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Cattle: 60 Head

Pigs: 91 Head

Sheep: 65 Head

The axles have been stretched to a 10′ spread, with the option of filling the gap with a toolbox (courtesy of Whiskey Sierra Modding.)

The selection of a ground-load ramp setup is possible, allowing loading and unloading of livestock possible without a pot dock.

You can run with a no-frills light setup, or choose to light up the nights sky with two chicken light options. Regardless of which option you pick, the porchlight will light up with your running lights.

Interior lights will make loading and unloading in the dark a breeze, and will automatically turn on as soon as you roll up the rear gate.

GIANTS for original model, AT Farms for additional scripting, and parts with the exception of the toolboxes, credit for those goes to Whiskey Sierra Modding. They were kind enough to allow me to use them.

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons


September 1, 2022

Hello to all, today I share with you my map “La_Gersoise”.

– precision farming compatible
– spawn issues with icons fixed
– problems with the sale of certain crops solved
– added flax culture
– added a pedestrian spline
– addition of a hot air balloon spline
– log clean

It’s a small map made up mainly of small fields so it’s a map rather intended mainly for soloing.

You will find there:
– 46 fields
– 14 meadows
– 1 farm with cattle breeding
– 1 agricultural cooperative and a point of sale at the back for straw, milk, etc…
– an agricultural dealer
– a livestock trader
– a water point at the second farmhouse
– a repair shop at the dealership
-a second firm body that can be used as ETA, CUMA, etc…

the map environment and the texture of some foliage have been modified

Regarding the spawn of the manure it will be necessary to manually place a place for it, otherwise it will not appear
I thank all the people who helped me to test it as well as to those who helped me with the buildings.

The map is far from perfect but due to a lack of time I prefer to release this version for you and why not improve it later.
Anyway, I hope you like it.
Thank you and good games to all.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons


August 29, 2022

Simple script for more Olive.
This Script increases the harvest by 200%


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons


August 26, 2022

This is an edit i did of Buchs 2 door can am and Josh and SMS 4 door can am. thxs to lucas wright for converting the 4 door can am.

MrBoomBastic, Coleman, Josh, SMC

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons

This is a home built trailer that will be very useful to you.
You can use it to load bales, pallets, tools, etc. So I hope you will like!
Price: 20000 $
– BaseColor configuration.
– FloorColor configuration.
– HubColor configuration.
– Rimcolor configuration.
– Light configuration.
– Front wall configuration.
– Floor configuration.
– Fender configuration.


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons


August 23, 2022

Grain complex with 4 Unia silos with a total capacity of 600,000 liters.
It includes a hall where crops can also be stored, and can also be used to store machines.
– Hall dimensions: 50m x 14m
– Silo capacity: 600,000 liters
– Price: 385 000€
– Maintenance: 150€


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons

This handmade ripper is suitable for clearing orchards and vineyards.

Price: 800 €
Weight: 75 kg
Working width: 0.60m

Recommended Mod: John Deere 50G


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons

*Factory to trailer discharge rate increased from 45L per second to 450L per second
*Added lighting for dump area
*Diesel label aligned to factory
*All trigger markers placed on the ground

This is the diesel production pack with which you can produce your own diesel. This can be stored and refueled thanks to the Hoftankstelle,
Furthermore, it is possible to sell the diesel via the freely placeable trigger.

Pack content:
diesel production
Court petrol station
point of sale
Transport trailers MKS8 and MKS32

Info diesel production:

Construction costs: 170.000$
Maintenance per day: 120$
Fruits required: sunflower, canola and soybeans
Capacity per fruit: 100.000L
Cycles per hour: 2
Cost per hour: 20$

Info farm petrol station:

Construction costs: 26.500$
Maintenance per day: 100$
Capacity: 250.000L
Liters per second: 15

Info diesel sales:

Building costs: 100$
Capacity until price drop: 250.000L
Full price recovery time: 48 hours
Sales factor: 1.9

Info MK8:

Purchase price: 25.000$
Capacity water/milk: 8.000L
Load volume diesel fuel: 8.000L
Special features: main color, design color, rim color, choice between water/milk and diesel fuel for transport

Info MK32:

Purchase price: 68.000$
Load volume water/milk: 32.000L
Load volume diesel fuel: 32.000L
Special features: main color, design color, rim color, choice between water/milk and diesel fuel for transport

MTL Modding Team

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Addons