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Almost all, probably 90% of the gameplay in ATS has you behind the wheel, looking at the world from the truck’s interior. Traditional, basic and/or stock truck interiors in ATS are somewhat different but more or less the same. Modifications and additions that are available in-game are plentiful, but they too can get boring and repetitive over time. Besides, not all interiors are tremendously realistic.
This is why it’s worth taking a look at our database of American Truck Simulator interior mods. These modifications change the interior of trucks and make them more realistic, exciting or detailed. There are simple additions, like a new map or a HUD bar on the dash. However, you also have huge interior mods that can allow you to add tens, if not hundreds of different accessories and/or gadgets to your truck.
This can make your gameplay a lot more personalized. And that’s the main idea of ATS – being able to drive what you want, how you want and where you want. If you wish to have a huge LED strip in your cabin – there’s probably a mod for that. Always wanted to have some trucker-like things in the back of your cabin to help with immersion? Just scroll through the ATS interior mods, and we guarantee that you’ll find something worth downloading!
Don’t forget to rate the mod 5 stars and leave a comment if you like it! Every ATS interior modification is free and available for download now!

Mod features
-Much better interiors textures and materials;
-All trucks apart Volvo now have two interior types – with manual or with auto transmission;
-Dashboards with KMH or MPH speedometers;
-Completely new, better dashboard clusters textures;
-Added missing animations like throttle/brake pedals movement or gear shifter switching;
-Added some different missing interior parts across trucks;
-Some external trucks parts were reworked, some – replaced completely with more quality models;
-Cobra cb radio with animated cord and different front panels;
-New animated drivers models;
-New textures for trucks light systems. New lightmasks for them as well;
-IFTA and CCI stickers for trucks;
-Added many missing shadows for interior parts like steering wheel/wheel column, dash panel, gear shifter sticks, interior visors, windshield wipers (also added shadows for external wipers model);
-Customizable GPS device: GPS map or static menu picture;
-Peoplenet tablet device added for all interiors;
-High quality external interiors, matching their internal analogue;
-New license plates models for all states (see Hints section for additional info);
-Working interior lighting for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-1800 degrees steering wheel rotation animation (see Hints section for additional info);
-Adjustable interior sun visors for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-Clean log.

-You can create your own style for Cobra cb radio front panel. Edit this texture to do it:;
-It is possible to adjust text on custom license plates and frame plate style. To do adjust text edit alpha-channel of this texture: To edit style of plate frame edit this texture:;
-To work interior lighting must be installed first via truck dealer. Search for its white upgrade node below the truck’s ceiling. Then you can switch light on by hitting O button (button which turns on roof beacon by default);
-Steering wheel animation can be switched from 1800 degrees to 900 degrees by editing path for wheel_anim animation path here: defvehicletruckSOME_TRUCK_NAMEinterioranimations*.sui file(s). Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it;
-You can switch from steering wheel position adjustment via F4 menu to interior sun visor position adjustment by editing wheel_updown_anim and wheel_frontback_anim animations paths here: defvehicletruckSOME_TRUCK_NAMEinterioranimations*.sui file(s). Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it;
-You can switch off Volvo VNL 670 GPS screen animation and remove this screen by editing generic_anim animation path here:
defvehicletruckvolvo.vnlinterioranimations.sui. Open file and you will have instuctions there how to do it.

Mod support
You can support further mod development using this Paypal link:

If you’re looking for help related to this mod, ask for it here:

Changes in 1.8.1
Added compatibility with ATS 1.39
Various bug fixes

AlexeyP, Slider_556, SCS Software

American truck simulator mods / Interior

3D Visual Interior Mod – the main essence of the mod is not a fanatical increase in the number of polygons of some elements in interiors: on sensors, steering wheels, on mirrors. Only those elements that are in sight most of the time during flights are affected. The mod does not conflict with retexture mods, as well as with any mods with tuning that does not concern the 3D model of the cabin and some standard elements, such as mirrors.

Changes in v1.3.3:
– Adds Volvo VNL 2018 visual fixes
– Adds Freightliner FLD visual fixes
– Adds Freightliner FLC visual fixes (by XBS)
– Adds Freightliner Inspiration visual fixes
– Adds Western Star 4900FA visual fixes
– Adds International 9400i visual fixes (and animations corretions for game version 1.38)
– Adds Kenworth T2000 visual fixes (for private mod by Alexander Sentyakov)


American truck simulator mods / Interior