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Universal Autoload v

February 29, 2024

Autoloading specialisation for flatbed trailers. This automatically modifies the actual base game trailers, and will be applied to any new or existing trailers on your farm. Please see the included read-me file for instructions on adding to your own mod trailers or pallets.

– Loads any compatible pallet/container types (see list below)
– Loads lumber to any supported forestry vehicles
– Installed automatically on any compatible trailers (see list below)
– Load and Unload by selected material or container type
– Can also restrict loading to full pallets only
– Select ‘ALL’ to load mixed types in sequence
– Mixed pallets are loaded in size order for best packing efficiency
– Can interact with trailers when player is on foot (even when not attached to a vehicle)

Special Features for ‘KRONE Trailer Profi Liner’
– Load/Unload only available on the side that curtain is open
– Rear loading directly from forklift
– Rear door and curtain can be opened and closed by player on foot

Configured for the following container types:
– BigBags
– BigBag Pallets
– Euro Pallets
– IBC Liquid Tanks
– Square Bales
– Potato Boxes (requires mod: Seed Potato Pack)

Configured for the following trailers:
– Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
– Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
– BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
– BÖCKMANN KK 3018/27 H
– Demco Steel Drop Deck
– Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
– Fliegl DTS 5.9
– KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
– Kröger PWO 24
– LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
– Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)
– Salek ANS-1900 (bale trailer)

Configured for the following vehicles:
– Lizard Pickup 1986
– Lizard Pickup 2017
– Mahindra Retriever
– JohnDeer XUV865M
– Kubota RTV-XG850
– Kubota RTV-X1140
– Antonio Carraro Tigrecar 3200
– Train (vehicle carriage)

Configured for the following Platinum DLC vehicles:
– Train (planks, flatBed & timber carriages)
– Volvo SM 462
– Pfanzelt P13 4272
– Schwarzmüller Timber Trailer
– Schwarzmüller Timber Trailer Semi
– Schwarzmüller Low Loader 4A
– Schwarzmüller Low Loader 3A

– Added support for pallets in the “Straw Harvest Pack”
– Added items and vehicles from Premium Expansion
– Fixed memory leak caused by graphical debug display
– Added a new global option `disableManualLoading` (default is false)
– Added vehicle settings for HayAndForagePack DLC
– Improved loading and unloading of round bales
– Improved frame rate when operating vehicles on foot
– Added support for compatibility with AutoDrive
– High menu priority mode is now used by default
– Improvements to the log loading algorithm
– Improvements to round bale stacking
– Added a minimum length option for loading logs
– Automatically add custom object types for any automatically defined objects
– Added a parameter to define an alternative root node for an offset
– Fixed a bug where loading round bales would affect the next vehicle to be loaded (appearing as full)
– No longer charges for manually loaded items or loading from console commands
– Added better support for extendable vehicles
– Included config for Pfanzelt P13 4272
– Added “High Priority” flag for F1 menu
– Fix for issue where trailers were still considered as full after selling contents
– Configured to support Platinum DLC
– Able to load lumber onto supported forestry vehicles
– Support for the new shipping containers
– Correctly handles the extendable “Schwarzmüller Low Loader 3A”
– Support for “Pumps and Hoses” DLC
– Support for bale collection mode in CoursePlay
– Hotfix for a LUA error that would sometimes occur for vehicles with multiple loading zones
– Added a bale collection mode
– Added an option for rear loading/unloading only
– Added support for autoloading pallets onto the train (vehicle carriage only)
– Added an icon in the shop configuration page to show when autoload is active
– Added global option “manualLoadingOnly” for a less cheaty “autoload light” option
– Added global option to charge per pallet loaded, e.g.: pricePerPallet=”10″
– Added disableAutoStrap option (global or per vehicle)
– Added no loading if covered/uncovered options (for trailers with covers)
– Added multiple loading zones (step decks can now load to both areas)
– Added loading of objects by hand (small objects or super-strength)
– Added new console commands (see readme file for more details)
– Implemented function to correctly remove event listeners (credit to GtX)
– Added different stacking heights for bales and pallets
– Pallets stack to different heights based on mass (to improve weight distribution)
– Improved manual loading and unloading with a forklift
– Manual side loading added to KRONE and low loader trailers
– Added Box Trailer vehicle type
– Updated to work with


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Save Game Kolonia v 1.0

February 26, 2024

FS22 Save game Kolonia
Save the average farm, I encourage you to download and play.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

Hello, I’m giving you a save on the scoundrel map for medium machines
I wish you a nice game and fun, I invite you to the presentation.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

Hitch Support v

February 24, 2024

This Hitch support is specially adjusted by Lizard Motors to fit Volvo L120H/L180H Wheelloaders.
The ladder hitch makes it possible to attach ballhitch trailers with forced steering and regular trailers,
you van adjust the height of both drawbars.
Height adjustments is done from the vehicle shop configuration meny or in-cabin through your controls;
Keyboard: L-Shift + M (Raise) / L-Shift + K (Lower) or Mouse: RIGHT + X(+-)

Comes completely preassembled and delivered on a EURO A-pallet, parts includes:
– Ladder Hitch
– Drawbars
– Ballcover
– Electric Connector
– Hose Connectors

Prepared for:
– Platinum Extension Volvo L120H/L180H Whelloaders
(will attach to other standard sized pintlehitches or wheelloaders with a flat counterweight, other makes/models will not fit properly!)

Manufacturer: LIZARD MOTORS
Store category: Wheelloader Tools
Price starts at: $3335

weight: Ladder Hitch 90kg
weight: Pintle Hitch 115kg
weight: Ball Hitch 118kg

– Volvo L120H/L180H Wheelloaders
– Drawbar Type
– Drawbar Height Adjustment
– Colorchange

Changelog (2024/02/09)
– Added in-cabin height adjustment control for drawbar
– Added linkable Sockets (Connection Hoses)
– Corrected “invisible” drawbarjoints
– Added forced steering component
– Adjusted store menu configuration
– Added custom axis control icon
– Added custom colors
– Created updated L10N-directories


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Others

This script adjusts nine points:

1. animals no longer get only one animal as offspring, but specifically many for the respective animal species (with scattering).
2. stables can be overcrowded by the offspring, but this has an effect on the health of the animals. Alternatively, animals that no longer fit in the barn can be sold directly. This can be set in the animal menu.
3. animals that are too old will be removed randomly
4. animals with 0% health will be removed
5. animals offspring can be male or female
6. animals can be reproduced now by a veterinarian
7. reproduction attempts of the animals by the veterinarian can fail.
8. feed consumption of female animals increases shortly after birth
9. milk yield is dependent on the last birth

More detailed explanation:

To 1.)
By default, the following values are set for offspring.

0 animals -> probability with 1%
1 animal -> probability with 98
2 animals -> probability with 1%

8 animals -> probability with 20%
9 animals -> probability with 20%
10 animals -> probability with 20%
11 animals -> probability with 20%
12 animals -> probability with 20%

0 animals -> probability with 1%
1 animal -> probability with 59
2 animals -> probability with 30%
3 animals -> probability with 10%

0 animals -> probability with 1%
1 animal -> probability with 98%
2 animals -> probability with 1%

9 animals -> probability with 20%
10 animals -> probability with 20%
11 animals -> probability with 20%
12 animals -> probability with 20%
13 animals -> probability with 20%

To 2.)
There are two modes which can be set in the stable menu.

Mode 1.)
If a stable is full and new animals are born, these are sold directly. Here the normal animal price from the game/map is taken minus 25% transport costs. It is important to note that chickens are worth 0€ if they have just been born.

Mode 2.)
Allow overcrowding in a barn. This is possible by default up to 100%. Means a stable with 100 places can take 200 animals. However, this is only possible through births and not through the purchase of new animals! This mode is intended for the fact that one can distribute the new animals then even in other stables. If a stable should have an overcrowding, this has effects on the health of the animals. Health decreases depending on the overcrowding every hour if the barn is overcrowded for more than 12 hours. This goes from 0 to 5%. Means if a minimum overcrowding is present only the health stagnates. In the worst case it decreases by 5% per hour. If there is also a lack of food, the health can drop even more.

To 3.)
Old animals will be removed with a probability of 5%. This is calculated once per month when the animal reaches its maximum age. The default values are set as follows.

Cows 300 months or 25 years
Pigs 180 months or 15 years
Sheep 144 months or 12 years
Horses 360 months or 30 years
Chickens 180 months or 15 years

To 4.)
Animals with 0% health can be removed if this setting is enabled in the menu.

To 5.)
The animals can now have male or female offspring. The probability of which gender it will be is 50:50.

To 6.)
In the animal menu, the stable can now be switched from automatic reproduction to manual. This allows individual groups of animals, should they have the minimum age, to be reproduced manually. Both automatic and manual reproduction costs a fixed amount per animal (Can be set in the settings xml). If there is a male animal of this species with sufficient age in the stable, the reproduction will take place automatically (free of charge).

To 7.)
The veterinary reproduction of single animals can fail. This causes the reproduction to stop at 0%. The reproduction must then be attempted again.

Re 8.)
The feed consumption of the female animals depends on the last birth. Thus, feed consumption is first reduced shortly after birth. Then it rises, so that it is slightly increased, until it returns to the normal level.

To 9.)
The milk yield of cows and goats depends on the last birth. Here, the animals give no more milk from a repdouction of 80% (dry-off). From birth on, the milk yield increases up to 1.2 times, until it slowly decreases again. If no new reproduction takes place, the milk yield drops to 0%. The months since the last birth are displayed in the animal menu for the corresponding animals.

Important hints:
– Chickens, Sheeps and Goats now produce manure if the coop itself has manure.
– Goats produce goat milk and not wool. For this, however, the barn must have goat milk obstructed (Instruction included: GoatMilkInstruction.txt) or use the sheep barns with goat milk support from T4xs (Modname: FS22_husbandryGoatMilk).
– If modders do not want to have their Animals xml overwritten, they can now add the key doNotOverrideAnimals to their Animal xml of the map.

1.) Bugfix: Husbandries with goat milk work again.

1.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug where the last reproduction probability was ignored.
2.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug where no money was deducted from the medical reproduction if you were in the red.
3.) Bugfix: The script now also writes to husbandries whose type does not correspond to the standard.
4.) Feature: You can now adjust the exact number for a medical reproduction via a dialog.

1.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect reproduction probability to be taken, if animal had no birth before.
2.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug that merged different groups of animals.

1.) Bugfix: Horses can be ridden again.

1.) Bugfix: Straw can now be used for sheeps and goats

1.) Feature: Veterinarians can now reproduce animals manually.
2.) Feature: Male animals reproduce with the female equivalent automatically.
3.) Feature: The veterinary based reproduction of the animals can fail.
4.) Feature: The feed consumption of the female animals increases shortly after birth.
5.) Feature: The milk yield of cows and goats depends on the last birth.
6.) Feature: Cows and goats do not give any more milk from 80% reproduction until birth (dry period).
7.) Feature: Goats and sheep can produce manure.
8.) Change: Cows can reproduce only from 18 months.
9.) Change: The reproduction of the animals always increases.
10.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused overcrowding despite overcrowding being disabled.

1.) Feature: Sheep and goats are now divided into individual breeds (The male ram and goat are lost in the update).
2.) Feature: Swiss cows are back.
3.) Change: The health of the animals decreases only after 12 hours of overcrowding.
4.) Bugfix: If other animals than cows, pigs, sheep, horses and chickens are already installed on a map, only these will be overwritten. All others remain and are loaded from the map.
5.) Bugfix: Animals can now become older than 60 months.
6.) Bugfix: Horses can be ridden again.
7.) Bugfix: Animals no longer change their texture at long distance.

1.) New feature: Multiple new animal visuals (Thanks to Farmer Andy for approvals).
2.) New feature (point 5.): Animal offspring can be male or female.
3.) Bugfix: When you take young animals from the husbandry with the trailer, the menu did not update.
4.) Bugfix: You could select more animals than the husbandry holds in the menu.
5.) Bugfix: Synchronization improved.
6.) Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause animals to disappear when they enter a stable.

1.) New feature (point 4.) where animals can be removed at 0% health.
2.) Bugfix: If no value for the overcrowding in the husbandry is entered, it came to errors when saving.
3.) Bugfix: The current state of the overcrowding should now also be synchronized in multiplayer.


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The mod is increasing the maximum purchase limit for animals from 60 to 2000


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Tree Fruit Extension v 1.0

February 21, 2024

Tree Fruit Extension
Adds the following trees as productions: Oak, Walnut, Pecan, Serviceberry, Olive, Maple, Mayhaw, Hickory, Cinnamon, Cherry and Spruce
Trees produce: Acorns, Walnuts, Pecan, Serviceberries, Olive, Maple sap, Mayhaw, Hickory nuts, Cinnamon, Sprucetips, Cherries and Spruce cones
Tree fruit used for: Syrups, Jellies, Cherry Tea, Breads, Flours, & Pies
Factories include: Bakery, Flour Mill, Jelly Shop, Nut House (Nuts & Berries)
Sellpoint included: Farmer’s Market


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Ursus 914/1014 Sounds v 1.0

February 21, 2024

Another one in my version, perfect sounds for 4cyl Ursus cars.
After unpacking the file, move the contents to the “sounds” folder of the tractor and replace the name of the xml file with the same name in the sounds folder of the tractor in which you replace the sounds.
I hope you like the sounds and, above all, you will enjoy it


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