– Stade ZW4010 CCM Mill:
This Mill is used to mill maize to CCM, it can also mill grain to graingrist

– MAN TGS18.500 4×4 in Stade livery:
For example to pull or power the Stade Mill

– MAN TGS18.500 4×4 with MK-Silo Trailer in deuka livery: (thanks to Kastor)
Ideal for transporting deuka feeds in bulk

– Grassland-subsoiler:
This can be used to subsoil grassland. It removes the need to plough and adds a fertilizer stage. The grassland does not get plowed/damaged.

– Small cutter-roll 3m:
Cutter-roll functions from basegame

And lastly the placeables added by this mod:
+ deuka buying station (small and big buying station)
+ Small and big deuka storage silo
+ Brewers grain buying station
+ Beetcut buying station
+ 3 smaller bunker silos

You can find a detailed explanation for everything here: README
Permissions for Textures or other Content of MaizePlus can only be optained through Farming Agency.

The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

This specialization applies globally to all configured pallets and trailers.

Version v1.3.0.0
Aiming to release on ModHub as v1.3.0.0 so will fix bugs and add GIANTS suggestions if required without changing version number, just the candidate number.

There is no separate version of each vehicle that can be bought in the store,
and no configuration needs to be selected,
it only works with supported vehicles.
If you already have a configured vehicle in your memory, the autoload specialization will be applied with the mod,
i.e. H. There is no need to re-sell and buy each vehicle.
It can also be removed from all vehicles simply by removing the mod, your trailer will not disappear.
Trailers supported by the base game are defined in the SupportedVehicles.xml file.
Some trailers only support certain configurations, e.g. B. the bale trailer configuration (see list below).

The configuration must contain the specialization “tension belts”.
Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
Bremen transport wagon TP 500 S
Steel Demco drop platform
Farmtech DPW 1800 (Standard)
Fliegl DTS 5.9
KRONE Profi Liner trailer
Kroeger PWO 24 (Standard)
LODE KING glory drop deck
Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)

1986 Lizard pickup
2017 Lizard pickup
Mahindra Reclaimer
John Deer XUV865M

All base game pallets and containers (Bigbags, IBCs, etc.) are supported for autoloading.
This includes production pallets and those that can be bought in the store.
The method of identifying a palette is to map the i3d filename to a predefined size.
The base game palette sizes are defined in the ContainerTypes.xml file.
**Please note that only square bales are currently supported**
– I plan to add support for round bales and a work mode to collect bales in a future version.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others


November 24, 2022

Hello everyone!

One or the other may have already used my Realistic Seeder Mod in the LS 19. This mod adds your own seed pallets, big bags and individual sacks for the following fruits (the English names of the fruits are always in brackets. If they are registered with them on the map, then you can also use them):


rapeseed (canola)




Oil radish (oilseedRadish)


Soybeans (soybean)

sugar beets (sugarBeet)



If you cannot sow a fruit on your map, then the seed pallets, big bags and individual sacks for this fruit are not in the shop. If you fill a front tank or seed drill with one of these seed pallets, big bags or individual sacks, then you can only sow the fruit for which the seed contained was intended. Switching through the fruits then no longer works. But if you fill in the standard seed, you can switch between the fruits as usual.

The following 4 new categories are also created in the shop under Objects:

Realistic Seeder Pallets

Realistic seeder big bags

Realistic Seeder Sacks

Realistic Seeder Accessories

With the pallets and big bags you can buy up to 8 pieces at a time. The individual sacks go up to 24 pieces. If you ever need more seeds.

The textures of the seed palettes have all been reworked and are now sharper. Are now in 2k resolution.

Each front tank can now also load both fertilizer and seed. You can now also select the loading space for unloading, so that you can unload the seed and the fertilizer separately if the device has both loaded. You can also choose between: pallets, big bags (they are from the 19) and big bags 2 (the new ones from the LS 22 are a bit bigger).

Furthermore, the unloading side can now also be determined. So you can unload the pallets and big bags either to the left or to the right of the device.

If you play without the Pro Seed Mod, you also have an option to disable the fertilizer function of seeders if they have one. If you use Pro Seed, you can do that with the mod.

The mod also includes two pallet forks with attachers. A big bag lifter is also included. In the Build menu, in the Silos tab, there are now three seed storage silos that you can place to store larger amounts of seed.

When unloading fertilizer sprayers, the standard IBC tank is replaced with Farmer_Andy’s. (Known from the Universal Tank Pack Mod.)

Supported languages ​​(these are in English in brackets):

German – German)

English (English)

Polish (Polish)

Czech (Czech)

French (French

If you play a different language than those listed here, then English will be used.

Key assignments:

Changing cargo space:

Keyboard: [ALT] + [F]

Controller: Press [LB] + Right Stick

Change unloading type:

Keyboard: [ALT] + [Q]

Controllers: [LB] + [Y]

Change unloading side:

Keyboard: [CTRL RIGHT] + [N]

Controller: [LB] + [RB] + press right stick

Turn Fertilizer On/Off: (Only available when playing without Pro Seed Mod)

Keyboard: [CTRL RIGHT] + [M]

Controller: [LB] + [RB] + Press Left Stick

Idea: Henry (SimuFreunde)
Textures: Pejay, Farmer_Andy and Ifko[nator]
Scripts: Ifko[nator]
Have fun with the mod!
MFG Ifko

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

The pipe light on Combines/harvesters now turns on, if you switch on the rear working light separately


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

Pump for silage additive
Here you can buy and fill up silage additives directly for your vehicles like balers, forage harvesters or forage wagons. The pump is purely a purchase station.

Price: 5.000 $
Upkeep: 5 $/Day


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

ENERGREEN ILF S1500 V1.0.0.0

November 23, 2022

Energreen ILF S1500

Price: 185.000€

Power: 155hp

Energreen NewSpeed

Price: 14.500€

Needed Power: 100hp

Working Width: 1.5mt

Energreen ForestryHead

Price: 17.500€

Needed Power: 70hp

Working Width: 1.2mt

Configurations ILF S1500:

– Colours Configurations

– Front Lift & Trailer Hook

– Tire Configurations


– Indoor & Outdoor sound

– Arm fully animated

– Cab Rotation 45° & 90°

This package contains:

– Energreen ILF S1500

– Energreen NewSpeed GrassDrop

– Energreen ForestryHead

SMI Modding Team

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others


Fixed a game breaking issue when pallets were too tall to load
Missed out a return from the getLoadPlace() function when messing with the shipping containers yesterday, so trailer was stuck in an infinite loop trying to load a pallet that did not fit in the available load height.

v1.2.3.8 Latest
Was a very small fix in the end – changed an argument to the ‘removeDynamicMountedObject’ function from false to true

This specialisation is globally applied to all configured pallets and trailers. There is no separate version of each vehicle to buy from the shop, and there is no configuration to select, it will just work on the supported vehicles.
If you already own a configured vehicle in your save game, then the autoloading specialisation will be applied with the mod, i.e. there is no need to sell and buy each vehicle again. It can also be removed form all vehicles by simply removing the mod, your trailer will not disappear.
Base game supported trailers are defined in the file “SupportedVehicles.xml”. For some trailers only certain configurations are supported, such as the bale trailer configuration (see list below). It is a requirement that the vehicle must have the “tension belts” specialisation.

· Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
· Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
· BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
· BÖCKMANN KK 3018/27 H
· Demco Steel Drop Deck
· Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
· Fliegl DTS 5.9
· KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
· Kröger PWO 24
· LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
· Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)
· Salek ANS-1900 (bale trailer)

· Lizard Pickup 1986
· Lizard Pickup 2017
· Mahindra Retriever
· JohnDeer XUV865M
· Kubota RTV-XG850
· Kubota RTV-X1140
· Train (vehicle carriage)
· Train (timber carriage)

· Anderson Group M160
· Fliegl Timber Runner
· Kesla 144ND
· MAN TGX 26.640
· PONSSE Bison Active Frame


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others