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MSFS 2020 scenery mods

Scenery is super important in every game but in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it is probably the thing that makes and breaks every playing experience. Scenery helps create and add layers of immersion to your gameplay which means that scenery can be fun, realistic, exciting or even spooky. Here, on Gamersmods, players of MSFS 2020 can find unique modifications for the scenery of the game.
Scenery mods are passive mods which means that they aren’t playable but rather sit in the background or are scattered around the map and create or improve the atmosphere by adding immersion. So, for example you have the famous Stonehenge mod which turns the world-famous structure into a 3D rendering because it is unfortunately flat in the base game. However, not all scenery mods strive for realism. You can have Godzilla stomping around NYC or see destroyers from Star Wars floating around above Sydney or New York.
So, as mentioned, some scenery updates are meant to fix bugs, glitches or issues that the developer has left while others add funny or fictitious details and scatter them all around the world. When you download the mod, place the files in the ‘Community’ folder and launch the game. All scenery mods are absolutely free on Gamersmods.

Raiffeisenbrücke Neuwied v1.0

Die Raiffeisenbrücke ist eine Brücke über den Rhein zwischen den Städten Neuwied und Weißenthurm. Sie ist Teil der Bundesstraße 256. Wegen des seinerzeit neuen Bau- und Verschiebeverfahrens galt sie als technische Spitzenleistung.
Die Brücke ist sechsstreifig ausgebaut, wobei auf beiden Seiten der rechte Fahrstreifen als Beschleunigungs- und Abbiegerstreifen dient. Zusätzlich gibt es auf beiden Seiten jeweils einen gemeinsamen Geh- und Radweg. Über die Brücke verkehren täglich bis zu 35.000 Kraftfahrzeuge.
Benannt ist die Rheinbrücke nach dem Heddesdorfer Bürgermeister, Genossenschaftsgründer und Sozialreformer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

The Raiffeisenbrücke is a bridge over the Rhine between the cities of Neuwied and Weißenthurm. It is part of the federal highway 256. Because of the new construction and relocation method at the time, it was considered a top technical achievement.
The bridge has six lanes, with the right-hand lane serving as an acceleration and turning lane on both sides. In addition, there is a shared walking and cycling path on both sides. Up to 35,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day.
The Rhine bridge is named after the Heddesdorf mayor, founder of the cooperative and social reformer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

GPS Coordinates: 50.421 , 7.457


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery



Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

Hienz Field, Pittsburgh, PA Upgrade

Google Maps> RenderDoc> Blender> MSFS

Stock Photogrammetry lacks depth in the upper deck both inside and outside the stadium, luxury boxes are walls of seats, no south endzone renovation. Stock has a slightly nicer river entrance and Ketchup bottles on the old scoreboard, if memory serves they moved and dumped “ketchup” when the Steelers entered the “Red Zone”, new scoreboard does not include that awesome feature, much more modest bottles.

Google photogrammetry has much better depth inside and outside the stadium, as a bonus the floating grass has been mowed.

Opened in August 2001 with a capacity of 64,405
River End Zone Expansion in 2015, current capacity 68,400

Installed by pasting folder into Community folder


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

Anyone who has lived or grown up in Phoenix has looked to the south and seen these massive structures. As a kid, I would see the blinking red lights at night and they felt so mysterious and magical.

This Is My First Scenery Project, I Hope You Enjoy It!
I’ve added over two dozen towers with the correct color and eye-balled the approximate height for each one.

Just drag and drop into the community folder.

PLEASE NOTE: You May Have To Install PuffinFlight’s “We Love VFR” Addon In Order For All Of The Towers To Display Correctly!
I used some models from his pack (with permission), but that means those scenery objects will not be displayed unless his addon is also installed.

Adding better night lighting to the towers, so you can see the flashing red lights from all across the valley

Leave a review if you enjoyed it, or let me know if you are having any issues.


GPS Coordinates: 33.333714186053726, -112.06275901253215


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

There’s something mysterious hidden in the lake… can you find it?
This is a silly little scenery that populates MSFS with Loch Ness’s most famous resident. It pairs well with the Fort Augustus scenery by TheGarner

This package is open source, under the MIT No Attribution license

GPS Coordinates: 57.32319102470586, -4.42432233265296


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

Rich Stadium, Ralph Wilson Stadium, New Era Field, Buffalo Bills Stadium

Googel Maps Data optimized using Added several terraforming polygons and Cold Lights.

Opened in 1972 as Rich Stadium with a capacity of 80,020
Renamed Ralph Wilson Stadium in 1988
Renamed New Era Field in 2016
Renamed Buffalo Bills Stadium in 2020, current capacity 71,608

Installed by pasting folder into Community folder

GPS Coordinates: 42.77410838145916, -78.78555751502626


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

Full remake of Monaco . I released this as a new standalone and my previous version is still available.
I felt that this should be a stand alone from the original as the FPS is not affected greatly at all.
Please note that it will be adding night lighting for this mod in a future update because there are some dark areas at night .


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery

Tehran International Tower is a 56-story residential tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the tallest residential building in Iran, and the only one to meet the definition of a skyscraper. It is located north of Yusef Abad and Amir Abad districts, close to Kordestan and Resalat Expressways.

Follow these steps to install the scenery:
– Unzip the downloaded file
– Place into your community folder
– Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
– Enjoy!

GPS Coordinates: 35.742503, 51.398762


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Scenery