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Here, on Gamersmods we have a vast and diverse library of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mods. They are divided into 6 different categories – aircraft, airport, liveries, cockpits, scenery as well as tools mods. But what about those that don’t fall under the aforementioned six categories? Well, they get put here in the MSFS 2020 other mods category. If you weren’t able to find the thing that you were looking for in other mod category lists, take a peek around here. It’s highly likely that the mod in question will be present and available for download. Since all mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 are entirely free on Gamersmods, don’t hesitate and start improving and changing your gameplay experience today!
It’s always worth looking at this category of mods regardless because you can find something new and exciting every time. You might not be looking for a plane or airport mod when you find just the thing that your gameplay has been missing, on here. If you want to know more about a particular modification, click on its title or thumbnail in the catalogue. You can see high-quality images of the mod in-action as well as read a thorough description about it.

This is a 2 Livery Pack containig an all ORANGE with Black Trim Livery, and a all Yellow with Black trim Livery.
Both Aircraft Contains Decals Created By Cory Robin, from his Flying Cowboys Design Set. Also contains some minor changes to the Pilot Helmet and Clothing.
Just place this folder in your Community Folder and have fun!
This file ONLY CONTAINS THE LIVERY FILES. You will need to purchase the aircraft from a VGP-PoweSolo distributer.


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CJ4 Flight Patterns v1.0

January 16, 2021

Some simple standard practice Flight Patterns for the CJ4


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other

St. Jacob (SAR mission) v1.0

January 16, 2021

St. Jacob, a fishing boat set out three days ago to fishing from a harbor near Geroge Town on Exuma Island in the Bahamas. The ship should return 12 hours ago, the delay would not have been unusual without the savage storm that had swept through here last night. In addition, the crew is not responding. We have to look for that ship.

I would like to introduce my search and rescue mission, and it will be your task to find a lost fishing boat in the Bahamas. You will get 6 POI but only one is right. You have to find it.

Copy folders: myy1 and st-ja to community folder.

Although this mission is technically a bush trip, it has nothing to do with the bush trip. The mission will not lead you by the hand. You will get some basic information and you will have to look for the ship. How you do it is up to you. The VFR map is intentionally turned off. The mission can take about 30 minutes but also for several hours, depending on how you decide. Read the documentation for the rescue operation, plan your route yourself, create your own flight plan. You can use a little nav map but don’t scan the scenery file again, you could reveal where the ship is hidden. It is not necessary to visit all POIs. The mission will end when you land in the right place.

Make sure you read the documentation for the rescue operation.
Use your favorite maps if you feel lost.
Do not follow POIs, they are shuffled, create your own plan.
Land as close to the sailors as possible.
The landing will be tricky, watch palm trees, take your time.

Unzip and put files in the community folder.

Created by using the f99mlu’s Bush Mission Generator program.


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Ground Workers | Wizz Air v1.0

December 31, 2020

1. Download the file and place the “WizzAirGroundCrew” file from win rar in to your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community Folder
2. Thats it, Enjoy!

Do not have any other ground crew clothing textures installed in the community folder as this will not work together. Wizz Air A320 Livery not included.

Please comment bellow any feedback or comment another airline texture mod that does not yet exist on this website and I will try to do it for you. Summer and Regular clothes included

Thanks For Downloading!


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other

Thai Airways Catering Truck Livery Pack Information

This Catering Truck Livery Pack Is Based On:
Real Thai Airways Catering At Airport (Included Old & New Version)
Thai Airways Catering Truck Livery Pack Development Road Map

v1.0 (Launch: 29 November 2020) First version With Thai Airways Catering Truck Livery Pack (Completed)

v1.1 (ETA: Mid December 2020)
Add 2 More Livery To Thai Airways Catering Truck Livery Pack
Add Some Detail On Livery That Have Been Released In v1.0
Fix Some Livery Part That Have Deflect And Bug On v1.0

v1.2 (ETA: Early January 2021)
Add More Livery To Thai Airways Catering Truck Livery Pack
Fix Some Livery Part That Have Deflect And Bug On v1.1

v1.3 (ETA: 2021) TBD

1. Unzip File
2. Choose Livery That Want To Use · (List Of Livery In README)
3. Drag & Drop Folder That Of Livery To Community Folder
4. Open Microsoft Flight Simulator

If Cabin Layout Have Any Bug Or Deflect. Please Comment Below (Feedback)
This Add-On Are Not For Sell And Not Use For Commercial Purpose
Livery May Not Accurate At All Due To Size Of Catering Truck Is Not Same As Real One
This File Is Download For Free And Enhance Your Experience In MSFS. And Let You Able To Donate If You Like Want To Donate
Please Open README Before Using Catering Truck Livery In Pack Or Website (Online)

Known Issues
No Issues Was Reported Now


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well!
Thought I’d make a little mod for all those easyjet fans or those who are flying as easyjet in FS2020.

1) Place the folder named “EasyjetGroundHandling” into your community folder
2) Enjoy the easyjet textures

Ensure you do not have any other of my packs in your community folder or the pack may not work

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other

FS-ATC-Chatter v1.0

December 7, 2020

FS-ATC-Chatter is a smart ATC chatter player that can play mp3 clips of ATC communications. The player was written to play the 24,000+ ATC clip collection that is sold commercially on the Stick and Rudder Studios web site.

This upload contains the player and 400+ demo clips for the United States. You can add your own clips if you wish or purchase the larger collection from Stick and Rudder Studios.

To install simply download the archive and unzip it to your local drive. Read the UserGuide.pdf in the root folder for more information.

This works with FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3D V1 – V5, and MSFS 2020.

Mark Ellis – Stick and Rudder Studios

Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other

Loganair Flight plans v1.0

December 7, 2020

A collection of basic Loganair flight plans based off real life routes. Loganair is Scotland’s airline, providing regional UK flights and some flights to the near continent. This is not an exaustive list of all flights. Just a collection of the more interesting routes that the airline operates.

Highlights include…

The worlds shortest operating route in the far islands off the north coast of Scotland.
A flight into the beach landing strip at Barra.
Major UK city routes, through to small regional airports scattered through the UK and beyond.

Uploaded in PLN format so they can be changed due to live weather presets.

To use, just extract folder anywhere you’ll find them easily for your convenience. When in the route planner ingame press SPACE then LOAD, and find the plan you want where you extracted the folder to earlier. Plans are saved as take-off airport/Arrival Airport…An example being…EGPDEGPH. So you can find the plan you want.



Flight Simulator 2020 mods / Other