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Follow this page to get the latest & hottest news about the CNC game as well as 3rd party development updates which are relevant to all Cattle and Crops players out there. Here you’ll find all relevant updates and news about the game from the developers. We will publish it as soon as something comes out and new information becomes available. We want to offer you more insight into the world of Cattle and Crops.
The game developed by Masterbrain-bytes is one of the most popular simulators of the farming genre which offers realistic simulation of harvesting, accurate to real-life machinery, interesting and engaging management, RPG-like mechanics as well as dynamic gameplay environment changes like weather and vegetation.
Developers at Masterbrain-bytes continuously keep updating the game, releasing patches, hotfixes and putting out press releases on meaningful news that have impact or are significant to the player community. We will bring those news directly to you and offer the latest and most intriguing information, including rumors as well as facts about CNC.
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Is it Christmas already? Well, almost. Christmas isn’t until next week, but we’re not going to wait that long.

In addition to a smaller Claas Vario 560, the large Claas Vario 1230 has also found its way into the game, along with a matching large cutterbar trailer. In addition, we have brought two larger Joskin Wagos (TR10 and TR12) into the game, so that you can transport more bales at once. With new silage pushing plades from Bressel und Lade, you can now also distribute silage in bunker silos.

We’re releasing a completely new set of tires for all vehicles. Apart from their new looks, they can now deform and react to load. At the same time, they have received completely new dirt textures. Furthermore, with this update we introduce maintenance and wear for machines. This means: you now have to take care of your machines and should no longer drive like crazy – otherwise it will be expensive.

So let’s go into detail.

Steam Cloud Support
This update introduces Steam Cloud support. For this purpose, there now is a “ProfilesCloud” folder in the “Cattle and Crops” home directory. If you enable cloud support in your profiles, they will be moved from “Profiles/” to “ProfilesCloud/” and automatically synced by Steam.

This means that after exiting CNC, the savegames and game settings are uploaded to the cloud and downloaded before starting the game. This also allows you to switch computers and continue playing with the cloud savegames.

Don’t forget to enable Steam Cloud Support in the Steam client if it is turned off. In the game itself, Steam Cloud Support can be enabled and disabled individually for each profile.

This update includes the first part of a performance optimization package. Updating the machine nodes, a calculation step that happens every frame, is done on multiple CPU cores now. If many machines (incl. traffic vehicles) are active, this noticeably improves the performance.

Replaced the rendering back end
As part of the programming for console support, the entire renderer back end with its implementations for OpenGL, PS4 and Xbox One has been updated. This also includes some minor optimizations for OpenGL.

Updates of the graphics card driver but also our shaders can cause delayed recompilation, which can cause potential lags when starting the map. We will address this issue in the future by shipping a shader cache with precompiled shaders. This will be part of a DX11 or Vulkan update.

Improvements have been made to the control of UserActions. All analog operation forms have been adjusted in their speed to each other. This means that mouse/controller/keyboard operations now all result in the same speed. In addition, the operation of UserActions by mouse in the radial menu now sends Change instead of RelativeChange events, which means, for example, that it is no longer possible to fold and unfold the Tucano unloading chute in an instant.

Wear and maintenance
With this update we introduce machine wear and their maintenance.

The condition value (“condition”) decreases over the lifetime; the lower the carevalue (“care”), the faster the condition decreases. The care value deteriorates per operating hour and also in relation to the distance driven. When machines are parked under a roof, the condition value reduces more slowly. The operating hours are counted in real time, not ingame time.

The “condition” worsens, among other things, if you do not drive properly and constantly bump into things like trees, road signs or other objects. A low condition value reduces the engine power.

The two states can be fixed in the farm workshop (right half of the residential building) — a.k.a. “Maintenance” and “Repair”. Here, costs and time are calculated based on the condition values. While maintenance/repair is being done, the game is fast-forwarded by the corresponding time required. This also means that any urgent matters should be completed or taken care of beforehand. We’re planning on making this feature AI ready in a future update, so employee and machines are unavailable but the game won’t be fast-forwarded during the repair period.

The vehicles and tools have received a completely new set of tires with this update. Not only the appearance, but also the behavior is more realistic than before. Tires are now dented depending on the load, have a sideways bulge and can be coated with mud.

The amount of deformation varies depending on the vehicle and the tire: a big Hawe SLW tire takes on significantly more suspension than a thin Dammann Land Cruiser crop protection tire, for example. In most cases, the suspension travel is now split about 50/50 between the tires and the actual suspension. In the case of tractor tires mounted on rigid axles, on the other hand, the entire suspension travel goes to the tire.

The second part – the dirt – has been redesigned for the tires (and only the tires for now): there are now three layers – dust, dirt and mud. If the surface is not too wet, the dust builds up first, and then the dirt. On the other hand, if it is wet, there is no dust, and the dirt increases directly. Depending on the surface (plowed vs. cultivated vs. grass vs. road vs. dirt road vs. tarred road, etc.), dirt and dust build up and go down at different rates. If you drive through water, all three layers go down quickly. Mud gets to be seen when tires spin in the field (e.g., when stuck); normal driving reduces the mud again. In addition, the dust and dirt colors also differ depending on the surface – you can see this especially on the road and on grass with the dust.

Along with the tires there are now finally) tire labels and logos, initially for the tractors. Other vehicles, including attachments, trailers, etc., will be supplied with them later.

Pushing silage
With the new silage push blades from Bressel und Lade (W15, W22 5m and 6m), silage can now – surprise – be … pushed … in the bunker silos. If your silage heaps become once too tall you can use the blades to smooth and spread them. The blades can be lifted, lowered and rotated (radial menu or quick slots 3 and 4).

New vehicles
Two additional Claas Vario cutterbars, including a trailer, have finally found their way into the game. With 5.60 m and 12.30 m respectively, these offer good alternatives for the early and late game. In the course of this, there have also been small improvements to the Vario 930 (animated hydraulic hoses).

At the same time, there are two new bale transport trailers from Joskin, the Wago TR10 and TR12. These can transport 32 and 40 bales respectively.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Cattle and Crops team will go on winter vacation and will be back for you starting January 11, 2021. The support will remain available during this time.

Steam Cloud Support
New tires for all vehicles
Maintenance and condition
Silo pushing
Claas Vario 560 grain cutterbar
Claas Vario 1230 grain cutterbar
Claas 521 cutterbar trailer (large)
Joskin Wago TR10 & TR12
Bressel und Lade Silage pushing blade W22 5m & 6m
Bressel und Lade Pushing blade W15
Call / Send Away Chaser UserActions in the Claas Tucano, Send Away in the Claas Jaguar. These can actively call registered drivers and send them to unload
AttachToNode Method: Target connector can also be located on used node
Multithreading optimization for many active machines
Hungarian language support
Machine combinations no longer fly through the air after the start of a task
Wash window disappears again when a task is executed
Bales no longer fall off the Joskin Wago trailer after loading
Lacotec headland calculation corrected
AI controlled combine drives off the field again on field 22/37 and does not get stuck later on
Harvesting task: Harvester recognizes swath in front of the cutterbar as a plant and thus no longer pauses the helper
Path calculation at field 38 is no longer far outside the field
Scenario 3 “Let it grow”: Shovel no longer hangs in the air after fast-forwarding
Bunker silos are no longer able to get stuck in the covered state
Helpers are no longer limited in their working speed and can therefore catch up better – Helpers no longer remain at the edge of the field in the “WaitForHarvester” status
Tractors no longer rest on the rims on wet fields and thus get stuck
Scenario 5: fixed missing translation in mission 3 step 7
Spelling error in scenarios fixed
Scenario 2: The bale attachment option is now correctly activated automatically
When harvesting swath, nutrients are now correctly set in the FillType
Deutz 7250: Turn signals and hazard lights always work now
Claas Liner 500 now uses real WheelJoints and no longer slides back and forth so easily on the field
Image Bloom reduced during store image creation
Lacotec now also works with regular field tracks after headland
Deutz 7250: Tail Light intensity adjusted
Joskin Wago: “Auto collect” function was incorrectly displayed active in radial menu
Bressel und Lade silage roller support foot moves correctly again
Console performance drastically optimized
Icons added to task overview (status, employee, quantity, fill type)
Wrong waypoint for tractors driven by player when harvesting with Claas Axion and Lacotec fixed
Implements are only turned off when turning off the motor if they were already turned on (fixes Rauch Axis particle animation on motor off)
Rauch Axis: spread rate sometimes above 400 kg/ha fixed
Hammer CornKing: Particles during cultivating fixed
Hammer CornKing: Spread rate can be changed again via radial menu
Copied task no longer uses wrong devices
“Start from the beginning” in task fixed
If the fermentation is not yet complete, it will take at least 1 more day for the next simulation step
Optimizations in mowing tasks (track directions)
Relative Change Input value range adjusted: All input options have been adjusted in their speed to each other. Analog Actions via mouse/controller/keyboard are now equally fast. Analog operation of actions in the radial menu with the mouse now sends Change instead of RelativeChange events.
New gameplay option “Neutral gear when gear is disengaged”: it will automatically switch to neutral when gear is disengaged. Specifically useful for shifters without dedicated neutral gear.
Vehicle centers of gravity now vary depending on the physics level. On Arcade the center of gravity is as before, on Medium it is further up, and on Realistic it is where it actually would be according to the physics calculation.
Vehicles in tasks turn on all-wheel drive on the field, off again on the road
Leaf springs are synchronized directly with the tire suspension using skinned meshes with bones instead of vertex color offset, which adds performance, requires fewer materials and scripts, and is generally easier to implement
Swath is again recognized as fruit by AI helpers
Maintenance window: when using imperial units, a time (… am/pm) is displayed instead of the duration
On Wago TR10 and TR12 bales may slide a little more than on the D15

Cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Update 13 Nov. 2020

November 15, 2020

In addition to numerous bug fixes, this update introduces a handful of new features to the game, which will especially improve your gaming experience inside the vehicle.

As you know, you or your employees can get stuck in very wet fields. Especially during harvesting when full loader wagons are moved. To make it more authentic, all tractors and harvesters have received differential lock options, which, in case your wheels start spinning, can be activated in the radial menu. Please note that with this change all-wheel drive is deactivated by default.

A new suspension system provides more dynamics and a significantly improved driving experience in the tractor and on the field. The seat and cab suspension ensure soft balancing and some trailing. In addition, the different soil types also provide different suspension characteristics. The option of whether the cab camera also moves with the suspension can be turned on and off in the gameplay settings.

In addition, a manual H-shift is now available, for which each gear can be bound in the controls assignments.

Furthermore, an option has been added that enables head tracking only in the vehicle. The financial statistics were extended by more time periods and the Polish translation was completely improved and repaired. Another statistic has been added to the field menu with the surface wetness , at the same time the ground condition and grain colors in the map visualization have been improved.

As always, a complete list of all changes can be found in the changelog.


Differential locks added
Surface wetness is displayed in the field menu
Seat suspension in vehicles: Vehicle seats react dynamically to the ground. By default, the indoor camera moves with the suspension. This can be deactivated in the options menu under “Move camera with seat suspension”.
Ground influence on driving behavior: the acre now has more influence on the vehicle suspension by being slightly more uneven. Different types of fields (plowed, cultivated, sown, …) have different intensities.
Manual H gear shift and clutch in vehicles, with pedal animation
Head tracking options: “Head tracking only in vehicles” and “Prevent camera movement by other devices”
Financial statistics: more time frames added
Polish translation completely overhauled
Crash fixed when selling an implement that is located directly behind a tractor
AI now drives to the harbor silos again in harvesting tasks
The Lacotec is now getting ready for work and transport in tasks again
Dropdown menus no longer leave any remaining parts when the corresponding window is closed while the dropdown was open
AI fieldwork tasks now select the ridge marker and rotates the plow correctly after loading a savegame
The Hammer Seed Units and the Lemken Saphir can now work stubble fields with a helper (direct drill seeding capability added)
When crops are destroyed, the average BBCH value of the field is no longer reduced
Field menu: bar colors of fruit and field type now correspond to those displayed in the minimap (differences in brightness will be fixed later)
Scenario 4: Deutz no longer rolls onto the field and blocks the Tucano
AI doesn’t choose driving targets behind him as starting points
When starting a fertilizer application, the full required amount of fertilizer plus 10% tolerance is purchased instead of only 1,000 liters
AI no longer fertilizes more than it should when it passes over areas twice
Corrected missing texts in finance menu
Workers no longer block the entrance to field 22
Travel speeds of the AI depending on the employee level corrected
Fixed spelling error with spring wheat description in field menu
Fixed spelling mistake in calendar key
If a combine is completely emptied during the unloading process, the worker will be sent away correctly
AI field work tasks have better savegame compatibility. Workers don’t return to the starting point of the field anymore.Several workers on the same field are saved correctly now.
AI worker starts plowing again
Corrected several spelling and text errors in tutorials
After loading the save game, the combine places swaths again. Note: it might look like the combine will not stop depositing. The amount of swath that has accumulated in it is (incorrectly) very large and needs to be unloaded. This is part of this fix and cannot be avoided. The unloading will stop eventually.
Scenario 3: Feeding can be completed even if more than one bale was added to the MixKing
Empty tanks are no longer displayed with 1 liter capacity
You can no longer lend employees during the HUD tutorial when you’re required to hire them
Spawn location at the contractor is now further away from the shelter
AI drivers automatically open and close the trailer’s top hatch on the field, e.g. with the Hawe SLW
In the vehicle shop menu, the selected purchase location is retained when the vehicle is purchased. Additionally, the selection is remembered when opening a new vehicle (as long as the menu is open – when it’s closed the selection is reverted to the default value)
In the vehicle store menu, the model selection within a series is retained when the vehicle is purchased
Improved rent/lending notifications (end times added, warning category)
Rauch Axis cruise control level reduced to 12 km/h (7.5 mph)

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

The first week after the release is behind us. Thanks to all of you who’ve supported us and thanks to everyone who enjoys playing Cattle and Crops. We hope that you like what we have done and have collected your feedback. So today we’re releasing a hotfix update that fixes some bugs and crashes as well as includes a few optimizations.

Regarding the selling prices: we have increased the selling prices of grain using the difficulty level price factors, and at the same time we have lowered the animal selling prices a bit (for values see the changelog). That way the profit gap has become much narrower and it is much more worth it to cultivate and harvest grain. In our calculations, the new values can be used very well.
In addition we have generally repaired all selling price calculations in connection with the selling price difficulty.

Another change is that bought grain, seeds or fertilizer can only be resold at a significant loss (90% deduction). This value is mixed with self-produced crops – a sale with e.g. 50% purchased and 50% harvested grain will result in a 45% deduction.
Similarly, young (low weight) animals have a very low resale value. This increases exponentially the more they weigh, so that only selling nearly or fully grown animals results in a profit.
These deductions are independent of the difficulty level.

As always, you can find the complete overview in the changelog.

Textures are only set to Ultra for a new profile if 6 GB VRAM is detected. All in all Ultra can consume more than 4.5 GB VRAM in the Albergtal with many machines.
Steam: Achievements are displayed in the Steam language
Difficulty multiplier is calculated correctly when changing the difficulty level
Completion window when exiting a scenario is now displayed centered
If you tow a driver that is not controlled by the AI, the harvester will no longer ignore the driver
Fieldgrass: Age calculation fixed while fast forwarding
Field wetness in the tutorial “Forage maize chaser bin” reduced
Animals no longer get stuck on edges or curbsides
Harbor trader: driving through the unload area with incompatible FillTypes does not lead to a crash anymore
Claas Tucano: Front wheels no longer drag on the chassis when Vario is attached
[EDITOR] Fruits are displayed where they should be
[EDITOR] Calculate Vegetation Grid Positions no longer causes errors
EDITOR] You can paint grass outside the fields in the editor again
Grass no longer sticks out on the road in the Albergtal in as many places as the vehicle trader (there will be more changes)
It no longer doesn’t rain through the roof at the harbor trader load and unload area
Trees without leaves are also displayed in the distance without leaves
At the Physics level “Realistic”, the vehicles no longer slip when the handbrake is applied
Farm Seed pallets: FillType does not suddenly change anymore if a wrong vehicle had been selected before
Tutorial “Animal Feeding” can be completed if you fill the feeding troughs in any order
Animals no longer spawn outside of the barns
Drive-thru silos can now be filled with mixed cargo, e.g. field grass silage and field grass hay
Tutorial “Helper Transport”: Task can only be saved at the end of the tutorial
Rebuy setting in tasks are now loaded correctly from the save game
Minimap no longer crashes when no navigation path can be created
Scenarios 1 & 5: Stuck at “Drive to field” fixed
Scenario 2: The “Freeze Bales” option is now activated for bale loading during the scenario
Szenario 4: Crash Fix when loading a save game
Crash fixed when attaching the Lacotec LH II
Credits: Supporters grouped by badge
Notification message when a helper gets stuck in traffic
Photo mode added to graphics options, which allows to increase the settings to values outside of the recommended ranges
The beacon lights now have discreet light shafts again
Sale prices: difficulty price factor adjusted:
Animals (easy): 1.6
Animals (medium): 1.3
Animals (hard): 1.0
Fruits (easy): 8.0
Fruits (medium): 5.5
Fruits (hard): 3.0
Young animals (with lower weights) are now worth much less per kilogram than older/heavier ones
Finance menu: tank and trader overview cleaned up

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Today we’re proud to announce that Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops Version 1.0 has been released.

This is the seed for the new generation of agricultural simulation. But as befits a good farmer, the field will continue to be tended and cared for so that the game grows and develops well. Because we still have big plans for our “field” – this is just the beginning!

Here is the extensive changelog that will make your screen burst:


Become a farmer:
Over 50 comprehensive tutorials explaining the entire game and procedures
Scenarios for an exciting start in agriculture
Numerous information on real agriculture by the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster
Career vs. Sandbox Mode: It can be decided per savegame whether it should run in sandbox or career mode.
The sandbox mode has no restrictions (for performance reasons there are still maximum level values for vehicles, animals and staff, but these correspond to the highest level value you could get).
In career mode, the maximum number of vehicles, animals and employees is limited as before based on the profile’s XP. In addition, vehicles – except for a small starting fleet – must be unlocked by completing scenarios. This is displayed on the corresponding vehicle page in the shop.
The restriction is defined in the vehicle – so it is also possible for modders to limit their vehicle in their career.
Once set, savegames retain their mode and cannot be changed by “Save as” or similar.
Old save games are handled as sandboxes.
New profile and savegame menu
New design
Better clarity, more space for the savegames
Direct creation of an empty savegame (previously a new save game could only be created via “Save as”)
The selection of savegames is now done by clicking directly on the slot (previously separate button)
The savegame active in the selected profile is marked with a tick
The savegame active in the whole game is yellow and marked with a tick
New languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Russian
TerrainGrid storage optimizations: Saving is now much faster and save games are much smaller
Vegetation & trees now move according to real wind data
Steam Achievements added. Will be synchronised with the game’s own achievements. Only available for newly created profiles.
Helper AI:
The AI ignores the collision with objects that have an optional collision (e.g. trees)
In harvest tasks with a combine, the drivers now wait at parking positions next to the field if they’re not full after emptying the combine
If several drivers are waiting next to the field, the one with the highest fill level starts first
When the driver is almost full when chopping, he warns the chopper with the horn and by switching on his rotating light
AI workers automatically refuel diesel
Straw and hay bales can be fed using the MixKing
Hay drying revised:
New parameters sunshine hours (incl. cloudiness), temperature and wind force have a direct influence on drying
Now the exact amount of rain is considered in the calculation
Menus and interface:
Main menu revised
Areas updates
Areas have received tooltips
News display redesigned
New design for profile, settings, mod and credit menus
Employees and potential employees on the market have received portrait images
Main menu: Welcome tour when starting the game for the first time
Map selection menu redesigned and revised
Settings menu has a new design
Mod window in main menu revised
Menu soundtrack
In transport task mode, loading/unloading direction and FillType are automatically selected depending on what the loading point has set and what was set at the previous station
The UI is now always rendered in the native desktop resolution, if you select a smaller resolution it is only used for rendering the world (new standard in C4 7.0)
Fonts are rendered via Slug 5.0, making them sharp in all resolutions
New screen marker showing the direction and distance to the next mission target or autopilot target
Money, date and time in in-game menus
Exiting the map or game: dialog box with the option to save, not save or cancel. Both in the free game and in the scenarios
Vehicles can be towed away using a tow bar
New machine: tow bar, which must be bought in the shop
Can be attached to any vehicle via the radial menu, or directly to the towing bracket
On other tractors it is attached to the front of the towing point
If the tow bar is attached, nothing can be attached to the front three-point hydraulic system at the same time – and vice versa
Physics level “Realistic” now works with real values again, the old “realistic” level is now called “medium”
Contractor south of the sewage treatment plant
Roads and paths get wet when it rains
Fog is back again and has been reworked together with Atmospheric Scattering
Machine purchase: New spawn points (BGP, animal trader, …) with individual delivery costs
Wild animals in the Albergtal added
Animals flee in case of collision with player or vehicles
Wild animals flee from the player
Many new environment objects added
New traffic vehicles
Seed pallets added on the farm to store surplus seed temporarily
Added two dedicated fertilizer stores at the unloading point on the farm
New mission “Welcome to the farm” added as an introduction to the farm
Warning popup when vegetation settings are too high
Setting to ignore maximum speed for field work. If enabled, machines keep working even when driving too fast
New option: Vehicle and player camera optionally collide with vehicles, bales, animals
New machine: Bressel und Lade Silageroller XL for compacting the silo
New machine: Transport trailer for Claas Direct Disc 520
All vehicles have cruise control indicators in the cockpit displays
Deep tracks (from getting stuck) can be compensated with cultivator and plow
Vehicles can sink in on wet fields. In addition, grip in damp conditions has been massively reduced. So you can dig in mud again
Vehicles take evasive action if road is too narrow
When an Implement is in attaching range, an append-icon is displayed. This can be (de)activated in the options.
Field entrances are “blocked” by drivers until they have passed them. This prevents traffic jams or collisions at field entrances
New standard road speed for helpers: 50 km/h. Can be overwritten in XML with
Vehicles can now be recovered at different locations via the vehicle menu
Warning if vehicle will run out of fuel soon
Vehicle tires now also have a collision but only inside the rim
OBJ Exporter for the Editor
Rendering, HDR, PBR
HDR ACES tone mapping
Integrated C4 7.0 Renderer
Revised PBR implementation
Standard cubemap replaced by an HDRI
Revised sounds of all vehicles
Motor noises no longer suddenly jump in volume when doors are open
Draft Force Fixes: Attachments that are pulled have new resistances. Seed drills etc. are now treated differently than deep cultivators or plows
Position of Capsules Shapes is now identical to the position of PhysX
Hammer SilageKing now also unloads while driving
Stapel VT18000 had not loaded the set application rate correctly
When loading a savegame, attachments and cutters are now attached correctly at the saved position
Implements should be correctly attached after loading from a savegame
Buckets hang more firmly on the front loader
Hammer TransferKing unloading on left side: Doors are opened the right way around, particle system is visible again
Wrongly assigned QuickSlot item in Claas Axion removed
When unloading the Hammer MixKing with the U key it could happen that the unload animation was not finished
When attaching the Claas 521 trailer to the Tucano there are no more collision problems
Stapel VT18000 boom can now always be attached correctly
Claas Volto, Claas Liner, Claas Quadrant and Stapel VT18000 now turn themselves completely transportable on autopilot
Lemken Juwel: Soil particles no longer float in the air
The Lemken Azurit now sows again after loading a savegame
Dammann booms no longer lifted after loading
Claas Quadrant: CabControl for bale ejection now visible from outside when player is on foot
Machines like the Stapel barrel can now be filled to 100% (previously 99.5%)
The particle system of the Jaguar no longer shoots against the side of the loader wagon
Rauch Axis is again able to fertilize after loading a savegame
Round weight no longer tips over when spawning/resetting
Three-point hitches: Float position in lowered position corrected (e.g. Arion 530 with Juwel)
Headlight colors adapted
Deutz 7250: Handbrake icon and neutral gear indicator fixed in display
Ignition key animations fixed in Deutz and MB Tracs
Lemken Gemini can be unloaded at the farm
The front axle of the Deutz 7250 is no longer tilted
Hammer corn sowing unit: shaking animations reduced
Hammer TransferKing opens the doors correctly when unloading on the left
Köckerling Rebel Classic: fixed shaking animations
Claas Volto: Particles are visible again after loading a game
Tracks no longer remain on the headland when sowing
Field cultivation and plants
Swath is now deposited on the field even at higher speeds
To improve work on headlands, fruit destruction by the tires no longer occurs during sowing
Plants that can regrow after cutting only start grow after a certain number of days
Helpers AI & Autopilot
Animal transport with helpers is now savegame compatible
Transport tasks are now save game compatible
Transport task from template: Load/unload selection was not saved/loaded
Drivers no longer overtake harvesters when driving downhill and rotate less
Drivers now pause again at the end of the lane when the user is controlling the harvester
After loading a savegame, drivers with full trailers do not wait their turn on the field to drive home, but drive immediately to the unloading point
Drivers no longer randomly lose their affiliation with a task on a field
Driver no longer drives into the harvester when changing sides
When harvesting, drivers now also check if it would not be more sensible to drive behind the harvester when following left/right
The position calculation of the driver is no longer dependent on whether the harvester has just engaged reverse gear
When harvesting with two AI drivers , the second waiting driver is no longer sent to the field entrance while the first one unloads the combine
Savegames with active harvesting task with yourself as the driver: Unloading stations are no longer lost
After completion of the harvesting task, drivers drive correctly from the field to the unloading point
Drivers who are at the unloading point when loading a savegame no longer stop there
Parking vehicles at the roadside no longer block AI vehicles or helpers
Helpers now load and unload correctly in transport tasks
Helper stops again during unloading
Transport Task: Helper no longer circles around loading point
When harvesting, choppers/combines now also harvest the first headland track correctly. The transition from headland to field tracks has also been optimized
Lacotec LH 2 can now be used in harvesting tasks
AI drivers should no longer circle on the field
During harvesting, the chopper now also detects collisions with attachments when resetting
Drivers waiting at the edge of the field are also sent home when a harvesting task is completed
Navigation optimized at multiple road intersections
AI / Autopilot can now also start from the shelter on the farm
Drivers who are in a savegame on their way from the silo to the field do not unregister from the task
The autopilot no longer loses its path when loading a savegame
When performing a (animal) transport task, the quantity already transported is now saved in the savegame
Feeding and BGP filling tasks can no longer choose the port silos
Field work task does not stay on GettingReadyForWork after loading from savegame & Field work does not start from scratch in savegame
Fixed numerous crashes while saving and loading tasks
Harvesting task: task with user as tractor driver now working
Drivers now also take the cutting unit into account when taking evasive action
If you drive behind the harvester as a driver, it no longer honks and does not stop when you’re too close
Field work with several helpers: The headland is worked again by the first helper
Field work with helpers no longer starts from the beginning after loading a savegame
Calculation of the duration of field work and harvesting tasks corrected. The working width is now also correctly taken into account
When harvesting, the driver no longer pauses when the field is finished
If no weather data is specified in the map XML then the default data will be loaded
Brick and stone pavement now use real Normal Maps
Gates, fences: collision with machines fixed
Menus and Interface
Duplicate and faulty tanks removed from statistics menu
Fixed wrong message text for employee payday
Gamepad: fixed mouse position and click position for resolutions larger than Full HD
Fixed crash when switching between controller and keyboard in mission window
Minimap: Fixed scaling to 4K resolution
Scaling and zoom of 3D display in vehicle menu fixed
Vehicles in series (“model selection”) are now sorted better
When fast forwarding the background will be solid and cover the whole screen
Mission texts, trader entries, controls info and minimap in the field menu are no longer rendered above other elements when scrolling
“Restart the game” appears in the selected new language if it has been changed
XP correctly formatted in notifications
Fixed numerous translation errors in the menus
Better support for longer text in tabs in in-game menus (wrapping into two lines)
Quickload (default: F9) works again
Settings in the options menu are no longer applied immediately, but only when “Save” is clicked
Changed settings are now also saved when you are in another tab of the options menu
Fixed faulty “FillType not compatible” message in transfer window
Better menu display at non 16:9 resolutions
Fertilizer calculator: display of imperial units and values corrected
Delete transport task: notification text corrected
Hints during the creation of a harvesting task improved
Graphics and rendering
Shadows of LODs are no longer rendered permanently
Textures are only on Ultra by default when 4 GB of VRAM is detected. In total Ultra consumes about 3.7 GB VRAM in the Albergtal with running machinery. Using the “high” settings, 2 GB of VRAM is sufficient
Improved SSAO quality
Less vegetation popping bugs when switching between vehicles
Bales have the correct weight again
Repayment instalments of a loan are no longer billed more than once
Flashlight in first person view no longer darkened
Silos sections can now be opened and covered section by section
Flags from Landwirtschaftsverlag placed at the cooperative
Road network:
Three-way intersections have received correct and optimized turning lanes
Path widths on field paths reduced
Narrow curve south of the farm optimized
Vehicle dealer entrance optimized
Paths at the port optimized
BGP exit navigation paths optimized
Cooperative: entry and exit navigation paths optimized
Sewage plant: entry and exit navigation paths optimized
Spawn point orientation and connections fixed
Distance fruit colors revised
Building doors open earlier (Trigger enlarged)
All old missions removed from the sandbox and career mode game
Texture blending of the soil between “cultivated” and “plowed” improved
Weather: rain blocks more finely divided, roads get wet earlier
Lemken Juwel is now raised before rotating
The speedometer display in the HUD takes the Imperial vs. Metric settings into account and shows km/h or mph
Machines no longer work outside the speed limit when driving yourself
The cruise control now also works downhill by actively braking
All vehicles have received increased street speeds
All vehicles have received increased reverse speeds
Claas Disco work speed increased to 15 km/h
Camera height adjusted for better model and seating positions
Better position detection of the attachments in the radial menu
The turning radius of the Tucano has been reduced, e.g. field 14 can now be harvested without colliding with the fence
Bressel and Lade buckets: green changed to gray (current B+L color)
Bressel and Lade buckets: prices adjusted
MB Tracs: center of gravity and weight distribution adjusted
Placing the Vario 930 on the Claas 521 trailer has been improved
Vehicles that are not compatible with a target tank or trader no longer open the transfer window
All machines and their functions are now fully translated
Lemken Juwel: unfolding and rotating can no longer be performed twice in a short time
Vehicles can also be refuelled via the menu, if you do not have enough money for a complete tank
Claas Tucano can now mix grain
Vehicle and equipment rental prices were increased
Joskin Betimax RDS (both), Lemken Juwel (all): decal dirt now corresponds to vehicle dirt
When an empty machine enters a load/unload trigger, “Load” is pre-selected
Physics performance improved for many machines
Lemken Gemini can now be emptied
Added tow pin hitch on Deutz 7250
Animal sale: “Unloading” is pre-selected when there are animals in the trailer
When attaching machines, the lower links of the tractor are lowered and the upper link is adjusted correctly
The camera no longer collides with optional collision objects (banks, trees…)
Player level and attributes adjusted
Maximum quantities for vehicles, animals, employees adjusted
Maximum level of the player increased to 10
Menu and Interface
Vehicle debug window cleaned up
New mouse cursor for better visibility
Options menu: Language selection moved up and highlighted visually
C4 Intro video volume reduced
Xbox One and 360 controllers: custom icons for “View” and “Menu” / “Start” and “Back”
Improved rental button and slider in vehicle and employee menu
Zoom speed of minimap with gamepad reduced significantly
The “Attach Failed” dialog shows more details
When buying / selling at the trader, the total price is now displayed
At the farm gas station, the purchase window no longer shows the amount of fuel in the tank, since it is unlimited
NotificationWindow now closes automatically after 60 seconds
UI scale: minimum value set to 50%
The setting “Only edit own fields” is available again in the difficulty options
Numerous tooltips added to the options menu
The Sleep Window now shows the target date
Brightness setting in the graphic options now goes from 0 to 100, with default value 50
Helper / AI / Autopilot
When drivers continue after pausing and the distance to the target is greater than 50m, a new course is calculated
Parking positions for waiting drivers have been extended so that drivers from the back of the queue can also drive to the field first
Harvesting task with yourself as driver: harbor grain trader is now supported
Field cultivation task: travel speed increased when changing tracks
Drivers drive a larger arc around the crop in the field and prefer turning maneuvers over the field boundaries instead of driving into the fruit
Field work with several helpers: If an additional helper reaches the field, all others pause their work until the new helper has reached his or her path
Lemken Gemini and Dammann Land-Cruiser can be loaded in transport task at the water/liquid fertilizer dealer
AI vehicles drive closer to the center line on small roads
Speed adjusted on dirt roads
Adjusted the parking positions of the helpers on the whole map, so the drivers are no longer in the way at the field entrance
If “Always full throttle” is deactivated, the AI still uses full throttle
Drivers: fewer collisions when changing from “driving behind harvester” to “driving left/right”
Performance: spikes reduced by better caching of the shaders in the warmup phase after loading a map
Shovel controller improvements for pushing silage in silos
Silo compaction improved
Bale handling improved by using a better piercing position of the forks’ spikes
Animals can now turn left/right a little better
Animal noises normalized and volume lowered
Age of employees limited at recruitment
Removed unused FillTypes
Added ambient sounds for doors, gates etc
Atmospheric Scattering improved and connected to the fog generator from the Weather Controller. The old fog has been completely deactivated
Better performance when rendering trees
Some panels still have minimal problems with Cyrillic text in terms of text width recognition
Because of the Capsule Shape changes AI characters do not get over curbs
Console variable $allowCheats 0 or 1 If you want to use cheats like “goldencrops” you have to set $allowCheats=”1″ before. If this variable is set, you will not be able to achieve achievements like in other games. The reason is that Steam Achievements can also lead to Steam Trading cards which have an actual value within Steam. (Steam Policy)

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Dear CNC friends, players and supporters,

We are on the home stretch to a huge milestone in the development of Cattle and Crops. On Oct 15 2020, version 1.0, which we all have been waiting for, will be released. This is an exciting moment for all those who have supported the game, some of them for years, because it will turn the crazy idea of creating a professional simulation as close to reality as possible — from the community of fans of agricultural games — into a tangible reality.

We now also have a clear picture of what will be included in V1 at the start and what unfortunately will not make it into the game by then. Of course, this is the question that is of great interest to you as supporters of the development, some of whom have been with us for several years. And that’s why it’s also important for us to openly discuss with you the goals that have been achieved, but above all those that have not yet been achieved.

Many of you have already supported us in the context of our Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and with this leap of faith you have contributed significantly to the financing of the project. In the course of the campaign, we have also described our goals regarding the content of V1. Without a doubt, these goals were also the impulse for you to support the project. Therefore it is even more difficult for us to inform you at this point that we are not yet able to deliver the following content planned for the start:

Multiplayer: In the Kickstarter campaign we included the multiplayer. We had already informed you in a statement on December 5th, 2019, that it will not be released for V1, because we have to concentrate on the work on the AI drivers first.

Stretch Goal 1: Multi Language (French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish) is for the time being available in a basic version and has been extended to the new tutorials and scenarios. Other languages (Czech, Danish, Dutch) are not yet implemented. The missing languages as well as a revised version of the current languages will follow after V1 or will be completely translated.

Stretch Goal 2: “The Golden Voice” (voiceoOvers for English, German and French) unfortunately won’t make it into V1. Due to the extensive new content in tutorials and scenarios we have to do the basic translation first.

Content: There will be no more maps or machines beyond the machines already delivered with the fieldwork package (v0.9.6) for the release. We are aware of the fact that you would have wished for “nicer” news especially concerning this aspect. But the extremely time-consuming creation and “ingaming” of new assets had to be put on hold in favor of working on enhanced gameplay content. So we are all the more thankful for the already many great machines that have been created from the community and are available at modhoster. Of course we know that these are no replacement for other machines we have created. But at least these mods will hopefully keep you busy for a while.

Exclusive Backers Tractor: To all of you whose Kickstarter package includes an exclusive one – we didn’t forget you, of course! Unfortunately, because of the time-consuming creation the same applies here as already written above (content). We will hand you the tractor!

Launcher: With the release we will discontinue the launcher version of Cattle and Crops. The effort to manage and support multiple download platforms will be too much work — at the latest with the release of the console versions — and therefore we decided to end the launcher support with this release. For all those who are still using the Launcher, you have the possibility to generate a Steamkey in your Cattle and Crops account and activate it at Steam.

We understand that many of you may be disappointed about this. As you know, Cattle and Crops is our first project. To the best of our knowledge and conviction, we have set the goals described there as part of the Kickstarter campaign. With today’s knowledge, we have to admit that in many places we underestimated the effort and overestimated the speed with which we can handle the numerous extensive tasks. It is a fact that the high and detailed level of reality that we want to present in the game, initially seemingly manageable tasks can quickly become very complex. But it is not an option for us to simply lower our demands on realism in favor of significantly faster results. We are convinced that this is the reason why you support Cattle and Crops. And that’s why we emphasize that the goals we have set for ourselves will remain the same. Even if they are not yet implemented for V1, we will pursue them in the continuous development of Cattle and Crops, and of course you won’t have to pay extra for any of the kickstarter goals later on. Please understand, however, that we cannot yet give any concrete dates.

But why are we launching the V1 “now” and not waiting until all the goals are implemented? This decision was not easy for us and is the result of conscientious consideration of all the “pros and cons”. Of course, the version we are about to release is not the version we planned to release in 2016 as V1. But in fact it is true that not only one-sided features are missing. On the contrary, in many places we were able to surpass our goals and bring in additional extensive and valuable content that was not even on the schedule. We are now at the point where we believe we can release a game that will give you and many new players a great, motivating and educational gaming experience. In the last few months we have put together a package with a lot of new content that will be available for everyone when the game is released.

In the following, we will give you an overview of the features that are already included and go beyond the Kickstarter goals:

Drying system: We have added a complex weather-dependent drying system to the grassland area, which reacts to influences such as temperature, wind and sunshine hours!

Bale physics and handling: When handling hay bales, we have significantly enhanced the physical handling by adding appropriate weights and the possibility of collecting via front loader and bale spike!

Gamepad control for the PC version: Actually it was planned for the console version – but due to many requests from the community we preponed it, so that you can “plow” your fields with the controller on your PC!

Fertilizer calculator: There is not only too little, but also too much of a good thing! The right way to fertilize is a question of dosage – with the fertilizer calculator we give you a tool to calculate how much nutrients have to be applied!

Grain maize incl. cutter: You grow your maize not only for the silo! With the new type of crop and the appropriate machines we expand your possibilities for the cultivation of your farm.

Radial menu control: No stress! With this clever control system we have created the possibility to reach and operate the many functions of the machines comfortably in connection with the Quickbar.

Unloading into silos: Moving silos can be loaded individually and the piles can be distributed and compacted with the shovel!

In addition, you can look forward to the following content with the V1, which was not on the schedule in 2016:

Extensive tutorial mode: We give you about 50 tutorials that can be started at any time via the menu and explain the numerous functions & features in the game.

Career learning mode with certificates and scenarios: In addition to the simple sandbox mode, we have also included a complete career mode! Here you first have to earn certificates (as a result of successfully mastered tutorials) in order to unlock individual scenarios. The multi-level scenarios depict various agricultural tasks in a realistic sequence and at the same time convey well-founded specialist knowledge. In this form and scope this should be absolutely unique in the world of agricultural work simulations!

We will present more details about these two completely new points, which stand for several hours of fun, with the publication.

As you know, we have entered into two partnerships in the course of the last year to support our work. It was part of our learning curve to understand that we can’t do the project without a partner as intended. The Landwirtschaftsverlag from Münster is the largest European agricultural publishing house, providing us with extensive expertise and data that will ensure the level of realism we are striving for throughout the game and especially in the new campaigns. With Toplitz Productions from Irdning/Austria we have an experienced publisher on our side, who helps us to better coordinate the many levels of development to achieve a good gaming experience for you. Furthermore, Toplitz will of course mainly take care of the marketing of Cattle and Crops.

In this context, Cattle and Crops will also receive the title addition “Professional Farmer – Cattle and Crops” from V1 onwards, which is intended to concisely describe the content of the game. (For you and the game nothing will change because of this addition to the title, of course!)

We are very grateful to our partners for their support. This will enable us to achieve our goals better and faster.

We hope that this more detailed statement will answer many of your current questions. Furthermore, we are of course available in the forum for further questions, which we will answer – as far as we can to the best of our knowledge.

THANK YOU for your longtime loyalty & support! We are now looking forward to taking the next big step with you! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Your Cattle and Crops team from Masterbrain Bytes

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Status Update 02 Sep 2020

September 25, 2020

In the holistic development of Cattle and Crops, we are working in parallel on many different levels – both “in” and “around” the game. Not all of this is immediately visible or tangible. Certain things can only be released in a package after completion and thus made visible to you. In the last few months we have paid special attention to how we can offer you a great gaming experience. As announced in the last status update, we have implemented an extensive tutorial system, which should answer any open questions you may have at any time. But especially for CNC beginners we want to make the access to the game much easier. The second pillar are the campaigns which are new to the game and which we have enriched with the expertise of the Landwirtschaftsverlag both in the implementation and with corresponding accompanying information. The campaigns guide you through independent scenarios that are theme-based. You will be guided by “Professor Farmstein” and repeatedly provided with interesting information on the individual work steps and the general conditions in real agriculture. Furthermore, the campaigns are linked to the new career mode. If you play the career mode, not all tractors and implements are available right from the start, but you have to unlock them through the tutorials and campaigns. But if you want to start right away, you have the possibility to do this in the sandbox mode. Here everything is immediately available and you can simply start without having to fulfil any requirements.

Furthermore there was an engine update to a pre-release version of the C4 7.0 engine, which will be the basis for the port to the consoles. But with this we have also opened the door (on all platforms) for new graphical features like HDR, God-Rays, better SSAO quality and through a slimmer renderer more performance. In addition, the new C4 engine offers the new Slug font system, which allows us to display pin-sharp fonts in any resolution. This is very beneficial for the new content, because we now offer much more text in the game.

In addition, we have devoted a great deal of attention to AI in recent weeks to make it work better again. With the [soon for you available] revised stand a relaxed chopping and threshing is possible again. Currently the AI is being optimised once again for normal soil cultivation.

We have also made great progress in the field of “hay drying”. We have revised and refined the complete drying system. The drying process is now not only influenced by temperature but also by wind. In addition, the hay no longer gets wet so quickly if it rains just a little.

We have also integrated many small improvements into the game that improve the clarity and usability.

Currently, a test version is being tested by our publisher Toplitz, who is putting it through their paces. With their feedback we will be able to announce more details about the release date.

Cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Landscape Tutorial Mapping

August 16, 2020

With these tutorials we explain how to create the basics of a map (landscape) for Cattle and Crops using a 3D program and the engine editor. Basically it is about the terrain, roads, fields and vegetation.

The first part explains all necessary steps in the 3D program Blender, the second part shows how to get the created landscape template from Blender into the engine.

In the video description you can find the link to the sample files and the needed Blender addons. The tutorials are in German language, an English subtitle via the YouTube function will follow in the next days.

Youtube Link: CNC Tutorial Mod Map Landscape Blender 3D (1/2) CNC Tutorial Mod Map Landscape Engine Editor (2/2)

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News

Status Update 07 Aug. 2020

August 16, 2020

With the status update of 28 Feb 2020 we mentioned tutorials as a topic and today we would like to go into it again.

We have integrated an extensive tutorial system into the game that explains in detail the individual steps and possibilities in Cattle and Crops.

We have separated the tutorials into various sections, all of them can be expanded later as needed. This is e.g. the operation of the player, vehicles operations and the interface; and extends further to soil cultivation, sowing, fertilization, harvesting, transport and processing, animal procedures, plants and objects, and helpers.

The individual tutorials are listed in main categories. Each tutorial can be played by itself and independently. Furthermore, they can be repeated at any time. Even if you get stuck in-game, you can always start the fitting tutorial from within the game, which should answer all your questions. After finishing the tutorial you can begin the next tutorial in the same category or return to your game.

With the tutorial system implemented at game release, we want to make it easier for all new players to get started to the world of Cattle and Crops and give the old hands a tool to explain the intricacies and complexities of Cattle and Crops.

cattle and crops

Cattle and crops mods / News