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FS22 trucks mods

– Power: 335/400hp;

– Speed:90/120 km/h;

– Cost:100,000€ Basic Price;

– Cab color selection;

– Choice of interior color;

– Rim color selection;

– Mirrors Configuration (interior mirrors do not work because a script is required. I have added standard exterior mirrors that work fine):

– Engine configuration;

– License plate configuration;

– Animated, pedals, Doors

– Working lighting equipment;

– Working mirrors;

– Leaves traces;

– Gets dirty and washes;

– animated ramps for loading Vehicles (to set the distance between the ramps hold down the two buttons on the mouse and move left/right)

– Wheels rise up and down (mouse button)

– Autoload Configuration

In addition, the Pumps&Hoses and Platinum DCL palettes are loadable when enabled.

– Supports Pallet Autoload Specialization from Achimobil

– This mod will receive further updates!

_Is strictly forbidden to edit and publish this mod without my approval!

Edward`s Modding
Achimobil the author of the autoload script!

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks


March 15, 2023

Viking Sanders

Game: Farming simulator 22

FAT ASS 12, Eastern Ontario Edits

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks

MAN TGX 2020 ETS2 V1.46

March 9, 2023




-Chassis options

-High quality interior

-Realistic sounds

-Working animations

-Working flares

-Custom tuning

-DLC toys support

Tested on ETS2 1.46

Trade Of Trucks, Markll, Husky

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks


March 9, 2023

Mack Anthem that have a basic but with some config like the interactive control
– color choice
– choice of rims
– choice of cabin
– interactive control
– engine choice
– passenger mod (dlc Kubota)

Required mods
Kubota Pack
Interactive Control

GIANTS Software

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks

1990 FORD F350 V1.0.0.0

March 8, 2023

1990 F350


Custom Never Seen Before Bricknose Interior

Custom Headlights

Custom Optional White Lights


Front Bumpers And Rear Bumpers



Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks


March 8, 2023

This pack contains 4 different tankers for East Coast Modding truck packs as well as AJ Deere FS Photography’s trucks. Two are Robica 20k Litre Fuel/Flusher tanks and the others are Omco and Valew water/flusher tank.

Eastern Ontario Edits, East Coast Modding, Elk Falls Logging

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks


March 8, 2023

The Crane Traverse available for pc and consoles .
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– Colorable

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FS Miner

Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks

Update! —-> (!!PC Only!!)

1965 International Loadstar 1600 V2.0


~Minor bugs fixes and improvements

~New shorter 4×2 chassis added.

~Added compatibility for the D-745 attachments (ModHub mod)



-Brand: International

-Price: 12500

-HP: 250

2. Configurations:

-Cabin Color

-Rim Color




-Extra Lights


Chassis configs:



-Rear Bar


3. Animations



-Interior Animations (Pedals, needles,etc)


4. Others

-Custom wear/dirt and rust

-License plate

-Custom sounds


-Plow mount (Just drive close to the plow and it will attach)

5. Required Mods:

SimpleIC –

Changing the configuration limit -

AR Beds Pack –


Farming simulator 22 mods / Fs22 Trucks