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cover real dirt particles v1000 1

“Real Dirt Particles” adds both dry and wet particle systems to vehicle tires. Works with “Real Dirt Color”. Tested on Dedicated Servers.


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cover 3rd person v1500 9r775Fl8h

3RD PERSON V1.5.0.0

May 19, 2022

Default player camera is set to a new 3rd Person Camera!
-Change between “third person” and “first person”.
-Zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.
-Additional settings can be found in the “modSettings” folder.
-Models & Animations are already in the game.

Change Log v1.5.0.0
-Dedicated Server (Multiplayer) rotation issues fixed.
-Fixed FS22 v1.4 issue


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cover seeds addon v1000 5oo0NNdh


May 18, 2022

Added different types of seeds for each of the crops. These seeds can only be used with the seeders contained in this pack.
The seeding can only be changed if the configuration of the seeder is changed.

Big bag pallet:
Seed of: barley, canola, cotton, grass, maize, oat, oilseed radish, sorghum, soybeans, sugarbeet, sunflowers, wheat
Capacity: 1000 l
Price: 900 $

DD ModPassion

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cover hitachi eg 70r crawler dum

Hitachi EG-70R for FS 22

-10.000l Capacity

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FS Miner/Elsn82

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cover vehicle speed sync v1000 9

The Farming Innovations – Speed Sync Module allows the vehicle operator to synchronise their speed with the closest moving vehicle within a 25 meter / 82 foot radius.

While the vehicles speed is synchronised tasks such as unloading of a harvester while in motion are simplified by adjusting the speed as required, even on large hills or when connected to performance reduced equipment.

The option to also copy the speed of the closest vehicle in range directly to the your cruise control is also available.

Note: It is possible to connect to a vehicle before it starts moving however the connection will be lost once the synced vehicle stops for the users safety.


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cover eco sheep paddock v 1467 k

Eco Sheep Paddock

Wool and sheep production in FS22 never pays for itself. So, to make it profitable again, this mod has solar panels to run the paddock and generates DOUBLE the daily running cost! Just by having the paddock, you can generate electricity (and hence money) even without sheep. However, the big thing here is the capacity for sheep. Instead of the standard 65 animals you get with the large sheep enclosure in FS22, this gives you a whopping 300 sheep max, and can cope easily with the wool production for all those sheep!

What about the water costs? Sheep, like all animals, need water and in FS22 you have to pay extortionate daily amounts for watering your animals. This paddock has a water trough for you to fill up directly from your water tankers! It hold 150,000l of water! Enough for 300 sheep for a few months! Top it up from your cheap (or free) water supply every few months to keep your sheep healthy and kick up their reproduction. Yes – you need the water to keep them healthy! There is now a bar added to the animal information tab to display the amount of water currently in the paddock.

Please note all my mods support English, German and French as standard; other languages are available on request.

Any suggestions, feel free to ask. Please note, at present, slurry and manure production for sheep is not available from this paddock. This is due to the changes needing to be made outside the parameters of the game which could lead to game performance and data loss issues. Currently working around this issue.

Future updates

Keep watching this space, a similar cow barn is currently in beta testing for many more animals and increased manure production.


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cover pallet autoload specializa 1

– Fixed Lua trigger error caused by update 1.4
– Tension belt trigger revised

Publication on other sides only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO alternative link!
Changing or re-uploading, whether in whole or in part, is not allowed!

An example of how to use in your own mod you will find in the Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload.

Currently supported from the standard game:
Standard Euro pallets
Liquid tanks
Big bag pallets
Round bales
Square bales 180/220/240

Pallets from the following mods can be used:
Package Of Premium Pallets And Bags
HoT Fries Factory

In addition, all Euro pallets that are constructed according to the principle of the basic play pallets.

How to use:
Activate loading with [B] and then drive next to a pallet or bale to load it.
Make sure that you have selected the correct load.
The pallets or bales will then lie on the loading area as if they were loaded by hand.
Do not forget to fasten the straps, otherwise they will slip.
You can select the unloading side with [U] and unload with [I].
The loading switches off automatically when there is no more loading area.
You can also switch it off yourself with [B].


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cover bale storages v1000 rs44Ff


May 12, 2022

Storage for round and square bales
Round bale storage: hay, straw, grass and silage.
Costs each: 50.000 €
daily costs: 50 €
Quarder bale storage: hay, straw, grass and silage
Costs in each case: 50,000 €
daily costs: 50 €
Tarpaulins as well as roof with choice of colour.

Modell: San
Script: Achimobil

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